03 January 2019

The Black Kitchen

So, you're thinking about choosing a black kitchen? This is one of the boldest, classiest interior design statements you can make. The colour of sharp suits and freshly brewed coffee, black is cool and contemporary. Ask any architect and they will advise that black is a way of differentiating an area in your house to create an elegant space. Black acts as the perfect backdrop to ignite other colours and can create a modern feel or a warm rustic space.

Black Kitchen Worktop
Black Kitchen Countertop
Black Kitchen Work Surface

Black Can Work in Any Space

Far from being the new kid on the block, black kitchens were popular in Victorian times and were very striking. The one big difference is that they were mostly illuminated with gas lighting or candles. Today, the use of electric light in your kitchen gives an extra opportunity to illuminate cupboard interiors, over worktops and even along plinths. Where once people were advised against having a black kitchen in a smaller space, it is now a valid design choice for a small space because it can be manipulated and enhanced with clever lighting.

Black Works Well with Other Materials

Apart from lighting, better access to a variety of materials in the form of metals, granite and quartz, has helped make black a popular choice for kitchens. Gloss black partners well with a marble effect like some of those seen in our range of laminate worktops, giving a contemporary, high-end finished look. Matt black looks stunning with natural stone and granite or wood worktops give a more classic, rustic look.

The combination of different types of wood allows you to lighten or darken your space. When you think about accessories, consider how well brass will contrast with your design. Brass pots and pans or a brass kettle will really stand out. For expert advice on what works well together, we suggest a visit from your local Dream Doors showroom to talk through your ideas. We can suggest some colours and designs (including black of course) and you can see how they would fit together in your home

Ultra Gloss Black Kitchen
Black Kitchen Worktop

Black, Elegant and Sophisticated

Black exudes a level of sophistication, sleekness and modernity. If you don’t want any other colour to feature apart from black, our range of worktops and kitchen doors allow you to go for the ultimate expression of your tastes. Black has the power to highlight an open plan area because it presents a unique space. Choose fixtures, fittings and appliances in black to create a seamless finish.

Black Bosch Oven
Black Neff Oven
Black Bosch Oven

Black and White 

As a tried and tested formula, the striking combination of black and white is often a popular choice for kitchens. Consider a predominantly black kitchen and use a white worktop or vice-versa. The blend of black and white will create a fresh, contemporary feel to a kitchen if mixed with sleek finishes, sharp edges and minimal accessories. If you would prefer to create a traditional feel with black and white, this is absolutely possible, by adding natural textures, detailed lines and warm undertones.   

Choose from a Range of Options

Our range of ultra-gloss and ultra-gloss natural comes in many shades of grey, all the way down to pure black. The stylish and minimalist Integra suits a contemporary kitchen with a matt slate grey finish. If you're looking for a darker finish, the Evora Stone graphite has an ultra-glossy dark finish which fuses well with the hues and textures of wood or a classic stone effect. 


Also fitting into that dark shade category, the Ultramat metallic brings a new level of sophistication with its grey hues. Or for the ultimate in gloss and black, move all the way to ultragloss black for that 'high shine’ look.

If this has given you a taste for designing your new kitchen, we suggest you visit our free online kitchen design tool to try your hand at designing a new kitchen. U-shaped, L-shaped, open plan or galley kitchens - you can try out a range of worktops and kitchen doors, as well as mix and match with floor and accessory options to get a feel for the design style you're looking for. We highly recommend you book an appointment with your local kitchen showroom, as an expert can provide top hints and tips based on years of industry experience, as well as accurately measure your space and give a free, no obligation quote.

Your nearest showroom will be happy to visit you at home at your convenience and bring samples and materials for you to see in person.


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The Black Kitchen