Planning your dream cream kitchen

Planning your dream cream kitchen

Why choose a cream kitchen?

Cream kitchens are one of the most versatile colour choices for kitchen makeovers. Standing the test of time, cream suits all styles of kitchen from classic to modern, depending on the other design choices with which it is matched.

Cream is the perfect neutral backdrop, bringing a warm inviting hue to your kitchen. Cream is often chosen over the brilliance of white if a softer shade is required. Cream is very adaptable because it coordinates well with every colour and shade, from rich blues to stark black and even metallic finishes – cream brings out a soothing effect that balances everything.


The colour psychology of cream

In colour theory, cream is seen as a calming influence and brings together the warmth of brown and the lightness of white to create a balanced neutral tone. Cream often brings a sense of simple sophistication and elegance to its surroundings.

With the kitchen often being the hub of the family home, it’s no wonder cream is such a popular choice for kitchens.

Ultragloss Cream
Matt Mussel
Matt Dakkar
Avola Cream


Deciding on your Cream Kitchen Style

With a few specific design choices and some simple rules to follow for each style, cream fits into any kitchen perfectly. Take time to consider the style of kitchen makeover you’re looking for, think about the other rooms in your house, how much you use your kitchen and its size. Make a note of colours, patterns or materials you like and you’ll soon start seeing a style of kitchen coming to the forefront. If you’re still unsure, talk to one of our kitchen design experts at your local showroom.

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Classic Cream Kitchen

Shaker Kitchen

Cream is an inviting shade that welcomes family and friends into the heart of your home, which makes it perfect for the classic kitchen style. To keep within the character of a classic kitchen, choose neutral tones throughout to complement your cream base. Soft beiges, caramels, blush pinks and sage greens are all perfect neutrals to tie in with the cottage kitchen. Rustic wood and smooth finishes will give a timeless appeal that creates a homely atmosphere. The smooth edges of the cream Shaker kitchen work wonderfully well in a classic cottage style and is extremely versatile.


Contemporary Cream Kitchen

Ultragloss Kitchen

Cream works well in contemporary kitchens because of its light and airy feeling. By choosing a cream gloss kitchen, such as Ultragloss Mussel, it will brighten the cream adding a sleek, reflective look. Pair your cream gloss cabinets with dark walls, interesting textures and industrial metallic accessories for a chic, contemporary vibe. The backdrop of cream cabinets will have a calming effect on other bold design choices and tie them all together.


Traditional Farmhouse Cream Kitchen

Broadway Kitchen

Cream works beautifully in farmhouse style kitchens, bringing a natural warmth to woods and stone. The cosy feel cream generates works well with other pastel shades to create a nostalgic, inviting feel, that is so important to the traditional kitchen. Pick a kitchen cabinet that has traditional features, such as the Broadway kitchen, to carry the vintage styling right through. Complement the cream cabinets by bringing materials from the outside in, such as wood or granite worktops and flooring. Add the perfect finishing touches, such as a ceramic sink, dual lever taps and vintage style handles, for a truly traditional looking farmhouse kitchen.


Modern Cream Kitchen

Knebworth Kitchen

Contrary to popular belief, cream can be used in a modern kitchen. Although white is often picked for the minimalist look, cream is actually a great option. For cream to work in a modern kitchen, adopt designs with clean lines and smooth finishes to create a modern aesthetic. Flat, handless cream cabinets, such as the Knebworth kitchen in Avola Cream, creates an earthy, Scandi style kitchen. When teamed with black granite worktops and matt grey walls cream really completes the look.


Cream Kitchen Ideas

If you’re still unsure about how to get your dream cream kitchen to work in your space, find your local showroom and talk to one of our kitchen designers. We have 84 showrooms nationwide ready to help makeover your kitchen. You can arrange a free home visit or a showroom appointment to discuss ideas and receive an estimate of costs -  with no obligation to buy.

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