Classic Willingdale

Classic Willingdale

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Whilst we try to ensure accurate colour representation, please be aware that this is for illustration purposes only and there may be minor differences in colour reproduction. To get a true feel of the colours we have to offer please visit your local Dream Doors showroom.

We also have these colours available:

The simplistic charm offered by the Willingdale range will bring life to even the most dreary of kitchens. It takes the plain design used on most kitchen doors and adds a unique twist- ridges along the middle confined to a square. Could this be your dream kitchen door?

To get a feel of the design and weigh up all your available options, please get in contact with your local Dream Doors showroom. There your local experts will do everything they can to help you achieve your ideal kitchen space. You can even request a FREE no-obligation quote, further assisting your search.

Is the Willingdale style not for you? Our Traditional and Modern ranges have a plethora of door styles to see!

The Willingdale kitchen range is available in a wide range of colours to suit any home.

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