30 December 2021

Kitchen Storage Solutions: The best ideas and hacks from our kitchen experts

Kitchen Storage Solutions: The best ideas and hacks from our kitchen experts

Are you getting tired of your kitchen surfaces being used as storage? Are you chasing that decluttered open-plan look? Do you have limited space and want to make the most of it?

We’ve been installing kitchens in every sort of house you can imagine and we’ve learned some of the best solutions and tricks to make the most of your space.

So, if you’d like to know some of the best kitchen storage solution ideas and hacks, you’ve come to the right place.

Space Tower

One of the best storage solution ideas is a space tower. Unlike traditional cupboards that have in-built shelves, space towers help you to make the most of the verticality of your cupboard. Space towers have smooth sliding drawers that will allow you to make the most of the depth of the cupboard without having to worry about ‘digging through’.

Gone are the days of herbs, spices and cooking supplies being ‘lost’ to the back of the cupboard.

When planning out your space tower storage, you should put thought into what is going to live where. For instance – heavier items, such as oil, jars and large tins should be placed lower down so that they are easier to get.

You can further compartmentalise the drawers in the space tower to make sure that everything has its place and that you’re fully embracing the clutter free lifestyle.

Carousel Cupboards

Corners are an interesting space in the kitchen to deal with – there are options to create ‘corner cupboards’ that use v-shaped drawers that you can pull out to maximise the space. But one of the best tips to make the most of a corner space is to install a carousel

Carousels give you convenient access to more space by using their intelligent curved shapes to store things ‘around the corner’ when the door is shut.

Not only does this provide you with more storage space but it saves you from having to root through the backs of the cupboard!

Window Gardens

Often, the window shelf in the kitchen is a sadly under-utilised space and ends up just becoming a home to odd nick-nacks or token ornaments.

With a kitchen garden, you can adorn your window with a range of fresh herbs, edible plants and even the odd bit of fruit or veg, depending on how much space there is. Adding a window garden will not only be a clever use of the space, it will make the kitchen feel more vibrant and welcoming.

Pull-Out Storage

In order to make the most of storage areas, being able to pull the shelves out is a huge advantage. You will be able to gain full access to the shelf, make sure that everything has a place inside and nothing will get lost in the ‘back of the cupboard’ void.

Use your vertical space

Pull-out storage - like drawers - is great, however, not all kitchens are blessed with an abundance of space. Drawers can sometimes become overcrowded and kitchen worktops can end up becoming cluttered.

There is another dimension to storage that can help with this – vertical.

You can use some of the vertical wall space in the kitchen to install a hook rack that you can use to hang some of your most commonly used kitchen items. This will free up space in your other storage while giving you convenient access to the tools you need in the areas you need them.

For example – you may want to hang up cutting boards, spoons and spatulas.

Another solution is to install a wall-mounted magnetic rack. These are perfect for affixing knives and other metal implements and will declutter the kitchen worktops from knife-holders and other cooking utensils.  

With so many clever storage solutions for your kitchen – including custom options – you'll be sure to find the right one for you. Check in with your local showroom and chat with one of our expert kitchen designers to learn more!