14 March 2019

Sorting Your Kitchen with Storage Solutions

Time to De-Clutter?

Stuff - we all have so much of it! To anyone else, our stuff is just a jumble of miscellaneous items, but to us, it can be irreplaceable, a present from your Mum, an amazing china piece discovered at a car boot sale, a family heirloom handed down over generations. But we also have less sentimental items - like 25 different types of baking trays, three cafetières, and a torn tea-towel- that we can definitely afford to say goodbye to. 

Having a well-organised kitchen with ample storage space makes sense. All of our storage solutions at Dream Doors can be customised to fit into awkward corners or fill in empty wall space. While you decide on your kitchen layout, a good place to start is your local showroom and a conversation with an expert who can guide you through all of the different options that are available.

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Wooden Spoons
New Shelf

A Modern Kitchen Fulfils a Variety of Needs

A perfect kitchen allows enough space for appliances and storage as well as for food preparation. In the real world, these margins are never a straight forward three-way split. Every family is different and you know whether you need a full-sized dishwasher, a double oven or if you only have space for an all-in-one fridge freezer unit. only have space for a separate fridge and freezer unit. Making those tricky choices while planning your kitchen means you and your family should have all the storage space you need once you start putting that plan into action. 


Modern Storage Solutions for Modern Families

Imagine opening a kitchen cupboard, and as the door opens, a carousel containing all your jars, herbs and condiments, reveals itself - no more stretching around to try and find the sauce at the back.

IP2IP300 Ls

To picture how this might work in your home visit our kitchen designer page. This is a tool which starts with a kitchen layout and then once you have selected your desired layout, allows you to look through the colours and designs available. A good storage solution is also about being able to see where things are kept. While lights are available to go over worktops, it’s now also easy to illuminate the darkest corner of any cupboard interior with customised lighting

Ivory Westbury Kitchen
Matt Denim Aldridge Kitchen

Finishing Touches That Add Class to Your Kitchen

Slimline dishwashers can allow more storage in small or medium-sized kitchens and our advisors can measure up and help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

Fridge freezers no longer have to be an add-on to your kitchen and can fit seamlessly into your kitchen cupboards, creating a uniformed look to your space. Of course, if you dream of a freestanding American style fridge, you can do this with Dream Doors. 

Likewise, microwaves don't have to take up precious worktop space and can fit within your kitchen units at eye level to help you move through your kitchen more easily.

Led Under Over Cabinet Light
Led In Cabinet Light
Prismatic Led Under Cabinet Light

Dream Doors is a market leader in replacement doors and makeovers and specialise in refreshing kitchens with timely, helpful, friendly and free advice.

Sorting Your Kitchen with Storage Solutions

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