12 January 2022

Get the Look: Fashionable Matt Black Kitchens

Get the Look: Fashionable Matt Black Kitchens

A new trend for kitchens has come around and Matt Black Kitchens are in! It’s time to turn to the dark side and upgrade your kitchen to be sleek, mysterious, and bold.

Black kitchens have been a steadily growing trend in 2021, because they offer a sophisticated and dramatic way to express yourself through your kitchen. Matt black is a very fashionable statement and can be a fantastic way to make bold changes to your kitchen space without bringing doom and gloom.

So how do you get a dark and dramatic look with a fashionable matt black kitchen? Our kitchen design experts can tell you.

Matt finishes on kitchen cupboards first appeared around five years ago. Interior designers describe them as contemporary and chic, as well as unique and fresh. Matt is ideal for modern living as it softens your space and brings a more homely feel than other contemporary kitchen design elements. Matt also comes in a number of colours that can easily be customised to fit your needs.

But what about a matt and black kitchen?

Dark and black kitchen ideas are loved by individuals who wish to create a dramatic and sophisticated image, and black kitchen cabinets are an essential aspect of a dark kitchen. Dark kitchens can also appear more atmospheric and inviting than white or light-coloured kitchens since they are less cold and clinical.

Grease and smudges don't show up as quickly on black or dark-coloured kitchen cabinets and worktops as they do on light-coloured cabinets, and the same could be said for any matt design. Using the two together is a big bonus if you enjoy being tidy or don't have a lot of time to clean.

Are Black Kitchens In Style In 2021?

Yes! Bold coloured countertops are a terrific option if you want to make a statement with your home remodel, and black kitchens are not just for modern homes! Strong and dramatic hues work beautifully in more traditional kitchens too; black marble or black granite surfaces add gravity to rustic wood racks or colourful tile splashbacks. Dark or black kitchen worktops, whether matt or glossy, will also let your dishes, flowers, and linens stand out.

Are Matt Black Kitchen Cabinets A Bad Idea?

Absolutely not!

Cleaning a matt black kitchen is surprisingly easy, a microfiber cloth and some cleaner will get it fingerprint free in no time! One of the huge advantages of a matt kitchen finish over a high gloss kitchen finish is that any defects, smudges, stains, or fingerprints will be less visible on the surface of the cabinets and worktops. This is because there is no light reflected on the surface; instead of reflecting light, a matt finish absorbs it. To give a little more texture and character to your already high-gloss kitchen cabinets, matt elements such as black kitchen worktops effortlessly blend in and create a beautiful finish.

Having a black kitchen won’t make your space feel smaller if you combine it with some natural lighting or high gloss surfaces. Keep in mind that gleaming and glossy surfaces also hold a prominent role in the world of design. Over the years, their colourful presence and gleaming touch has established themselves as a mark of luxury and high class in furniture design trends. If the black gloss suits your design concept, don't be afraid to use it as a cabinetry or decor detail material.

Should I Get A Black Kitchen?

Some colours, such as white, grey, and black, are neutral and timeless, and they never go out of style or lose their value since they can be comfortably and attractively blended with whichever hue dominates the design landscape in any year. They provide a beautiful foundation for each hue in the palette, so making them a permanent feature in your décor composition is truly a brilliant idea.

Kitchen cabinets, for example, are the sort of kitchen assembly that is meant to last for years and not be replaced regularly. As a result, choosing black for them is a practical and intelligent choice. That way, you'll be able to remodel and paint the walls whenever you fancy a change, without needing to rip out your entire kitchen.

How Do You Style A Black Kitchen?

To break up the solid colour of the units, use glass-fronted cabinets to open up the space and display your glassware or drinks bar. Open shelving features throughout the design can provide airiness to a black kitchen colour scheme. To make a statement, have the shelves created in a neutral accent colour.

The kitchen layout may be opened up by having shelves replace the kitchen cupboard doors, which would enable the room to breathe and feel less confined. It's also a terrific way to display your favourite kitchen knickknacks and ceramics. This is especially useful when considering kitchen design ideas for a tiny space.

Another thing to think about is whether you want your kitchen to have a uniform aesthetic, which is a matt finish that is consistent throughout all cabinetry and worktops. Alternatively, you could combine matt with a hint of gloss or semi-gloss in a non-uniform aesthetic. Whichever choice you select, it will be effective. Due to the reflected light on the surface, gloss adds a little amount of shine to the space and makes it appear larger.

