Bring Your Garden To Life!

Dream Doors Garden

Springtime is the time of growth and signals the departure from the cold, barren days of winter. When better to update your garden game?

Whether its small or large, altering even a single aspect of your garden can make the world of difference.

There are a lot of options when it comes to your green space. Do you want to focus on plants? Perhaps add some furniture? Or attract some much-needed wildlife?

Mix up your lighting

Dream Doors Garden Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference, often completely changing the atmosphere of an area.

This of course also applies to the garden. Lighting can transform your plain garden into a magical space at night, making it the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Plus, having a nicely lit garden can help during those horrible winter months.

Make use of dead logs

Dream Doors Garden Logs

If you’re trying to attract some wildlife into certain parts of your garden, consider using a couple of old dead logs. This makes your home more inviting and can attract animals, such as frogs.

Plus, piling the logs up will give your garden an almost rustic, natural feel. If you’re someone that is always pining for adventure in the wilderness, then this is the attraction for you!

Install a water feature

Dream Doors Garden Water Feature

You don’t see these often in gardens, but they are noticeable. Adding a water feature, whether it be simple or extravagant, is a low maintenance way of attracting more wildlife and keeping your garden cool over summer. Plus, the running water can be relaxing and help you wind down on those stressful days.

There are many options here, you could opt for a fountain coming out of a statue or just a simple urn, whatever suits your needs.

Feed the birds

Dream Doors Garden Bird

Adding a bird feeder can add movement and colourful interest into your dull garden. You can buy a bird feeder or create one yourself. Simply add the feed you want to give to those hungry nippers, sit back, and enjoy. Don’t forget to provide them with water too!

The attraction can also double up as an interesting subject for anyone interested in photography. You should be able to, with enough caution, get close to the birds without disturbing them. Especially if you place the feeder right outside your window.

Contrast your plants

Dream Doors Garden

That’s right, use a myriad of different plant types to spruce up your garden. You may think all the diversity would look chaotic but in actual fact it makes the garden seem more bright, colourful and adventurous.

If you stick to a single species or style (such as a fuzzy or jagged look) then your garden can seem bland and thoughtless. Put wildly different plants next to each other and watch the effect it creates.

Remember to consider colour differences!

Start up-cycling

Dream Doors Garden Upcycle

Make the most out of all your old and unwanted materials. Re-purpose and upgrade old pieces of furniture into something completely new and unique! Get creative and customise to your hearts content, then place it in your garden.

This gives your garden a more personal feel and is guaranteed to create good memories in the process! Remember you can use anything: old pots, planters, benches, etc. Think outside the box!

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Case Study- Watch Dream Doors Bring a Kitchen to Life.

Dream Doors Case Study

Spring is now underway, which means there is no better time to look at a brand-new look for your kitchen- the heart of every home.

Dream Doors offer a unique business, replacing kitchen doors and worktops to give your cooking space a brand-new look. They are experts in altering a kitchen’s style to suit your specific tastes.

You don’t have to fork out for a full kitchen refit, simply go the Dream Doors route and obtain a brand-new kitchen look for a fraction of the price.

Not only that but their services are efficient and stress-free with the average door replacement only taking 1-2 days!

Dream Doors pride themselves on their impeccable customer service, with an average review score of 9.7 nationwide.

Not only do Dream Doors provide a kitchen door and worktop replacement service-they also provide full kitchen replacements. This was the case with Susan Udle, resident of Hampshire, whom recently gave Dream Doors the pleasure of helping her realise her dream kitchen. She had this to say:

“Their work was to a very high standard. I am very happy with the result of the kitchen. It looks completely different and seems a lot bigger, I’m ecstatic about it! I would recommend Dream Doors with no hesitation. 10/10!”

The Job

Susan originally only wanted replacement doors fitted, Dream Door’s speciality. Although, she eventually realised that, with the tools available from Dream Doors, she would prefer a complete refit. Dream Door worked to her exact requirements.

Susan wanted more space in her kitchen. As a solution to this the fitters integrated brand new appliances into the cupboards themselves, maximising the possible space and providing easily accessible devices.

Susan also requested the installation of a brand-new breakfast bar. This involved knocking down one of her walls and performing all the necessary electrical and plumbing work.

The team at Dream Doors also replaced all the tiling and flooring, this was completed to a high standard within the scheduled time.
After only two weeks the full transformation was complete and Susan could not be happier.

If you’re looking for a brand-new kitchen style at a fraction of the price, then why not get in touch with Dream Doors?

Contact your local showroom for a FREE No-Obligation Quote Today, the first step towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s Spring! Yes, the heat is back and the sun can be spotted in the sky past 4 in the afternoon!


One of the best things about spring is that we all get to have a deep clean and make our houses positively shine!


Cleaning shouldn’t be fun you say? Well cleaning is proven to be fantastic exercise, plus it can be therapeutic seeing your mess disappear! Why not put on some music, who doesn’t want to recreate the iconic “I want to break free” music video?


With all that in mind we at Dream Doors have decided to give you some help this cleaning season. Have a gander at our sage advice, you certainly won’t regret it!

Spring Cleaning Dream Doors




The most important thing here is to remember to clean the outside as well as the inside. Doing this on a cloudy day insures that the cleanser doesn’t dry prematurely.


