Finding Your Kitchen Flooring

If you’re thinking about giving your kitchen a bit of a makeover, don’t forget the kitchen floor. You’ll probably initially be thinking about kitchen units and appliances, but the kitchen floor is actually the largest space in your kitchen, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Kitchen flooring has a huge impact on the finished look of your kitchen and you need to think about material and style when exploring kitchen flooring ideas. Not only does it need to be durable, easy to clean and look good, it will need to fit in with the overall look of your new kitchen.

There are many options for kitchen flooring to consider, and once you have had a look at different materials, you can then start thinking about different shades or colours. Here is a quick roundup of different kitchen flooring options:

Capri Swatch
Torcello Swatch



With a huge range of finishes available in kitchen laminate flooring, you can pick a look that works for you. Wood or stone effect are popular choices as they can offer a lower cost option, but achieve results that look very similar to the real thing.

Laminate comes in planks that slot together and is very easy to install and highly durable, it also works well with underfloor heating.


Huge developments in vinyl flooring over recent years means that it is a very hard wearing option that offers a wide variety of finishes and patterns. It’s often a good choice for people that want the look of stone, wood or tiles, but would like a quieter and warmer option underfoot. Although it can be susceptible to scratching, unlike stone or tile.


A durable flooring option, that can suit all styles of kitchen from contemporary to classic and adds that extra feel of luxury. Stone flooring can come in a wide range of colours and textures to compliment your new kitchen. Although many stones are porous, sealants can be applied on installation to enable easier maintenance.


A very versatile option that is resilient and easy to look after. Tiles can mimic a whole range of different materials and patterns, so really suits any finished style you are after. Tiles are incredibly hard wearing, as they are stain resistant, scratch proof, and waterproof. But they can be cold to touch and items can easily be broken if they fall onto tiled flooring.

Oakgrain Kitchen Flooring


Kitchen Flooring colour and ideas

Once you have narrowed down your preferred kitchen floor material, you’ll need to think about colour and pattern.

Lighter colours work well in small kitchen spaces, as they open up the area and create an illusion of more space. Darker colours work well in bigger areas, adding weight and character to large spaces, it is also very practical with children or pets.

Bold patterns can work well in vintage styles, think Victorian kitchen tiles, or modern styles, with bold, colour pop laminates. It works best with plain worktops and cabinets, as you don’t want to mix too many patterns in one space.

Lucca Lifestyle Flooring
Sorana Lifestyle Flooring
Crespina Lifestyle Flooring



Don’t just look at images online or in magazines, although this is a great way of gathering initial inspiration for kitchen design ideas, you’ll want to actually see the flooring before you buy. Visit your local showroom and talk to a kitchen expert, they can give you invaluable advice about what kitchen flooring could work best in your space.

You’ll be able to see samples of the flooring and be able to get a real idea of texture. Request a small sample to take home with you to lay on your kitchen floor to see how you think it’ll look in situ.


Think about your budget, if you’re getting more work done than just laying new kitchen floor, you will want to look at your overall budget including kitchen cabinets, appliances and storage and then divide your budget up so you know exactly how much you want to spend on what.

At Dream Doors, we offer a free consultation with one of our kitchen designers to discuss kitchen ideas. We will give you an estimate on costs with no obligation, if you decide to go ahead you will only pay a deposit until you’re completely happy with the finished work.

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Finding Your Kitchen Flooring

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