Contemporary Kitchens

Bringing your kitchen to the 21st Century through contemporary kitchen designs.

Be bold with your kitchen and take advantage of the plethora of vibrant colours and textures that merges the traditional with the modern. Complement light tones with industrial metallics and bright accent colours for a chic kitchen that you love. Our designers keep themselves up-to-date with the latest interior design trends that will spring life into your new kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a more classic or modern kitchen, you’ll find a style that suits you. Start searching for your perfect kitchen.

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Modern Style Firbeck Kitchen Image
Firbeck Kitchen

A sleek and smooth kitchen that will brighten up your home with its refreshing aesthetic.

Image of a Modern Style Jayline Kitchen
Jayline Kitchen

Lean into the simplicity and style that the Jayline kitchen offers.

Image of a Modern Style Lacarre Modern Kitchen
Lacarre Kitchen

Stunning, simple and smooth the Lacarre kitchen has a timeless look ideal for modern kitchens.

Image of a Lincoln style kitchen
Lincoln Kitchen

Slick and glossy, the Lincoln kitchen is ideal for brightening up the home and creating the illusion of space.

Oslo Kitchen Pictured in Painted Oak Mussel
Oslo Kitchen

Add a touch of Scandi style to your modern home with the sleek and stunning Oslo range.

Classic Pisa style fitted kitchen image
Pisa Kitchen

Naturally flawless the Pisa design has a unique versatility ideal for every home.

Pictured in Kombu Green and Halifax Natural Oak
Segreto Kitchen

New for 2022. Create a clean and stylish kitchen space with Segreto.

Serica Matt Contemporary kitchen image Pictured in Serica Matt Sage Green
Serica Matt (Zurfiz)

Colourful yet semi-understated. The Zurfiz style kitchen in our Serica Matt range is both contemporary and chic. 

Supermatt Contemporary kitchen image Picturedupermatt Cascade Blue and Serica Matt Indigo Blue
Supermatt (ZURFIZ)

Subtle sophistication is articulated through the understated tones of the supermatt kitchen.

Ultragloss Contemporary style kitchen Pictured in Cream and Black
Ultragloss (ZURFIZ)

Radiate light throughout your kitchen by choosing an ultragloss design that will brighten up your home with its brilliance.

Ultragloss metallic kitchen image pictured in metallic blue
Ultragloss Metallic (ZURFIZ)

Create that feeling of luxury with shimmering metallics that will bring warmth to your contemporary kitchen.

Ultragloss Natural style kitchen image
Ultragloss Natural (ZURFIZ)

Introduce those natural tones to your kitchen and create a classy space that projects warmth and vibrancy.

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