Which Kitchen Style Is the One for You?

Have you been dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen but don't know where to start?

From bright contemporary to cosy traditional style kitchens, we know that the wide range of different styles, colours and finishes available can feel daunting. So let us help you choose your style and discover which kitchen design perfectly matches your lifestyle. 

1. What does your kitchen look like on a typical weekday morning?
2. What does your kitchen look like on a typical Saturday night?
3. For you, what is the most important function of your kitchen?
4. How would you describe your kitchen?
5. What kind of evening would you be most likely to host?
6. Which of these kitchen features would you use most often?
7. If you were to sum up the feel of your dream kitchen, it would be...?
8. What price range would you be happy to invest to get a dream kitchen makeover?
9. Which layout does your dream kitchen have?
10. For you, what is the most important area of a kitchen?
11. What period/style is your home?
12. What is your favourite interior design style?
13. What design materials do you dream of having in your kitchen?
14. And finally, which of these show-kitchens is your favourite?

Thank you for taking our quiz! You are just one step away from finding out which kitchen style is the perfect one for you. 

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