07 February 2019

Why Choose a Kitchen Makeover?

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or you’ve lived with your current kitchen for a long time, a cost-effective and fun way to refresh your kitchen living space is a kitchen makeover with Dream Doors. It’s quick, hassle-free and creates the look and feel of a brand new kitchen

Old Kitchen

First-time buyer or yesterday’s kitchen?

Many first time buyers, whose first home brings with it excitement, freedom, and new-found independence, often also inherit an old kitchen. A kitchen makeover by Dream Doors takes the existing template of your kitchen, removes the old and tired kitchen doors and worktops and replaces them with whatever style you love. Do you want to go contemporary in Chelsea? Or be rustic in Rugby? Are you feeling modern in Manchester? Whatever your preferred style, you’ll find a huge range of kitchen styles to choose from.


We refresh the parts of the kitchen that have the most impact on the eye. So it's out with those highly worn worktops, and in with the new; quartz, granite, wood or laminate. If you’ve dreamt of contemporary but never thought you would have the budget for it, the good news is Dream Doors is committed to working with you to make it a reality. 

Start Small, Think Big

There are big advantages to Dream Doors' way of doing kitchen makeovers; firstly, the disruption to your life is kept to a minimum. There is no need to live in a construction zone for weeks, as most kitchen makeovers can usually be completed within two to three days, giving us enough time to replace your doors and worktops. This also means that your kitchen workspace can be back in use in a very short space of time. 


Your Budget Is reduced

So far we’ve talked about convenience, but the really good news is the cost-saving to you. Dream Doors believes a quality makeover can give you the kitchen of your dreams while costing around half the price of a total refit. If your cupboards are fine, you’re saving your own budget and you’re undoubtedly helping the environment. While you're saving some money by not buying new kitchen cupboards (often referred to as carcases in the kitchen makeover industry), you may have a little extra saved up for a slightly more luxurious door or worktop, and the options of styles, colour and kitchen designs are wide-ranging. 

Piggy Bank
Count The Pennies

Everyone is different: It’s your plan, but we can advise

No two kitchens and no two customers are the same. So, if you have the odd cupboard that needs to be refreshed or resized to make way for a larger fridge, or you want to move cupboards and appliances around, all these options are available and we can advise you on how best to do this. A good place to start is a conversation with one of our kitchen planners at your local showroom.

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It’s All About Style

The first decision you make will be determining what style you would like for your kitchen. It’s worth immersing yourself in design and colour. Your kitchen is an extension of your style and the textures and features you have created around your house, so you will want to mirror this in your kitchen ideas. For instance, if you have an old house with exposed beams and floorboards, then an ultra-modern kitchen with elements of wood to tie into the overall appearance of your home may be ideal. Or if your house is bold and contemporary, you may want to think about sleek lines and strong colours. 

Ivory Westbury Kitchen

Or if you want a classic style, look at muted colours, with soft lines and perhaps think about a wooden worktop for a period look.

From cream to dark colours, Dream Doors also offers different finishes to complement your style. Gloss kitchens are chic, stylish and open up space by reflecting light and shade. Matt finishes are more about subtlety and tranquillity, creating a look of understated refinement. A wood finish creates warmth and works perfectly with a range of other materials and styles.

Maple Standard
Oak Prime
Walnut Regular
Walnut Black
Wenge Standard

After you’ve pulled together a plan on paper, you’ll want to think about those elements that round off the design, which include door handles - there are even some door designs that don’t need handles. 

From the simple to the ornate, there will be one handle that is right for your kitchen and we have 42 different designs to complement your kitchen. Lighting is the icing on the cake, with no more dingy corners. High lighting different areas of your kitchen, especially where you prepare food, will help open up space and create a kitchen that is right for you.

When you’ve visited your local showroom, have had a visit from our kitchen expert, and seen some samples, it’ll soon be time to say goodbye to those worn-out doors and worktops.

Dream Doors is a market leader in replacement doors and makeovers and specialise in refreshing kitchens with helpful, friendly and free advice.

Why Choose a Kitchen Makeover?