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Dream Doors Launches New Consumer Website

Fresh Look and Enhanced Functionality Set to Boost Leads and Sales for Franchisees

Dream Doors, the UK’s largest kitchen facelift retailer, has spent the last six months, and thousands of pounds, designing and rebuilding a new consumer website to help its 35 franchisees secure more internet enquiries. Launched in September, the site’s innovative marketing techniques aim to maximise incoming web traffic and keep visitors focused on Dream Doors’ products and services.

Says Dream Doors’ founder, Troy Tappenden: “In 2002, we had a pretty basic site that helped promote our brand with some nice images and helpful text. We launched a second website to replace the first less than three years ago. But it’s amazing how quickly technology has advanced, and we’ve had to keep up with it. The new website is cleaner, brighter and more comprehensive. Plus it’s very easy to use, which is important for our target audience of over 60s. The site also includes a series of videos, call back requests, an ‘inspiration centre’, and a gallery of franchisees’ before-and-after kitchen facelifts. In addition there is now a tool that allows visitors to build their own doors by choosing the style, colour and finish they want. Everything about the site has been put together with simplicity and innovation in mind.”

Early in 2010, Dream Doors also began a re-branding exercise, subtly revising the company’s 12-year-old logo, and adding the strapline: ‘New Life for Old Kitchens’. A new website followed soon after, aimed at franchisee recruitment, which focused more specifically on operational aspects of the business such as training, support and franchisee earning potential. It was only after these developments had taken place that Tappenden was ready to forge ahead with the consumer site.

“We knew that the elements of the new franchisee recruitment website weren’t of importance to Dream Doors’ customers who are after a kitchen facelift, not a new business,” he says. “So we separated them. We worked closely with a top marketing and design agency, and involved all of our franchisees in strategy and liaison groups. So all of the decisions that have been made haven’t just come from head office. Our franchisees, who know the business intimately and at the consumer-facing level, and who are also passionate about the brand, have generated or approved many of them.

He adds: “Ultimately, our customers are the greatest source of feedback, and franchisees throughout the network have spent 12 years listening to what they want. We know that our customers look for quality products at reasonable prices. We know they desire the best workmanship, and we know they want to deal with a brand they can trust. Dream Doors offers all of these things and more. I’m certain the new consumer website clearly communicates these key messages to potential customers.”
In addition to the development of the new website, Dream Doors is moving much of its national advertising budget into email marketing campaigns to target specific segments of the UK population, such as the over 60s who are statistically most likely to buy from the brand.


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