30 August 2018

Picking the Perfect Grey Kitchen

Grey kitchens have seen a huge rise in popularity recently. Not only is grey a sophisticated colour, it is highly adaptable and works with many styles of kitchen if you pick the right shade. It offers the perfect balance for both contemporary and traditional kitchens because it can fit within both.

Grey is so versatile because of the range of shades the colour has: light grey, warm grey, slate grey, charcoal grey, dove grey, pewter grey, pebble grey - the list goes on, and the choice could be overwhelming.

If you’re considering using grey for your kitchen makeover, we’ve compiled some tips on how to pick the perfect grey kitchen to work for your space, whatever your style.

The colour psychology of grey

The colour grey has many positive associations in colour theory; it is stylish, professional, refined and dignified. Due to grey being a tertiary colour, it can often conjure up feelings of independence and of being unassuming. It has a quiet confidence to it that many people find appealing.

In Feng Shui, grey is seen as a neutral, due to where it sits between black and white, and evokes feelings of quiet and calm. Light grey is associated with clarity, serenity and focus. Dark grey is symbolic of authority, thought, and strength. To create true Feng Shui within a grey room, secondary colours and textures should be used to lift the tone and add energy.

How to use grey in different style kitchens

Matt Stone Grey Kitchen

Grey Traditional Country Kitchen

Natural greys that you would see outside in nature fit perfectly in the rustic country kitchen.

White can be too stark and brilliant to use in country farmhouse kitchen styles, which is why a warm grey can offer up the perfect neutral shade for kitchen cabinets.

To carry off the country kitchen look, a soothing grey hue should be used to fit with this relaxed and cosy style. Pick a grey with a warmer undertone that has more yellow mixed into it, such as Matt Stone Grey, Oakgrain Mussel, Matt Cashmere or Opengrain Dark Grey.

Matt Stone Grey
Oatgrain Mussel
Matt Cashmere
Opengrain Dark Grey

Grey Modern Kitchen

Grey can also be a mysterious and cool shade that sits perfectly in modern kitchen styles.

Modern greys team well with white or black to create clean lines and a sleek effect. Steer clear of warm or natural tones if you want to create a minimalist, clean style.

For a modern grey, choose a cooler tone, that has more blue hues mixed into it, as this will create a cleaner shade that fits well in modern kitchens. You can afford to work on either side of the scale and go light and bright with shades such as Porcelain White and Oakgrain Grey or darker and more intense with Matt Graphite or London Concrete.

Porcelain White
Oatgrain Grey
Matt Graphite
London Concrete

Grey Classic Kitchen

There is something timeless and elegant about grey that works well in the classic style kitchen.

You’ll want to pick greys that bring out a homely feel and help make your kitchen a welcoming space for friends and family.

For a classic grey, you’ll want shades that have been mixed with pinks and golden orange tones to give that laid-back appeal. Stick to mid-tones to make your kitchen feel light and airy without being cold and stark. Kitchen cabinet shades such as Matt Stone Grey, Matt Cashmere, Oakgrain Cream and Matt Dakkar.

Matt Stone Grey
Matt Dakkar
Matt Cashmere
Opengrain Dark Grey

Grey Contemporary Kitchen

Be bold with your choices of grey in a contemporary kitchen. Don’t sit in the middle - instead think about Ultragloss or Supermatt finishes.

Choose grey tones that are cool to reflect the modern aspect of a contemporary kitchen, or strong shades to create a more industrial and stylish look. Colours such as Ultragloss Metallic Blue, Ultragloss Light Grey, Supermatt Dust Grey or Evora Stone Graphite work really well in a contemporary grey kitchen.

Ultragloss Metallic Blue
Ultragloss Light Grey
Supermatt Dust Grey
Evora Stone Graphite

Grey Small Kitchen

You may think that you cannot use darker shades of grey in smaller kitchens, but you can if you’re clever with how you use it. You may choose dark grey worktops with a light grey or white cabinet. This will help to create the illusion of more space, especially if you have a lighter floor as well. Another option is to choose a two-tone effect in your kitchen, by having a dark grey run of cabinets lengthways in your kitchen and light grey widthways. This will make your kitchen look wider than it actually is and will look beautifully sophisticated.

Grey Big Kitchen

In bigger kitchen spaces you can afford to be more daring and bold with your choice of grey, a dark grey such as Matt Graphite, which is both elegant and practical, works well and hides marks easily. White/light grey granite worktops can work wonderfully with dark grey kitchen cabinets, adding contrast for a contemporary look. If you would prefer to go for the modern farmhouse feel, why not think about using a darker wood worktop such a walnut or sapele.

How to accessorise a grey kitchen

Grey and Wood

Adding wood tones into your grey kitchen is a great way to add warmth to the space, especially if you have picked a cool grey that could look a little stark without some added texture. Wooden worktops and wooden flooring both work well with grey cabinets. Wood and grey kitchens also suit the traditional or country style kitchen vibe. Dream Doors has a wide selection of wooden flooring and worktop timber styles from which to choose.

Ultragloss Light Grey Kitchen

Grey and Colour

Grey can work really well with bright colours, as this gives it a little more energy, especially in more modern kitchens. Think about adding colour pops so it’s not too overwhelming, such as stools, tableware, or lighting. Yellow works really well with darker grey if you are bold enough to try this colour combination. Pale grey and pink also fit really well together for a cool contemporary feel in your kitchen. Blue can actually work really well in a grey kitchen, if you pick a grey with a blue undertone, as seen here with the Ultagloss Baltic Blue and Light grey.

Grey and Metallic

All metallic materials work well with grey, due to its neutral base. Stainless steel matches the grey tones and can give an extra sleek look, reflecting light around the space. Think about steel sinks, kickboards and splashback for a super modern look.

Copper and brass are on trend currently, giving that luxurious finish to your kitchen, but also adding warmth to a grey palette. Both are versatile metallic materials that fit well with all ranges and styles of grey kitchens. Pair grey with marble effect units or granite to give a highly polished, elegant look to your kitchen. Mix with wood and natural materials for a rustic appeal, or concrete and brick for a stunning urban industrial vibe.

You’ll find brass and copper work well as colour accents on handlestaps and lighting as well as on pots and pans.

Supermatt Dust Grey Kitchen

Making a decision

If you’d like more advice on picking a grey kitchen, why not speak to one of our kitchen experts at your local showroom? We can offer a free consultation with one of our designers and an estimate of the cost of a new kitchen makeover, with no obligation.

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Picking the Perfect Grey Kitchen