White Kitchens

Brighten up your kitchen with dazzling whites.

As the most versatile colour for designers, you can use together with any other colour, texture or woods. Choose the perfect minimalist kitchen with white gloss kitchen cupboards, cabinets and work surfaces or create warmth in your space by accenting matt whites with light woods and pastels. Take inspiration from our selection of beautiful white kitchens below or view all our kitchens.

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Handle Style
Image of a Modern Style Venice Kitchen Kitchen Door Image - Venice Style Pictured in Matt Light Grey and White
Venice Style Kitchen

The understated simplicity of the Venice style will complement any modern kitchen with its sleek design.

Image of a Classic Style Shaker Kitchen Image of a Shaker style sink Image of Shaker style kitchen cupboards
Shaker Kitchen

Cool simplicity makes the Shaker a versatile design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.

Image of a Classic Cambridge Style kitchen
Cambridge Kitchen

A classic style that has universal appeal, the Cambridge kitchen style will look at home in any kitchen.

Euroline Style Modern Kitchen Image
Euroline Kitchen

A smooth design that suits any kitchen style, the Euroline range is a huge favourite among our customers.

Traditional Tullymore style kitchen image pictured in Supermatt Oatmeal
Tullymore Kitchen

An elegant style ideal for the traditional kitchen. Get that extra mark of quality with the exceptional door details.

Traditional Newport style fitted kitchen image
Newport Kitchen

The detailed door fronts of the Newport range makes it an ideal style for a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

Image of a classic style Aldridge Kitchen
Aldridge Style Kitchen

This kitchen flaunts opulence with its graceful and timeless classic features.

Ascot Kitchen
Ascot Style Kitchen

The Ascot range has a classic charm that makes it the perfect fit in any home.

Tradtional Ashford style kitchen image
Ashford Style Kitchen

The smooth and simple doors of the Ashford range creates a timeless design that makes it a great choice for all kitchens.

Austin - pictured in Supermatt Indigo Blue
Austin Style Kitchen

New for 2022, the Austin is a traditional style kitchen that will look stunning in any home.

Avienda Kitchen
Avienda Style Kitchen

Sleek, stylish and simple - the Avienda handleless range is a popular choice for creating a modern kitchen.

Bridgewater Kitchen
Bridgewater Kitchen

The stunning Bridgewater range features delicately detailed door fronts inspired by traditional designs.

Pictured in Matt Sage Green and Light Grey
Buxton Kitchen

The Buxton kitchen offers a stylish classic design with a modern edge. An excellent choice for a country style kitchen.

Traditional Canterbury style kitchen image
Canterbury Kitchen

Establish your idyllic country kitchen with the Canterbury's rustic features and create your homely ambience.

Caraway Kitchen
Caraway Kitchen

Make your kitchen a timeless classic with the Caraway range that can be tailored to suit any home.

Classic Style Carlton Kitchen Pictured in Matt Sage Green
Carlton Kitchen

New For 2023! The Carlton fitted kitchen range has a classic charm that makes it the perfect fit for your home.

Carrick - pictured in Supermatt Light Grey and White
Carrick Kitchen

A classic sleek sylish design that will complement any home.

Chardonnay Kitchen
Chardonnay Kitchen

Will the Chardonnay range spark your creativity? It’s a versatile choice with a stylish elegance – the perfect choice for any modern home.

Pictured in Super Matt Dust Grey
Chester Kitchen

New for 2022. Timeless and charming, a beautiful option for any home.

Image of a Traditional Style Coniston Kitchen
Coniston Kitchen

Bring the feeling of a rustic country retreat into your home with the Coniston kitchen range.

Cottage Kitchen
Cottage Kitchen

The traditional style doors of the Cottage range are stunning and elegant, perfect for creating a vintage aesthetic.

Crossland Kitchen
Crossland Kitchen

A unique design concept for the new modern home. The Crossland range will add style to your kitchen with its bowed edges.

Esquire Kitchen
Esquire Kitchen

The Esquire range offers a charming, modern kitchen style that will complement almost any home.

Modern Style Firbeck Kitchen Image
Firbeck Kitchen

A sleek and smooth kitchen that will brighten up your home with its refreshing aesthetic.

Image of a Modern Style Grove Kitchen
Grove Kitchen

Bring a sense of class, elegance, and modernity to any home.

Halstead Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Stone Grey
Halstead Kitchen

New for 2023! The Halstead fitted kitchen range is where classic intersects with the modern.

Traditional Style Harlem Fitted Kitchen pictured in Matt Mood Grey
Harlem Kitchen

New For 2023! The Harlem fitted kitchen range adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen making it the perfect space for entertaining.

Harvard Kitchen
Harvard Kitchen

A classic kitchen style that sits perfectly between both timeless and modern design.

Helmsley Door
Helmsley Kitchen

New for 2022, The Helmsley kitchen is a simply beauty thats brings charm to both traditional and modern spaces.

Integra Style Fitted Kitchen Image
Integra Kitchen

An exceptionally sophisticated kitchen that combines simplicity with intelligent features.

Image of a Modern Style Jayline Kitchen
Jayline Kitchen

Lean into the simplicity and style that the Jayline kitchen offers.

Johnson Kitchen
Johnson Kitchen

Making the most of its classic design, the Johnson range is a versatile choice that will suit any home.

Traditional Style Juliette Fitted Kitchen Pictured in S Pictured in Supermatt Reed Green
Juliette Kitchen

The stunning Juliette range features detailed door fronts inspired by traditional designs.

Kendal Kitchen
Kendal Kitchen

An ultra-modern kitchen design, the Kendal handleless kitchen range is sophisticated and streamlined, perfect for the modern-day home.

