05 December 2018

The Made to Measure Kitchen

Is your kitchen a little the worse for wear, with tired doors, outdated worktops and a lack of storage? Do you dream of a practical yet stylish kitchen, like the ones you see in interior magazines? This can become a reality with Dream Doors, and it probably won't cost as much as you expect.

Starting afresh

If you’ve reached the point where you have run out of patience with your kitchen, Dream Doors can help you find an affordable solution. Every new kitchen starts with a plan - by looking at the layout and asking yourself a few questions about how you use your kitchen, we can quickly make a few important design decisions. Take time to look at how you interact with your space and whether your appliances are where they should be.

  • Do you want the kitchen sink to face the wall or a window?
  • Do you want a minimalist look with no clutter on the worktops?
  • Would you like a warm, homely feel with traditional features?
  • Should the microwave be intergrated to free up space on the worktop?
  • Could you create enough room for a dishwasher if you decluttered your cupboards?
  • Is the fridge conveniently placed?

One question inevitably leads to another and sometimes jotting down your mountain of ideas and plans can be handy. Also think about keeping a scrapbook and tearing out images and styles you like from magazines, to keep a record of the different looks you like.

If appliances are poorly located in your current kitchen, we can help relocate them to create a more functional layout. Our highly recommended kitchen experts will move heaven and earth - as well as the wiring and plumbing where possible - to improve the current design and make your life easier. If you're not sure what you want but know you're not happy with the current set-up, we can advise on the placement of sinks, kitchen appliances and other features to help make the most of the space you have available.

3 simple steps to get started

Whether your kitchen is small, L-shaped or spacious, all of our kitchen designs are made to measure meaning you never have to compromise on space. 

  1. Start with our kitchen designer service for inspiration. Choose your kitchen type and start mixing and matching designs, colours and materials.
  2. Call your local Dream Doors showroom to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quotation. 
  3. Decide on a plan that suits you and only pay for the job in full when it is completed.


Professional, integrated appliances

It's not just doors and worktops that Dream Doors can replace, we can also provide appliances which are functional and stylishly integrated. Ovens, hobs, microwaves, fridge freezers, dishwashers and more can all be flawlessly incorporated into your kitchen design so that they become a part of the space rather than awkward eyesore items that stick out and get in the way.

We only stock the best items from reputable brands to ensure that we always deliver on quality.


Your kitchen, your rules

No two kitchens are ever the same and Dream Doors believes your kitchen should be your own personal retreat and the hub of your home. We’ll give as much advice as you need to help create a spectacular kitchen that meets your specific needs and requirements. 

The elegant and classy Euroline kitchen offers 30 colour variations. Or for a simple and stylish kitchen, the Lacarre has integrated door handles and makes a bold statement in three shades. We cater for all styles, from traditional kitchens to modern kitchens, so why not make an appointment with your local showroom and start planning your dream kitchen today.

The Made to Measure Kitchen