03 January 2019

A Design Masterpiece

It’s number one on any estate agent report for adding value to your home, but more importantly, a kitchen which is well laid out, stylishly finished and does exactly what you want it to, will help improve any homeowners' quality of life.

Whether you are searching for a design masterpiece with colours and materials in perfect harmony and need to examine all options in close detail – or - you already know the colour and design of your doors, but haven’t quite decided on the material of your kitchen worktops yet, Dream Doors will help you arrive at a kitchen solution which is tailor-made for you. 

We recognise that all kitchen design choices are made with lifestyle and living space in mind. Our guarantee to you is to undertake all work in a timely, efficient and professional manner.  We are experts in kitchen design and planning.

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Planning your kitchen

At one extreme, your kitchen plans could involve opening up space, creating an extension or knocking down a wall, and we can certainly advise whether you need a building certificate or planning permission for your project. Or your project may be more modest in scope, and we will entertain all options with free, honest and impartial advice that works within your budget and needs.

Every kitchen we design is unique to that individual. How would you describe your house: modern, airy, light, large, bijou, or vintage? Defining a ‘house’ style to a certain extent helps guide you towards your ideal kitchen design. If you have a lot of wood, you may want to extend the warmth of this natural product by choosing Shaker style doors with an oak worktop. However, you could be living on the 4th floor of a modern apartment building with a smart modern edge to your décor and furniture, an ultra chic, ultra stylish modern style kitchen from Dream Doors will fit the scene perfectly. 

Ultragloss Metallic
Ultramat Metallic

Between these two contrasting styles, there is a multitude of other options. You can choose from Venice with its contemporary vibe, with door colours that range from alabaster to natural walnut. Or you can go with seamless worktops which are easy on the eye and create a silky smooth finish.  Worktops flow effortlessly into sinks and invisible joins make splashbacks look exactly like the worktops they join. Placing elements alongside each other so that you can see which door works with a worktop in situ is a good way to progress. Look at these elements in the morning, afternoon and evening as the light changes throughout the day.


L-shaped, galley, open plan, with wood, quartz, granite or laminate worktops? Dream Doors recognises that creating a kitchen plan is the first step. Our kitchen designer page is a tool which starts with a kitchen layout and then allows you to delve into colours and designs. While those options may seem daunting to begin with, you'll start to recognise colours and styles you like as you play around with ideas.

A Simple Refresh?

A kitchen refresh is a quick and easy way to achieve a new kitchen look without a new kitchen price tag. Your existing cupboards are still doing a great job and will remain in place. The only thing that changes are the doors and your kitchen worktops. This can be up to 50% of the cost of a new kitchen and takes between 2 to 3 days.

Need a completely new kitchen?

We also offer the option to do a complete refit, new units, worktops, floors, lights, appliances and more. We can help you with as much or as little as you need to create your new kitchen. 

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

New Appliances

While you’re creating an ideal kitchen, to save disruption, it’s worth thinking about changing some of those tired appliances. As many appliances are now hidden behind your choice of kitchen door it creates a sleeker, more appealing look. It may also be the time to start thinking about buying a dishwasher if you haven't already got one. A dishwasher is a great way of saving water, as they use less water than a normal wash and because you only operate them when they are full, you also save on your energy bills. 

As you begin to turn your design into a more tangible kitchen plan, you will turn your attention to the finishing touches like storage, lighting and accessories.

Storage hasn’t just moved on in leaps and bounds over the last few years, it’s actually on rails and sliders.

Imagine opening a door and as the door opens a carousel containing all your chutneys, sauces and condiments, moves out of the space and the bottle actually arrives in front of you.  No more stretching to access that impossible to get bottle. With one eye on convenience and the other on style, Dream Doors have created storage solutions that maximise your available space and save time.


Finishing touches that add class to your kitchen

You might find you have space for a kitchen warming drawer which allows you to keep food warm while guests or family are en-route, or you may want to integrate your coffee maker and microwave into a cupboard space to free up more space on the worktop. Finally, we can never overstress the importance of great lighting. If your existing kitchen space was dingy and dark, we will help create a lighting plan that allows light to cut through and open up all areas of the kitchen. Having light illuminating the worktop is standard, but have you considered putting lights inside a cupboard which turn on automatically when a door is opened? 

The beginning of designing a new kitchen is a journey that begins and ends with you. 

Dream Doors is a market leader in replacement doors and makeovers and specialise in refreshing kitchens with timely, helpful, friendly and free advice.

A Design Masterpiece