Odd September “Days” You Never Knew Existed

9/5 – Be Late for Something Day Just be late for something! Pretty simple huh? Whether it’s [...]

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fun jigsaw puzzle

Dream Doors Jigsaw!

Can you solve these tricky puzzles? Sure the ones under “easy” difficulty may be a breeze [...]

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future kitchen

Futuristic Kitchen Innovations

Technology is developing at an incredible rate. After all, half the luxuries we use on a [...]

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Dream Doors Kitchens Through Time

Kitchens Throughout the Ages

Have you ever wondered what kitchens used to look like? We certainly have! After all, culinary culture is an important part of history. So take a trip with us and have a look at Kitchens Throughout the Ages.

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Dream Doors Eating Insects

Why we should be eating insects

In our society eating insects is considered a sort of taboo, but are they really that bad? In fact, research claims quite the opposite. Here is why you should be eating insects

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Dream Doors British Pie Week

British Pie Week PSA

Many of us British love nothing more than a good pie and beer, so if this applies to you its time to celebrate! As this week is the much loved pie week!

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Dream Doors Romance Films

10 Great Romance Films for This Valentine’s Day

What do you and your partner have planed for Valentine's Day? Perhaps your going for a meal or a romantic stroll? For those that want to snuggle up on the sofa check out our list of 10 Great Romance Films for This Valentine’s Day.

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Dream Doors Christmas Films

Greatest Christmas Films

We at Dream Doors may be all about kitchens but we do love our films! So why not join us on a festive fun ride through the Greatest Christmas Films

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Dream Doors Halloween Origins

The origins of Halloween

Have you ever wondered where our Halloween traditions come from? Our trick or treats and scary decorations? Then sit, hear our tale of The Origins of Halloween.

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Dream Doors Halloween Film

Best non-horror films to watch this Halloween

Halloween is the holiday dedicated to the creepy, crawly, sick and scary. Although some of us would like something less terrifying and more playful. If that sounds like you then check out our list of Best Non-Horror Films to Watch this Halloween.

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Dream Doors Appliance

Kitchen appliances to make your life easier

Looking for something to "spice" up your kitchen life? Great products at an affordable price. Check out our personal list of Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

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Dream Doors Brazil

Flavours from Brazil

With the Olympics underway we decided this was a great opportunity to learn a bit more about Brazil. Flavours from Brazil

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