02 March 2020

The Definitive Guide to Choosing Kitchen Door Handles and Knobs

Kitchen door handles are often the last thing people consider when planning a new kitchen. Distressed or smooth; chunky or thin; brass, glass, or chrome. When it comes to door handles, there’s plenty of choice.

Marrying the right handle with your chosen kitchen style will add the finishing touch to a perfect kitchen. So their look and design should be factored in at the very beginning of your kitchen journey.

Dream Doors have a huge variety of kitchen door handles and knobs to choose from. You’ll have your pick of design: including shapely knobs, bar handles, as well as a whole mix of ornate styles. You’re sure to find a door handle to suit your kitchen.

Like any aspect of your new Dream Doors kitchen, a door handle is a design statement. Not only does picking the right type make your life easier, but they’ll also finish off the stylistic approach to your kitchen space.

Bar Handles

Currently trending high in kitchen design is the bar door handle. The popularity of bar handles likely relates to their practicality, easy-clean, and hardwearing nature. These handles come in a variety of styles, widths, and lengths. You can choose from the classic T-bar, or the more modern D-shaped handle.

The beauty of bar handles is that they work flawlessly in a variety of different kitchens. They look perfectly at home in a characteristically classic kitchen and glamorous in a glossy, modern kitchen.

Valore Kitchen Range

If you wish to make a statement, the Valore kitchen range is perfect for a longer length slim D-shaped handle.

Surrey Kitchen Range

The classic Surrey kitchen truly showcases the T-bar handle to create a picturesque farmhouse-style kitchen.

Shell Handles

Beautifully traditional, the shell handle seamlessly fits into any home with a nod to vintage interior design. The cup-shape allows for a better grip when pulling heavier loads, like large drawers. Whilst their durability and easy to clean characteristics explain their significant rise in popularity over recent years.

Shell handles are wonderfully versatile. Changing the handle finish from an antique copper to a satin chrome can radically change the appearance of your kitchen. Moving it from a classic kitchen towards a more modern décor.

Verona Kitchen Range

The timeless, ornate door design of the Verona kitchen is perfectly complemented by a traditional shell handle.

Caraway Kitchen Range

The curved semi-circle shape to the shell handle adapts beautifully to blend in with the more modern Caraway kitchen.

Classic Knobs

The design flexibility of kitchen door knobs allows you to really show your personal style. A conventional knob’s no-nonsense ergonomics means they’ll meld with modern, classic, traditional, and contemporary kitchen styles.

You don’t have to stick to the standard round door knobs. At Dream Doors, we offer kitchen door knob options in a variety of shapes, designs, and finishes. From rustic wooden button knobs through to the stylish beehive knob.

Shaker Kitchen Range

The simple, classic traits of our Shaker kitchen benefit from an injection of personality with a bold button knob.

Milano Kitchen Range

With a raw country appeal, the Milano kitchen’s character shines with the addition of stepped door knobs.


Dream Doors also offer a range of handleless kitchen doors which have a small groove or lip to allow access. These door styles create a minimalist kitchen look with clean, sleek lines.

Handleless kitchen doors often work well in open-plan living spaces. The elimination of the handle means there are fewer design features for your open living décor to clash with. Plus, the solid colour of the kitchen doors will help you to achieve an open and airy feel in your space.

Integra Kitchen Range

The sophisticated Integra kitchen offers a flawless construction with its handleless units that define its minimalist intent.

Lacarre Kitchen Range

Created for lovers of modern interior design, the polished lines of the Lacarre kitchen are accentuated by the integrated door handles.

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Still Not Sure?

Sometimes, you’ll only know which type of handle is going to suit your new kitchen by seeing them in person and giving them a good feel. It can also help to place your shortlisted kitchen knobs or handles side by side with your choice of kitchen door to see which works for your kitchen plans.

An advantage of designing your kitchen with Dream Doors is the opportunity to do just that in your local showroom or with a free home visit.

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The Definitive Guide to Choosing Kitchen Door Handles and Knobs