Knebworth Style Kitchen Pictured in Oakgrain Cashmere
Knebworth Kitchen

Blending modern tastes with a traditional aesthetic, the Knebworth kitchen brings a refined elegance to your home.

Image of a Modern Style Lacarre Modern Kitchen
Lacarre Kitchen

Stunning, simple and smooth the Lacarre kitchen has a timeless look ideal for modern kitchens.

Lazio Style Kitchen Pictured in Natural Oak & Matt Graphite
Lazio Kitchen

A modern classic. The Lazio kitchen's flawlessness exudes a timeless appeal that will look fantastic in any home.

Image of a Lincoln style kitchen
Lincoln Kitchen

Slick and glossy, the Lincoln kitchen is ideal for brightening up the home and creating the illusion of space.

Image of a Modern Style Manhattan Kitchen
Manhattan Kitchen

Give your kitchen the ‘wow’ factor and impress your guests by choosing the Manhattan range for your kitchen makeover.

Modern style Mercia Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Indigo Blue
Mercia Kitchen

New For 2023! The Mercia fitted kitchen is fresh, fashionable yet refined.

Mersey Kitchen
Mersey Kitchen

Modern and understated, the Mersey range makes the perfect canvas for creating your dream kitchen.

Milan Kitchen
Milan Kitchen

A fashionable and trendy choice, the Milan kitchen range offers a pared back style with profile edged doors.  

Traditional Style New Fenland Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Highland Green
New Fenland

New For 2023! The New Fenland fitted kitchen is your one stop shop for the traditional classic.

Nova Kitchen
Nova Kitchen

Beautifully traditional with elegant door detail, the Nova range is perfect for country homes and traditional properties.

Oakham - pictured in Oakham - pictured in Matt Sage Green and Matt Fir Green
Oakham Kitchen

New for 2022, the Oakham kitchen adds style and sophistication to any modern home.

Oslo Kitchen Pictured in Painted Oak Mussel
Oslo Kitchen

Add a touch of Scandi style to your modern home with the sleek and stunning Oslo range.

Palermo style traditional fitted kitchen
Palermo Kitchen

Make the kitchen the heart of your home with this versatile design inspired by traditional styles.

Paris Style Fitted Kitchen pictured in Matt Pistachio Green and Supermatt Fir Green
Paris Kitchen

New For 2023! True to its namesake, the Paris fitted kitchen is chic, modern and stylish.

Classic Pisa style fitted kitchen image
Pisa Kitchen

Naturally flawless the Pisa design has a unique versatility ideal for every home.

Richmond - pictured in Pictured in Matt Indigo Blue
Richmond Kitchen

New for 2022. Give your kitchen the 'wow' factor with Richmond.

Scoop Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Fjord
Scoop Kitchen

Attractive and practical, the Scoop range features integrated handles for added elegance.

Pictured in Kombu Green and Halifax Natural Oak
Segreto Kitchen

New for 2022. Create a clean and stylish kitchen space with Segreto.

Severn Kitchen
Severn Kitchen

Modern and tasteful, the Severn range has soft and delicate details that will suit any home.

Image of a Traditional Style Stratford Kitchen
Stratford Kitchen

New for 2022. Create the perfect space with Stratford. Traditional features that can adapt to suit any home.

Supermatt Contemporary kitchen image Picturedupermatt Cascade Blue and Serica Matt Indigo Blue
Supermatt (ZURFIZ)

Subtle sophistication is articulated through the understated tones of the supermatt kitchen.

Surrey style classic kitchen image Pictured In Cream
Surrey Kitchen

Fusing the best features from old and new designs to create a beautiful aesthetic.

Modern Style Treviso Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Highland Green
Treviso Kitchen

New For 2023! The Treviso fitted kitchen range is a perfect mix of the modern and stylishly simple.

Image of a Modern Style Turin Kitchen
Turin Kitchen

Modern simplicity and elegance, the Turin kitchen is perfect for any kitchen.

Twinline Kitchen Pictured in Supermatt Dust Grey & Cashmere
Twinline Kitchen

Create a modern space for entertaining friends and family with the striking Twinline design.

Ultragloss Contemporary style kitchen Pictured in Cream and Black
Ultragloss (ZURFIZ)

Radiate light throughout your kitchen by choosing an ultragloss design that will brighten up your home with its brilliance.

Valencia Fitted Kitchen Pictured in Painted Oak Reed Green
Valencia Kitchen

New for 2023! The Valencia fitted kitchen range is a modern take on the traditional homely kitchen. Its simple yet stylish appearance is the perfect choice for those seeking to update and modernise their existing kitchen.

Verona style traditional kitchen image Pictured in Deep Blue, Red and Cream
Verona Kitchen

Start imagining your new kitchen with the Verona design that looks magnificent in all home styles.

Vienna Kitchen Pictured in High Gloss Anthracite
Vienna Kitchen

The Vienna kitchen range exemplifies minimalism with its clean and crisp lines. With its understated simplicity and versatile design, it’s a popular choice for the new modern home.

Warwick Kitchen in Vanilla
Warwick Kitchen

A great all-rounder the Warwick style offers a sophisticated simplicity that’s suited to any interior.

Image of a Westbury kitchen pictured in Ivory
Westbury Kitchen

A traditional kitchen that uses the unique characteristics of church-style doors to cultivate a traditional appearance.

Willingdale Kitchen  Pictured in Cream and Montana Oak
Willingdale Kitchen

Give your kitchen a fresh look with the Willingdale range for a traditional and vintage aesthetic.

Image of a York kitchen pictured in Satin White
York Kitchen

Revelling in its timeless simplicity the York design offers an elegant and attractive kitchen.

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