Blue Kitchens

There’s so much that you can do with a blue palette.

Feeling the vintage look? Pick a duck egg blue kitchen or light pastels to create light and warmth. Blues are also perfect for contemporary kitchen styles. Stay on trend with dark Baltic blues. Use them as feature colours in contrast with neutral tones for a sophisticated look that accentuates the modern vibe. A blue kitchen is creative, attractive and spectacular and will be the highlight of your home. Explore our range of blue kitchens below or view all our kitchens.

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Handle Style
Richmond Kitchen

Give your kitchen the 'wow' factor with the Richmond kitchen range. Immaculate in its design, the Richmond offers a cool ultra-modern attraction mixed with a classic vibe.


Image of a classic style Aldridge Kitchen
Aldridge Kitchen

This kitchen flaunts opulence with its graceful and timeless classic features.

Austin - pictured in Supermatt Indigo Blue
Austin Kitchen

The Austin is a traditional style kitchen that will look stunning in any home.

Avienda Kitchen
Avienda Kitchen

Sleek, stylish and simple - the Avienda handleless range is a popular choice for creating a modern kitchen.

Camden Kitchen

Bring rustic charm to your kitchen with the Camden shaker-style kitchen. With clean lines, smooth surfaces and light routing, this kitchen has a cosy country living feel.

Classic Style Carlton Kitchen Pictured in Matt Sage Green
Carlton Kitchen

The Carlton fitted kitchen range has a classic charm that makes it the perfect fit for your home.

Chedburgh Kitchen

Make your kitchen the heart of your home with the Chedburgh. This beautiful traditional kitchen is crafted with care to bring warmth and charm into your most-used room.

Chelsea Kitchen

The Chelsea kitchen range is sleek, simple, and modern. With its understated simplicity and versatile design, it’s a popular choice for the new modern home.

Image of a Traditional Style Coniston Kitchen
Coniston Kitchen

Bring the feeling of a rustic country retreat into your home with the Coniston kitchen range.

Cordoba Kitchen

Bring the classic charm of country living into your home or jet off to the trendy kitchens of metropolitan cities with the Cordoba.

Dalton Kitchen

If classic is your style, then the Dalton Kitchen is for you. This stunning kitchen features light routing doors that is chic, sophisticated and simply elegant. 

Image of a Classic Style Elland Kitchen
Elland Kitchen

If you like the minimalist look, the Elland kitchen range could be exactly what you want in your home.

Image of a Modern Style Hadley Kitchen
Hadley Kitchen

Make a statement and stamp your sense of style on your home with the stunning Hadley kitchen range.

Halstead Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Stone Grey
Halstead Kitchen

The Halstead fitted kitchen range is where classic intersects with the modern.

Traditional Style Harlem Fitted Kitchen pictured in Matt Mood Grey
Harlem Kitchen

The Harlem fitted kitchen range adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen making it the perfect space for entertaining.

Kelby Kitchen

A beautiful blend of simplicity and refinement, the Kelby kitchen provides style and shallow routing to create a delicate kitchen design that is eyecatching yet understated.

Linea Kitchen

If you're seeking a contemporary kitchen with clean, sleek lines and a minimalist aesthetic, look no further than Linea kitchen.

Milan Kitchen
Milan Kitchen

A fashionable and trendy choice, the Milan kitchen range offers a pared back style with profile edged doors.  

Traditional Style New Fenland Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Highland Green
New Fenland Style

The New Fenland fitted kitchen is your one stop shop for the traditional classic.

New Sudbury Kitchen

Bring the heart of your home to life with the New Sudbury Kitchen. Its traditional details and quality craftsmanship create a kitchen that feels like it's always been a part of your home. 

Nova Kitchen
Nova Kitchen

Beautifully traditional with elegant door detail, the Nova range is perfect for country homes and traditional properties.

Oakham - pictured in Oakham - pictured in Matt Sage Green and Matt Fir Green
Oakham Kitchen

The Oakham kitchen adds style and sophistication to any modern home.

Paris Style Fitted Kitchen pictured in Matt Pistachio Green and Supermatt Fir Green
Paris Kitchen

True to its namesake, the Paris fitted kitchen is chic, modern and stylish.

Pictured in Kombu Green and Halifax Natural Oak
Segreto Kitchen

Create a clean and stylish kitchen space with Segreto.

Serica Matt Contemporary kitchen image Pictured in Serica Matt Sage Green
Serica Matt (Zurfiz)

Colourful yet semi-understated. The Zurfiz style kitchen in our Serica Matt range is both contemporary and chic. 

Image of a Traditional Style Stratford Kitchen
Stratford Kitchen

Create the perfect space with Stratford. Traditional features that can adapt to suit any home.

Supermatt Contemporary kitchen image Picturedupermatt Cascade Blue and Serica Matt Indigo Blue
Supermatt (ZURFIZ) Kitchen

Subtle sophistication is articulated through the understated tones of the supermatt kitchen.

Sutton Style Fitted Kitchen Image
Sutton Kitchen

Tasteful textured fronts makes this kitchen ideal for any modern home.

Image of a Classic Style Thornbury Kitchen
Thornbury Kitchen

Regardless of whether you live in the town or the countryside, the Thornbury kitchen range brings the look of a rural property into your home.

Modern Style Treviso Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Highland Green
Treviso Kitchen

The Treviso fitted kitchen range is a perfect mix of the modern and stylishly simple.

Ultragloss metallic kitchen image pictured in Metallic Blue
Ultragloss Metallic (ZURFIZ) Kitchen

Create that feeling of luxury with shimmering metallics that will bring warmth to your contemporary kitchen.

Valencia Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Painted Oak Reed Green
Valencia Kitchen

The Valencia fitted kitchen range is a modern take on the traditional homely kitchen. Its simple yet stylish appearance is the perfect choice for those seeking to update and modernise their existing kitchen.

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