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What type of worktop is right for me?

What type of worktop is right for me?

The options on kitchen worktops are wide and varied, but the first piece of advice is always choose quality.


A worktop needs to fulfill a practical function as well as a visual one. Regardless of the material used, a worktop must be hard-wearing in order to stand up to the demands of the modern kitchen. Generally, this means exposure to both heat and sharp implements; although in a family home, the demands of a worktop can often go well beyond these requirements. 

Where budget is a primary focus then laminates are difficult to beat. They are flexible and easy to cut, and with Dream Doors they come in a huge array of colours, patterns and finishes to provide an ideal surface for any kitchen. 

If you are creating a traditional or ‘farmhouse’ style kitchen, then a favourite is the rustic and warming charm of real wood. The heavy and uncompromising surface is wonderful to touch and says ‘practical’ better than anything.

Dream Doors wooden worktop

For sheer quality a stone worktop is exceptional. Whether natural or crushed stone, you are assured of a striking and highly tactile finish. Traditional granite offers unique patterning and provenance shared with the earth itself, but recently modern crushed stone worktops have proved popular in this elite marketplace- being equally as durable and more flexible for colouring and customisation.

Dream Doors granite worktop

Whatever your choice, a great kitchen worktop should reward you over many years, and with Dream Doors you can always be assured of the highest quality.

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