Contemporary Kitchen Doors

Make a bold statement through your kitchen by selecting striking kitchen doors for a more contemporary design.

Explore our range of contemporary doors to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Keep the colour on trend through textures, industrial metals and bold colours that will make your kitchen more vibrant.

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Jayline Style Door

Lean into the simplicity and style that the Jayline kitchen offers.


The contemporary style doors of the Benwick range are stunning and elegant, perfect for creating a modern aesthetic.


The Boston is ideal for urban professionals, modern families and design enthusiasts looking to create a contemporary kitchen oasis.

Firbeck Style Door

Complete a modern kitchen with smooth and sleek doors.

Lincoln Style Door

Bring sophistication to your kitchen with this classy door.


If you're seeking a contemporary kitchen with clean, sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic, look no further than linea kitchen cupboard door.

Oslo Kitchen Door

Stylish yet understated, a door for any modern kitchen.

Pisa Style Door

A simple and timeless aesethic ideal for modern spaces.


Simple and clean, the Sahara is easy to maintain and adds an element of contemporary modernism that is ideal for the busy but fashionable home.

Segreto Door

Create a clean and stylish kitchen space with Segreto.

Supermatt Style Door
Supermatt Zurfiz

Stunningly simple to accentuate the minimalist door style.

Ultragloss Metallic Style Door
Ultragloss Metallic Zurfiz

Mirror-like ultragloss that will brighten up a contempoary kitchen.

Ultragloss Natural Style Door
Ultragloss Natural Zurfiz

Create a light, classic and natural look for your contemporary kitchen.

Ultragloss Style Door
Ultragloss Zurfiz

Create a light and spacious kitchen with an ultragloss finish.


Sleek, modern and contemporary. The Winwick is perfect for the busy home.

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