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The Modern Day Kitchen – The Heart of the Home

The Modern Day Kitchen – The Heart of the Home

While naturally we would emphasise the importance of the kitchen, it seems we are far from alone in this respect. If you watch any property show – Homes Under the Hammer, A Place in the Sun, Location, Location, Location – the focal point of any house hunt or renovation project appears to be the kitchen. From its size to the overall ‘feel’ of the room, the kitchen has a lot to live up to.

Many reasons can be attributed to this level of importance, but a lot of it certainly seems to stem from the now multi-functional nature of the modern kitchen. It is no longer a corner to cook in but rather a space filled with potential and possibility – perfect for a range of family activities.

If you’re passionate about cooking, the kitchen provides an outlet to express this interest, and if like the rest of us, you’re passionate about eating, it offers an opportunity to indulge oneself. In sum, our relationship with food plays a huge role in our sentiment towards the kitchen. While eating is often a rushed experience for many of us nowadays; at the heart of it, cooking provides essential nourishment for both our bodies and minds.

kitchen is the heart of the home

Relatedly, dining is generally a shared experience with those nearest and dearest to us. It offers a rare opportunity in today’s busy world to converse over the day’s events and grow closer with one another. The preparing, serving and clearing up of food is also often shared, giving further opportunity to spend time together.

Aside from these more traditional activities, the modern kitchen has taken on new roles. It is, for most, the hub for entertainment and hosting during parties and gatherings. Similarly, it can be the ideal quiet spot for a cup of tea and friendly chat with a neighbour.

In addition, the kitchen table has become a highly coveted space with homework and games. In many homes, a TV often finds its way into the kitchen, meaning it essentially offers almost everything a modern family needs for stimulation. If you consider the other rooms of the house, the same level of diversity cannot be boasted.

In summary, it’s no wonder that kitchen makeovers have become so popular. The room has to suit more purposes and more people than ever. Most of us will spend at least ten years in the same kitchen and it is therefore essential that we get it just right.

At Dream Doors, we understand just how important your kitchen is to you and are committed to creating a kitchen that will meet your every need. To discuss your very own dream kitchen, why not contact your local kitchen showroom for a FREE consultation today?