Cleaning- Kitchen Doors

Dream Doors Cleaning

Just like all timber based items, your new doors should not be stored or installed in a damp or newly plastered environment in order to prevent damage.

To clean the door’s surface use carefully wipe with a soft, clean cloth and warm soapy water. Make sure the cloth is only dampened and not wet!

Next, simply dry off the moisture with a dry soft cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or items, such as Brillo Pads, etc.

Be sure to avoid damage to the doors from excessive heat by following these guidelines:

  • If you decide to install doors adjacent to your oven, make sure they are shielded using heat deflector strips.
  • Be cautious as to not use appliances that create a heavy amount of heat or steam (such as an iron, toaster etc.) directly adjacent or under a door or panel.

High Gloss Colours

Be sure to allow the surface to cure for seven days after removing the protective film, do not wipe or clean during this time!

To clean the door’s surface be sure to use a soft cloth along with a mild, non-abrasive, dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water. The mix should be roughly 99% water to 1% detergent. NEVER use any vinegar based detergents, abrasive detergents, solvents, white spirit, or furniture polish.

Polishing High Gloss finishes can leave minor polish marks and scratches, this is normal with this particular finish.

We recommend using Vuplex polish for your kitchen door care. Its special formula cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage the surface and provide an invisible barrier to prevent scratching.

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