Matt Kitchens

Simple and understated the matt finish is ideal for minimalist and vintage kitchens.

Its muted appearance makes it an elegant and refined finish that can create a timeless appearance. Used with wooden work surfaces and paired with neutral colours or pastels, the matt finish has a warmth and homely vibe ideal for the traditional country kitchen. Our selection of finishes come in matt, super matt and ultra matt, each offering their own unique flavour to a kitchen.

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Handle Style

The understated simplicity of the Venice style will complement any modern kitchen with its sleek design.


A smooth design that suits any kitchen style, the Euroline range is a huge favourite among our customers.


Cool simplicity makes the Shaker a versatile design that will fit perfectly in your kitchen.


A classic style that has universal appeal, the Cambridge kitchen style will look at home in any kitchen.


A great all-rounder the Warwick style offers a sophisticated simplicity that’s suited to any interior.


An elegant style ideal for the traditional kitchen. Get that extra mark of quality with the exceptional door details.


The detailed door fronts of the Newport range makes it an ideal style for a traditional farmhouse kitchen.


Bring minimalism into the kitchen with the sleek and stylish Rothwell design that will help you achieve a modern aesthetic.


Slick and glossy, the Lincoln kitchen is ideal for brightening up the home and creating the illusion of space.


A modern classic. The Lazio kitchen's flawlessness exudes a timeless appeal that will look fantastic in any home.

Ludlow - Cream

Perfectly suited to the country cottage with its neutral tones and tasteful aesthetic.


Fusing the best features from old and new designs to create a beautiful aesthetic.


Naturally flawless the Pisa design has a unique versatility ideal for every home.


Pristine, elegant and an all round perfect kitchen, the Roma delivers its sleek and smooth aesthetic.


Immaculate in its design the Rimini offers a cool ultra-modern attraction mixed with a classic vibe.


This kitchen flaunts opulence with its graceful and timeless classic features.


Subtle sophistication is articulated through the understated tones ofthe supermatt kitchen.

Ultramat Metallic

A stunning kitchen design that revels in the classiness of rich metallics that have a delicate luxuriousness.


The smooth and simple doors of the Ashford range creates a timeless design that makes it a great choice for all kitchens.


A traditional kitchen that uses the unique characteristics of church-style doors to cultivate a traditional appearance.


Revelling in its timeless simplicity the York design offers an elegant and attractive kitchen.


Establish your idyllic country kitchen with the Canterbury's rustic features and create your homely ambience.


Make the kitchen the heart of your home with this versatile design inspired by traditional styles.


Start imagining your new kitchen with the Verona design that looks magnificent in all home styles.


Taking the historic Gothic style away from its traditional, classic origins and bringing it into the modern home.


The Tuscany design brings warmth, homeliness and fun to the forefront of your aesthetic with its focus on stunning simplicity.


Combining the sophistication of traditional features with warm rustic charm, the Oxford kitchen can adapt to suit any home.


Build your perfect aesthetic with the traditional Milano kitchen that is ideal if you want to create that raw country appeal.


Create an inviting kitchen that offers warmth and comfort to you and your family with the beautiful Broadway style.

Valore - Range

Luxury and glamour are the hallmarks of the Valore range that utilises stunning design to create a glorious kitchen.