Similarly, adding glossy doors or drawers to a matt area can create a striking aesthetic statement. Placing gloss on the top set of kitchen cabinet doors is one method to incorporate it. The light will reflect on the higher level while dirt and grease are mostly kept away from your shiny surfaces.

Not All Doom and Gloom

If you are worried about going all black, there are some extremely inventive ways to produce a dynamic and cheery interior that is still based on the present trend of matt black kitchen compositions. Do you desire a breath of fresh air in your dark kitchen? Black is a monochromatic and universal colour that blends well with all other colours and tonalities. So, in terms of colour possibilities for black kitchen cabinets, you can't go wrong. A black and white kitchen can stand out in a crowd, or if you prefer something a little less harsh, cream will also pair nicely with black kitchen cabinets or black kitchen appliances.

We suggest a classic white or a primary colour, like blue, red, or yellow for a pop of bright cheer, or why not use a wooden or tiled floor to add the colour to your kitchen? You could also go with more subtle and on-trend accent colours like sage green or dusky pink, which can give a wonderfully cosy vibe when paired with matt black surfaces.

Appliances and Accessories

If you are looking to add darker appliances to your list of black kitchen ideas, modern appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, and cookers, are available in both glossy and matt finishes. How much you want the appliances to blend or stick out in the overall design will determine which finish you could go for.

The final design and feel of your kitchen can be influenced by the appliances you use. Embrace traditional style with a feature range or go vintage by adding a burst of colour to your décor with a brilliantly coloured fridge or Aga. Even though refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers aren't normally the most attractive aspects of a kitchen's decor, they can (figuratively) shine with a matt finish. A dark, non-glossy finish adds sophistication, and it's also easy to maintain! So, the next time you're shopping for new appliances, consider a matt black finish.

Gilded Gold and Bright Brass Accents

Burnished brass and gold kitchen fixtures are becoming increasingly fashionable, owing to the increased use of dark paint colours on kitchen cabinets. Chrome, in this case, would not give the same amount of warmth to tones of black, or other popular navy and forest green colours, as these warmer metallics do.

These gilded metallics' warming properties are ideal for adding a stylish finish to door furnishings, taps, and even lights. Maintaining a consistent metallic finish throughout the project helps to keep the aesthetic cohesive.

Magnificent brass or copper design pieces add a jazzy shimmer to the black kitchen cabinets, and can really bring the wow-factor to your kitchen. Golden or honey toned metal accessories and décor accents, bring a touch of classical elegance and sophistication to any kitchen design, but they look especially good against a dark background.

Daring and Dark Décor

With the aid of a kitchen island, add a dash of the on-trend colour. In a white or cream kitchen, the deeper colour on the middle island helps it stand out, making it feel more meaningful within the room. A stunning black island, which contrasts against light walls and cabinets as a unique black element, is a terrific way to create a striking focal point.

This suggestion is for individuals who desire the matt black kitchen aesthetic but don't want to go all out. Although black may easily dominate a design scheme, there are strategies to avoid this. It's all about striking the correct balance, utilising just enough black to create a statement while keeping the space bright and open. Cabinets with two tones are a fantastic way to accomplish this appearance. Consider putting a row of matt black cabinets along the rear wall of your kitchen and pairing them with a softer colour on the wall or splashback.

Artistic Licensing

Your room's custom design will be benefit with artwork. Consider commissioning a painting or sculpture, or hunting down a print by a favourite artist to display prominently. Gallery walls are a tried-and-true design style worth experimenting with since they allow you to mix and match different items that will stand out against dark painting.

For a stunningly modern appearance, stick to black and white colours, or use a variety of colours to create a powerful feeling of individuality. A neon sign is another creative aspect to consider; it seems retro yet real, and you can get bespoke phrases or artwork made-to-order.

Remember that dark colours draw your eye in, so if you have a spacious kitchen, you might want to avoid using them on tall or wall-hung cabinets, as this could close in the area. On the other hand though, this is a great way to make a large, contemporary kitchen feel more cosy and homely!

Matt black kitchens are magnificent, dramatic, and full of personality. It's a hot trend that's just getting more popular. It can be used in practically any kitchen size and may be combined with various finishes to create a beautiful environment that you'll adore spending time in.

Feeling inspired to get the matt black kitchen look in your own home? Get in touch with your local Dream Doors showroom, where one of our kitchen designers will use their expertise to create your perfect kitchen!

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