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Important Notice

Important Legal Notice

It has recently come to our attention that a Mr Derek Lilly, and a company called Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd based in New Zealand are operating a website at www.dreamdoors.co.nz with content very similar to our own website.

Mr Lilly is an ex-employee of Dream Doors Ltd, who left Dream Doors Ltd in 2006. By an agreement entered into with Dream Doors Ltd, Mr Lilly now runs a business in New Zealand under the Dream Doors name, and operates a website for that business. However, neither Mr Lilly, nor Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd, nor their website, has any ongoing connection with the Dream Doors Ltd business in the United Kingdom: Mr Lilly does not represent Dream Doors Ltd in the United Kingdom or anywhere else, he is not an agent or franchisee of Dream Doors Ltd, and he has no authority or power to enter into any arrangements or to make any representations on behalf of Dream Doors Ltd whatsoever.

We have contested the claims of Mr Lilly and Dream Doors (NZ) Ltd to utilize identical or similar content on their website to the content on this website which is proprietary to Dream Doors Ltd.

Troy Tappenden
Managing Director

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