17 October 2018

Reface or replace your kitchen units

Kitchen Units

Are you looking to refit your entire kitchen or just replace your existing kitchen cupboard doors, drawers and worktops? At Dream Doors, we offer an award-winning service to replace kitchen doors, drawers and worktops to give old kitchens a new life without the price tag of full refit. The good news is that we can also makeover your entire kitchen from flooring to splashbacks and even the kitchen sink. So no matter how big or small the project is, we can help your dream kitchen become a reality.

Replacement Doors

By simply replacing your kitchen cabinet doors, you’ll save around 50% of the cost of a new, fully-fitted kitchen. You will be amazed at the transformation by just changing this one important part of your kitchen. We have a wide variety of kitchen doors to suit any style so that you can just reface your kitchen cupboards instead of replacing them completely.

Kitchen Unit Doors

Replacement Units and Worktops

As well as offering the option to just reface your kitchen unit doors, you can also refit as much or little of your kitchen as you like with Dream Doors. If you would also like new worktops and tiles to accompany your new doors, we can absolutely help you. No project is too big or small for our expert kitchen designers and their teams of local, professional fitters. Likewise, if you just want replacement doors but your current kitchen cabinets are no longer fit for purpose - perhaps because they are tired, worn out or flimsy - we can replace the doors and unit frames as well.

Kitchen - before
Kitchen - after

Made to measure

All of our fitted kitchens are completely made to measure which means no matter what size your kitchen or its layout, we can work with you to create your dream kitchen in a few, very simple steps. By visiting your local showroom for a free consultation with one of our expert kitchen designers, you’ll receive a full estimate of the cost of replacing your kitchen doors, with no obligation. Our expert kitchen designers will be able to talk to you about style choice, including customising your new doors, for a fully bespoke service.

Dream Doors Showroom
Dream Doors Fitter
Dream Doors Finished Kitchen


We offer a wide range of customisation options just for your replacement doors, which means you can really bring your personality out and make personal touches that will make your replacement kitchen feel like home straight away.

Kitchen Style

Consider carefully the style of kitchen you would like. This will probably be the first decision you make, as once you have the style in mind, all the other decisions on customisation should fall into place relatively quickly. You can choose from modern, traditional, contemporary or classic kitchen door styles; just bear in mind the areas of your kitchen you won’t be replacing, as you will want your new doors to remain in keeping with the room. If you are unsure of your design style, talk to one of our kitchen experts at your local showroom, as they will help you make the best decisions for your refitting or refacing project.

New Kitchen

Kitchen Colour

Our replacement kitchen doors come in a range of colours to suit any style, from super ash white to graphite. Consider what you want to convey with the colour of your kitchen to help you make a decision. White kitchens are extremely versatile, bright and can often have a modern edge. Cream kitchen doors often create a feeling of warmth and calm. It’s also an adaptable colour so, depending on the accessories, cream can fit well within traditional or modern kitchens. Grey kitchen doors are a popular choice currently - a cosy neutral colour that creates a stylish feeling in a kitchen makeover. Grey fits well within all kitchen styles, if you pick the right shade. Blue kitchen cupboards can set a beautiful tone for your space; duck egg blues work wonderfully in traditional settings, with more vivid blues giving a contemporary vibe. Dark kitchen doors are elegant and sophisticated, and usually fall into the modern style. Black kitchens work as a perfect dark neutral which you can pair with almost any worktop or kitchen flooring to create different looks.

Cream Kitchen Doors

Cream Kitchen Doors

Grey Kitchen Doors

Grey Kitchen Doors

Blue Kitchen Doors

Blue Kitchen Doors

Dark Kitchen Doors

Dark Kitchen Doors

Kitchen Finish

At Dream Doors, we offer three different choices of finish for your new kitchen cupboards: matt, gloss and wood grain. Each has a different appeal and give a unique appearance to your new doors. Matt kitchens have a muted quality that create a timeless appeal, perfect for classic styles. Gloss kitchens have a sheen that can help create the illusion of more space and create a modern aesthetic. Wood brings with it a natural warmth and neutral base that fits in well with both traditional and modern kitchens depending on the shade of wood and how you style it.

Dark Kitchen

Kitchen Door Handles

Although a small kitchen item, your choice of kitchen cupboard handles can make a big difference to the room's overall look. You will want to pick a style that complements the design choices you’ve made up to this point and pick something that fits comfortably with your style. We have a wide range of kitchen door handles to choose from; whether you want rustic or elegant, round, square or bar-shaped, silver, brass or wood, we’ll have the handle for you. Want to go handless? No problem, we also have a range of kitchen door styles that specifically suit no handles for a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

Round Wood
Wood Square

If you want help picturing the look of your kithen refit or makeover, you could try out different customisation options with our interactive kitchen designer. It’s the perfect way to visualise what design options might work well together in your new kitchen. Don’t forget our friendly kitchen experts are on hand to help you with any design choices or advice you may need - find your local showroom here.

Reface or replace your kitchen units