Why You Should Consider a New Blue Kitchen

Virginia Woolf once said: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” On average, families spend between 6 to 9 hours a week in the kitchen, and for some with busy lives, the only precious time they get to spend together is over meals. How we shape and define the environment we spend that time together in is an important decision.

When we decide on colours that become part of our surroundings and living space, it’s a decision that has two consequences; firstly, it’s a statement on our mood and approach to life. Secondly, it’s a choice that has to sit comfortably with us for a few years at least. 

Blue Kitchens Acrylic


Verona Blue Kitchen
Aldridge Blue Kitchen
Blue Acrylic Kitchen Sink


Choosing the right colour

Primary blue is known as a thoughtful and intellectual colour. It’s a colour that’s easy to live with. At the opposite end of the scale from the warm emotions and strengths of yellow and red, blue is associated with the ocean or a clear sky. It’s breezy, open and refreshing. As you dial down the strength of blue and it becomes lighter in tone, it becomes even calmer and cooler. You’ll find that blue is contemporary but also suits Shaker style kitchens. At Dream Doors, the ‘blue’ kitchen is not only popular as a single colour design but it also lends itself to a two-tone approach.

Finding the right tone, hue and colour is essential. In the first instance, sit down with a colour chart and look at how different shades of blue work together. 

Paintable Tropez Blue Shaker Kitchen

Your nearest Dream Doors showroom will be happy to visit you at home at your convenience and bring samples and materials for you to try out.


Come Home to Blue 

Dream Doors can help your kitchen transformation in a number of ways. A kitchen makeover allows you to only replace doors and worktops – and leave the ‘carcases’ or units as they are, and this is something we specialise in. One good place to start is our kitchen designer service which is great for trying out colour palettes.

Verona Blue Kitchen
Aldridge Blue Kitchen

Or maybe you’re looking for a full refit. You can choose from an extensive catalogue of unique kitchens which have a range of blue kitchen doors and blue worktops. For inspiration, start here. A kitchen with a classic look and a matt denim finish of the Aldridge may be more your style. Traditional kitchens like the Verona work well in blue or you can take sophistication to a new level with the Ultramat metallic, perfect for city living.

Ultra Matt Metallic Basalt Metallic Cashmere Kitchen

To find out more about the different options available, give your local kitchen showroom a call or pop in to talk to one of our kitchen design experts. They will be happy to help and advise on the different options available. They will even be able to arrange a home visit to look at your kitchen and provide a free no obligation quote. You can find your local Dream Doors showroom here.

Why You Should Consider a New Blue Kitchen

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