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With Valentine’s Day approaching many of you are probably wondering how to celebrate with your loved one this year. What better way to spend some quality time together than to plan a romantic meal at home!


We understand the temptation of going out to a fancy restaurant or booking an event, but this can be an expensive option. Even if you decide you’re going to go out for dinner, or you already have a reservation, you can still create a special romantic moment at home.



Make a special breakfast or brunch, where you can sit down together, have a chat and enjoy each other’s company. Sneak out of bed before your other half wakes, tip-toe down the stairs to the kitchen and prepare a glorious breakfast. To really spoil them, make a coffee (go the extra mile and get the cafetiere out), put it in their favourite mug, take it to them in bed and tell them to come down to the kitchen in 10/15 minutes. This is quite possibly one of the best ways to wake up, and guaranteed there will be a big smile on their face when they come down to discover a delicious breakfast awaiting them. Breakfast is a great way to show someone you care on Valentines because it’s unexpected and will make them feel special all day long. There are lots of extra little touches you can add to make this breakfast extra special:


❤‍   Use valentines utensils/gadgets to theme your breakfast e.g. heart shaped fried egg mould or heart shaped toast imprinter/cutter.


❤‍   Dress the table with decorations: candles, heart confetti, red folded napkins etc.


❤‍   Place a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table, or keep it classy and simple with a single red rose.


❤‍   Leave a trail of heart confetti or flowers/petals from the bedroom to the kitchen for your loved one to follow.


❤‍   Cook a show stopping breakfast! Have a look online for inspiration and romantic recipes that you can impress them with. You can have toast any day, so try making something they will remember.



Coffee Time

Take a break and sit down together with a coffee. You could pop out to your local coffee shop to pick up two takeaway coffees, bring them home and pour them into your favourite mugs. Alternatively, buy instant latte or cappuccino packets in the supermarket; whatever your favourite drink is, make sure you have it in. Stick the kettle on and put out a little plate of luxury biscuits/treats. Then sit down together and enjoy having a chat over a hot drink. You could even get out a pack of cards or scrabble to have a quick game with your coffee.


Afternoon Tea

Create a classic, sophisticated moment by serving afternoon tea. You can be as creative or minimalistic as you want. Afternoon tea is a great British tradition, dating back to 1840 when Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford introduced the notion of breaking for tea in the afternoon.

‘At half past three, everything stops for tea’

Add a couple of twists to the traditional afternoon tea arrangement to make it personal and Valentines themed:


❤‍   Stick to a colour theme: pink or red are traditionally romantic.


❤‍   Theme the food: cut/bake the food in heart shapes e.g. heart shaped bitesize sandwiches.


❤‍   Decorate appropriately with the likes of edible flowers, heart shaped confetti, sequins, edible glitter etc.


❤‍   Your personalities should be reflected in how you spend Valentine’s day, so design a bespoke afternoon tea. Try to incorporate all of your partner’s favourite sweets and treats in the platter; however obscure they may be! This adds a modern twist to the famous tradition but also demonstrates how well you know your partner.

Valentine’s In The Kitchen


If you’re staying in for dinner, make it extra special! You could really push the boat out and lay on a three (or more) course menu. Alternatively you could order take-away, but if you do make sure you create a romantic ambience with special touches like candles, champagne, music, their favourite film etc.


Evening Treat

Whether you have been out or stayed in, it’s always nice to round off the day with a glass of prosecco and a plate of truffles. If you have indulged at a restaurant, made a delicious meal at home or ordered a takeaway, you’re not going to want to eat anything too heavy; just a sweet treat to indulge in with a drink. You could prepare strawberries dipped in dark chocolate: leave them in the fridge overnight and serve with a bottle of bubbly for the perfect end to a perfect day.




Whatever you choose to do this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a wonderful time together. Sometimes the most romantic moments are the purest and simplest; love doesn’t need any embellishment.


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