28 December 2021

Top 3 Kitchen Appliances for 2022

Top 3 Kitchen Appliances for 2022

December is a great time to be thinking about snagging some new kitchen appliances. With Christmas coming up and the January sales just around the corner, we’re going to take a look at our kitchen appliance reccomendations.

Here are our picks for the top 3 kitchen appliances for 2022:

1.    Cold Storage

Freezers and refrigerators aren’t something new to the kitchen scene. But with the recent pandemic and global lockdowns, people have started to turn to these cold boxes to provide both function and a touch of class.


First up is the humble fridge freezer – increasingly, people are eating from home and preparing meals in advance. This behaviour has been further amplified by lockdowns as people ensure that they have plenty of food supplies and re-discover the joys of home cooking.

In order to make their lives more convenient, the fridge-freezer is gaining popularity. In fact, Google shows that there is a growing trend of people looking to get their hands on one.

A fridge-freezer is the perfect addition to any kitchen to provide instant-access to whatever you need – be that fresh orange juice for breakfast, the frozen peas for dinner, or a few cubes of ice for your drink.

With the inclusion of smart fridges that can help you track your shopping through to plumbed fridge-freezers that can dispense ice cubes and chilled water, it’s no wonder that people are starting to want to up their refrigeration game.

Wine Coolers and fridges

Wine coolers first sparked interest during the early lockdowns and continue to be a very popular item for the kitchen. When planning out your kitchen, if you can make space for a wine-cooler, you’ll certainly be in good company.

Sales of wine coolers in 2021 rose and so too did the demand for integrated wine storage.

As many of us continue to host at home going into 2022, wine connoisseurs will once again be looking for solutions for the short and long-term storage of their favourite wines.

2.    Coffee Makers

Coffee makers are a trend that continues to grow. These machines might seem like a luxurious purchase, but the taste for on-demand barista style coffee is stronger than my morning double-espresso.

There are a range of solutions available for the discerning coffee enthusiast. Stand-alone or ‘freestanding’ machines grace your kitchen worktops providing you with easy access to delicious coffees.  

The real trend for 2022, however, are the built-in models. As people move to create more space and declutter, built-in coffee machines are gaining in popularity. Especially in the post-pandemic kitchen design.

Built in machines such as the Neff Coffee Centre provide a coffee experience like no-other. These machines are able to grind beans, clean themselves and regulate the brewing temperature of the water to dish out the perfect coffee with an irresistible aroma.

Beyond making you coffee – the coffee centre and other in-built coffee machines come with smart features. With the smart features, you can remotely access the machine over WiFi or mobile broadband so you can have your favourite coffee waiting for you downstairs in the morning.

3.    Hobs and Hoods

Open-plan designs are a trend that has shown consistent demand. In 2021 we saw smarter storage options, kitchen islands and a reduction in the demand for ‘overhead’ storage space that all work together to create a much less cluttered look in the kitchen. This design trend will continue long into 2022.

As a part of this open-living look, stylish hobs are going to be an important element of the kitchen. Everyone has a different preference for the type of hob that they want, but stylish looks or ultra-sleek induction hobs are going to be on the menu.

By pairing hobs with modern hoods and extractors you will be able to create a stunning statement piece while keeping the kitchen odour free.  

If you’re interested in learning about the latest design trends and finding the perfect appliances for your kitchen, you should get in touch with a showroom near you and chat with one of our design experts!


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