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your kitchen's personality


No two people are the same which is what makes us so special. At Dream Doors we appreciate everyone’s individuality and believe that this should be reflected in the design of your home and kitchen. With Britons spending an average of three years of their lives in the kitchen, it is important that you create a space where you can be yourself and feel at home.


Kitchens can tell us a lot about a person, from their character to their diet preferences. Every minuscule aspect of a kitchen says something about us.




One of the first things we notice about a room when we enter is the colour scheme. It’s proven that room colours influence our mood and our moods influence our choice of room colours.


Red tones – Stimulate energy and excitement


White Tones – Open and refreshing


Black Tones – Bold and theatrical, although it can bring feelings of melancholy so add a splash of colour or gloss to avoid a drab finish.


Blue Tones – Cooling and calming


Yellow Tones – Bright and welcoming


Brown Tones – Cosy and intimate


Purple Tones – Rich and dramatic


Orange Tones – Exotic, energetic and can help increase appetite.


Pink Tones – Joyful and warming


Green Tones – Relaxing and comforting. We often relate green tones to the outdoors and natural environments which calms us and makes us feel refreshed.


Cupboard Contents


your kitchen personality

The contents of our kitchen cupboards reveal a lot about us and our personalities; from the crockery to the way we organise/store everything.


Food – The food we buy says a lot about us, for instance if a cupboard contains an abundance of unusual foods, herbs and spices then the homeowner is likely to be very creative and experimental where as someone with a poorly stocked cupboard, featuring the odd garlic clove and bag of pasta are probably unorganised and lead busy lifestyles, living for the moment.


Crockery – When shopping for kitchen crockery we are faced with a huge choice of styles and options, so the final pieces we settle upon can offer a great deal of insight into our characters and lifestyles. For example, someone who owns a pristine set of matching plain white crockery will want the focus to be on the food and meals they serve, suggesting that food is important to them and they take pride in their cooking.


Storage – It’s not only what we store that is telling, but also the way in which we store. Do you colour co-ordinate, stack, arrange in height order or simply bung it all in the cupboard? Whatever it is that you do, you can be sure it reveals traits of your personality.




your kitchen's personality

The way in which we choose to use the space available to us reflects on ourselves. For instance, someone who crams a lot into a small space creates an intimate busy environment, suggesting they find it hard to let go of things. Whereas a minimalist keeps the space as clear and pristine as possible.  The creatives and pragmatists amongst us find alternative means to make the most our space.



your kitchen's personality

Lighting can have a great impact on our mood, so the way in which someone chooses to design their lighting can say a great deal about the individual. Some like to create a light and airy kitchen, introducing as much natural light as possible into the room, where as others prefer to create a cosy warm ambience with lamps and candles. Others prefer a sophisticated lighting system with LED instalments, cupboard lighting etc.



your kitcehn's personality


Decorations say a lot about our lives and the journeys we have been on. The décor in our homes should tell a story and offer some insight into our lifestyles.


Sentimentalists – Those who collect and keep hold of items that hold some meaning or memory for them. There will be lots of bits and bobs around the kitchen that don’t coordinate but tell a story of their lives and their loved ones. There will most likely be photographs spread through the house, to remind them of moments and people that carry meaning to them. If you make a comment on some decoration and there is instantly a story to accompany it, this is likely to be the home of a sentimentalist.


Minimalists – Some people prefer to keep their homes free of any clutter; cluttered house, cluttered mind. By keeping decorations to the bare minimum, some people find that they are more focused and relaxed when spending time at home. It also makes cleaning a lot easier when you don’t have to dust around and under all those ornaments and photo frames.


Creatives – Creative individuals love to be a part of the design of the rooms in their homes. You will always find there is a personal stamp in the style and décor of a creative individual’s house. With the kitchen being a particularly creative place, a creative flair is bound to be reflected in this room in particular; whether it’s an upcycled piece of furniture or handmade decorations.


Perfectionist – Some of us put a great deal of thought into everything we do, so when it comes to decorating our homes no detail is overlooked. Perfectionists will consider every aspect of a room and co-ordinate all features. These are often the sort of houses that will look like showrooms; pristinely designed and maintained.


Bold – Those of us who don’t like to blend in often have dramatic bold homes, reflected in the decoration choices. Decorations won’t necessarily co-ordinate with the kitchen but they will make some kind of statement and demand your attention.



your kitchen's personality

All of the above contribute to the presentation of a room, as well as the conscious effort one makes to exhibit their home/kitchen. The extent to which we clean and tidy up after ourselves varies greatly from one person to another. Some take great pride in maintain a pristine kitchen, that they can entertain guests in. Others treat their kitchen as a working space, demonstrating a more relaxed approach to its maintenance and presentation.


At Dream Doors we understand that your home and kitchen should be an extension of your personality, which is why we strive to find the perfect bespoke kitchen to suit every individual.


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