05 December 2018

Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktops

A kitchen worktop is the centrepiece of every great kitchen and the starting point for your culinary adventures. All your great bake-offs, Sunday roasts, endless cups of teas and coffees, and even the odd late night fry up, begin here. Choosing a great worktop that suits your lifestyle will help shape the rest of your kitchen design and raise the odd envious eyebrow from friends and family. Dream Doors can give as much or as little advice as you need.

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Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktop 2
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While the different choices and types of worktop may appear baffling at first, when broken down, a kitchen work surface is simply a material and colour choice. We can further break this down into woodlaminate and quartz with multiple looks and colours in each. If you’re starting with an empty space, it’s a totally blank canvas where you can really sculpt the kitchen of your dreams. Dream Doors can guide you through multiple options with our kitchen designer service which helps you to easily plan and visualise your kitchen. If you would like to speak to someone to discuss the different options for your kitchen, our experts at your local kitchen showroom will happily talk you through the different options and provide a free consultation on your kitchen with a no obligation quote.

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Which worktop is right for you? 

If you’re only replacing your worktops, then you’ll naturally wish to coordinate colours and materials to complement your existing kitchen design. Another option is to replace both kitchen work surfaces and kitchen doors at the same time and leave the kitchen carcases in place. Your kitchen will feel brand new and could cost up to 50% less than a full kitchen refit.

Wooden Worktops

For some, there is no other choice than wood. Whether it’s the grain, or that feeling of being close to nature, a solid work surface with a natural, rustic feel, creates a warm mood and is a complementary material choice for many door styles, be it traditional or modern. 

The advantage of a wooden worktop kitchen is that, with appropriate care, it will last for years. We supply work surfaces in ash, cherry, oak, maple, beech and bamboo, which are all suitable for traditional or contemporary homes. 

Choosing a wood worktop for the kitchen

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Laminate Worktops

Another popular choice is the laminate worktop, due to its versatile look and extremely durable surface. Laminate worktops are waterproof, heat-resistant and very hygienic. One of its key selling-points is the price tag - as a relatively inexpensive option laminate work surfaces suit a range of budgets. Laminate is so well designed and manufactured, it can easily imitate wood, quartz, marble and stone. The reason for this is the precision with which a design is printed during the lamination process. Another plus is that laminate is flexible and easy to fit, so can be easily shaped seamlessly to go alongside the worktop where tiles may once have been placed. For more information on cost-effective laminate worktops, have a look at our page solely devoted to laminate.

Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktop 1
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Quartz Worktops

Quartz literally translates into ‘icy cold’ in ancient Greek because the Greeks believed it was formed from supercooled ice, although it actually derives from silicon and oxygen. Today, quartz is widely used in timepieces and jewellery as a semi-precious mineral - for this reason, it found its way into kitchen worktop design. With its stylish and contemporary feel, a quartz worktop overlay creates a little bit of luxury without the luxurious price tag. Quartz’s special gift is the way it reflects light around the room, easily transforming a small space into a chic, bright kitchen. Create a bold statement with a striking rosso argento or for a more subtle look, bianco fino or bianco argento will complement cooler tones and add brighter hues, acting as a counterpoint to a blue kitchen design. Grey worktops like grigio argento make a stylish addition to a modern kitchen.

Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktop 1
Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktop 2
Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktop 3
Bushboards Omega Vanilla Quartz
Midnight Quartzstone
Lunar Quartzstone
Bushboards Ruby Quartz
Solar Quartzstone

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Getting started

To find out more about the different worktop options available, give your local kitchen showroom a call or pop in to talk to one of our kitchen design experts. They will be happy to help and advise on the different options available. They will even be able to arrange a home visit to look at your kitchen and provide a free no obligation quote. You can find your local Dream Doors showroom here.

Rethinking Your Kitchen Worktops

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