31 December 2021

Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2022

Kitchen Trend Predictions for 2022

As we come closer to the end of 2021 and approach the New Year, our expert kitchen designers have been taking a look back at 2021’s biggest kitchen trends. Using their expert knowledge and research, they have been thinking hard about what design trends we are likely to see in 2022. They are expecting there to be 5 really key kitchen design trends that will be absolutely everywhere next year, so without further ado…

Here are our top 5 kitchen trend predictions for 2022...

Statement Primary Colours

For the last few years, neutral tones, softer colour palettes, and monochrome have dominated kitchen design trends, but we’re predicting that brighter pops of primary colour will make a big come back in 2022! Using various shades of either red, blue, or yellow can bring a real sense of fun and energy to your kitchen. Some of the most fashionable and popular décor colours of 2021, like mustard yellow, royal blue, and rust red, will carry through beautifully into this 2022 kitchen trend.

Use these colours on a feature splashback, contrasting kitchen cupboard doors, a central kitchen island, or incorporate them into your kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances! Offset these pops of colour with soft and sultry greys, warm and welcoming neutrals, or striking matt black for a modern and on-trend 2022 kitchen.

Dreamy Dusky Pinks

If pops of statement colour aren’t your thing, then fear not! Soft and natural colours have been a huge 2021 kitchen trend, with sage green being one of the most popular kitchen design colours of the year. Our kitchen designers don’t think this trend is going anywhere for now – these muted and unoffensive colours will continue to be hugely popular well into 2022. Excitingly though, our designers are predicting dusky pinks to come in as a new colour on the kitchen design scene in 2022! 

Not just for the ultra-feminine, dusky pinks will bring a wonderful warmth and sense of sophistication to your 2022 kitchen design, especially when paired with stunning metallic elements like copper and rose-gold. As a softer colour, dusky pinks could be used on all your kitchen cupboards without dominating your kitchen. This colour palette would also look absolutely beautiful paired with combinations of natural materials, light or dark greys, off-whites, or neutral colours to bring an eye-catching balance and depth to your 2022 kitchen.

Smart and Stylish Storage

If there’s one interior design trend that has stormed forward in popularity in the last couple of years, it’s storage solutions. There’s no denying it – we are all wanting our homes to be more functional and practical than ever before, without compromising on design and aesthetic. It’s exactly the same deal for kitchens; with cooking equipment, crockery, cookbooks, appliances, accessories, and more, kitchens are typically one of the more cluttered places in the home. Alongside all this clutter, kitchens often need to have enough space for the whole family to eat, work, and play.

Coming into 2022, many of us will continue to host gatherings and get-togethers at home, meaning the need for storage solutions will continue to be a huge kitchen trend. Whether it’s carousel storage cupboards, fold-away furniture, bespoke kitchen cupboard units, or multifunctional furniture, 2022 will be the year for storage solutions that are both smart and stylish. You’ve heard of integrated kitchen appliances, well get ready for integrated kitchen storage!

Hybrid Office Space

Not only will many of us continue to host at home in 2022, but many of us are continuing to adjust to a new norm of working from home, as companies all over the country permanently adopt remote or hybrid workplaces. This means the need for a practical and dedicated home office is becoming a priority in many households, and our design experts are predicting that kitchens will be the primary space to take on this new multifunctional role in 2022.

Extra kitchen elements like charging ports on kitchen islands, additional task lighting, and storage solutions for additional worktop/desk space will be hugely popular in 2022 kitchen design. Feature walls that double as video-call backgrounds, hidden storage for work items, and integrated coffee centres are other elements that can help turn your kitchen into an amazing hybrid office space, and will be all-the-rage in 2022 kitchen trends.

Dark Natural Stones

It’s no secret that natural materials like wood and stone have always been a beautiful and popular choice when it comes to kitchen design. Where natural woods, painted woods, marble and quartz have been at the height of past kitchen design trends, our experts are predicting that dark natural stones like slate and granite will be a huge kitchen design trend for 2022.

Ideal for both kitchen floors and kitchen worktops, these dark natural stones are durable as well as stunning. They also complement many of the other 2022 kitchen trends perfectly – a dusky pink kitchen with slate accents would be a beautiful combination, and granite would make an excellent work surface that doubles as a durable and sturdy desk! There’s no need to stick to flooring and worktops when it comes to using stone either – you can use dark stone effect kitchen cupboard doors to get a unique and gorgeous kitchen design that perfectly mimics the real natural material.

Any of these 2022 kitchen trends caught your eye? You can chat with our expert kitchen designers at your local Dream Doors showroom, and they will help you bring any of these trends into your own dream kitchen.