Glass Worktops

Glass Worktops For Your Kitchen Makeover

Our glass worktops are produced using Low Iron Glass, this gives a crystal clear appearance rather than having a green edge that normal float glass produces. Any paint that is then applied will not be distorted in colour by the slight green tint found in normal glass. The glass is toughened as standard.

Generally glass worktops would be produced using 19mm thick glass, other thickness are available including 10, 12, 15mm. Most shapes can also be cut, including circles and radius ends.

Need a worktop that fits over your hob or any other appliance? Our glass worktops are completely customizable, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

Glass worktops help give an ethereal look to the kitchen as well as giving the illusion of more space. Want your kitchen to seem bigger? Glass worktops may help!

Coloured glass can be very sensitive to lighting- meaning that it could look differently depending on where you place it. To find out which glass worktops work best for you visit your local showroom. Our team of friendly, local experts will be happy to walk you through all your available options.

We guarantee that your glass worktops will be colour matched. Our ten year warranty gives peace of mind and, in the unlikely event of accidental damage, the worktop can be repaired and re-polished in situ with minimal disruption.

Dream Doors Glass Worktop

Some major strengths of going with a glass worktops include:

  • Crystal Clear Appearance.
  • Paint isn’t Distorted in Colour Like Other Brands.
  • Flat Polished Edge.
  • Can Be produced with CNC Cut Outs for Hobs.
  • Available in a Wide Variety of Sprays and Finishes.
  • Doesn’t Easily Break or Scratch.
  • Gives your Kitchen an Ethereal Look.
  • Reflective So Can Create the Illusion of Space in Smaller Kitchens.

Looking for something a bit different? Check out our other worktop styles, including: Quartz Overlay, Laminate, Granite, Wooden and Glass. We’re sure to have the worktop style of your dreams!

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