Stainless Steel

Steel is meant to be shiny, right? Simply use a specialised cleaning solution on the areas you want sparkling. Continue once every week to keep them that way!



A simple solution; swish your broom around in warm, soapy water as needed.



Create a homemade cleaner with baking soda and water, then utilise a mop or sponge to clean the surface.


Wood Floors

Mopping these floors can often ruin them, in actuality you should only mop once every 2 months, simply spot-clean the rest of the time. Remember to use furniture protectors so you don’t scratch the surface!

Spring Cleaning Floor Dream Doors


Do not use a dishwasher for these! Use something small to clean them, such as a toothbrush along with special silver foam, you want them looking their best after all.



Yes, the washer should be washed as well! Make sure you get rid of all the horrible grit that’s accumulated at the bottom and then run an empty wash using a specialised dishwasher cleaner.



It’s all about organising. Get rid of old unused clothes then sort your clothes. You can sort them by colour, style or whatever helps you.



Pillowcases and sheets should be cleaned every two weeks, meanwhile your actual pillow and duvet should be washed 3 times a year.



This may require turning off your appliance, although it isn’t necessary. Remove all the shelves and draws you can and wash them in warm soapy water. Remember to wipe down the inside, get rid of every mess!



That burning smell in your oven? That’s a sign it needs a clean. Start chipping off loose pieces, then use ammonia on heat-fused food. Baking soda and white vinegar on the bottom makes for a good cleaning solution.

Spring Cleaning Oven Dream Doors


Simply use your vacuum’s crevice tool to clean every nook and cranny then spray it over with some disinfectant spray, simple!


Washing Machine

Yet again we go to our old friend white vinegar and baking soda to save the day. Run the machine with hot water then add the cleanser. After letting it sit for 30-60 minutes restart the machine, let it drain then wipe it dry.


Painted Walls

Maintenance is key here, routinely spot clean these walls with a cloth or sponge along water. Consider using a little washing up liquid if the mark persists.



Sort all your books by size first and then subject, prioritising large imposing books on top. Mix it up by stacking some books vertically and others horizontally, this takes away the monotony of rows.



Consider having your countertops sealed again, preventing damage. Further to this you should make sure to clean up any unwanted spills as they happen.

Spring Cleaning Sink Dream Doors

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British Pie Week PSA

Dream Doors Pie Week

Many of us British love nothing more than a good pie and beer, so if this applies to you its time to celebrate! As this week is the much loved pie week!


Haven’t heard of pie week? Well don’t worry, we at Dream Doors will catch you up on everything pie related. You can…crust us.


What is it?


British pie week takes place annually on the first full week of March with this year’s event between the 6th and the 12th of March.


The theme of the week is, you guessed it, pies! We celebrate our love for the delicious pastry by consuming them at pubs, restaurants and at home! It’s a guilt free week, so go wild!


Across the nation people are hosting pie-themed parties and competitions, why not join the craze?


How did it start?


British Pie Week, much like many modern trends, was originally conceived as a marketing campaign by Jus-Rol, a UK based pastry company.


Obviously, the concept took off and has now been adopted by the entire country.


People have been rejoicing as their true desires have finally been given value, that being the love of pies!


What should I do?


Isn’t it obvious? Eat a pie! Any pie you like! Whether its meaty or sweet, just have a munch!


Watching your weight? Make some pies! It doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure its pie related!


Get all your friends to create their own delicious pies and share recipes, perhaps even throw a pie themed party.


Pie week only comes once a year so make the most of it!

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Alternate Options To Give Up For Lent

Lent is here! You know what that means, another chance at our fabled new year resolutions. We may have broken some of our previous resolutions already but now is the perfect time to bring back some restraint to our lives.

Traditionally Lent is the time of giving something up. Therefore, many often refrain from certain foods such as sugar or fat. Although some people prefer to give up a different option in their lives to feel happier and more content.

Now don’t go crazy and expect yourself to give up everything and turn out as pure as a Tibetan monk on the 13th April, because (spoilers), it’s not going to happen. You can however improve one little aspect of your life and certainly feel a bit better for it.
Need some inspiration? We at Dream Doors have you covered. Pick one of these options and partake for this year, you certainly won’t regret it.

Drive less

Driving Lent Dream Doors

Let’s be honest, driving everywhere you need to go is both easier and faster than other alternatives. Heck, sometimes I wish I could drive from my kitchen to my front room.

Never the less driving costs money, damages the environment and robs you of some much-needed exercise.

So why not cut down? Simply walk where you need to go (or god forbid run). Do you have to travel a far distance? Use a bike! Simple exercise like this releases some much-needed dopamine into your system and makes you feel great!

Watch less T.V

T.V. Lent Dream Doors

Who doesn’t watch T.V? Ever since its indoctrination into society every man and his dog enjoys sitting in front of the sparkly box to enjoy the next hit show.

However, have you ever considered that you watch too much television? For a lot of people it’s all they do away from work!

The problem with television is that it is a passive activity, you sit there and absorb what you’re shown, you aren’t using any brain power. Why not replace T.V. with a more active pastime such as reading? Your brain needs exercise too!

Cut out meat

Vegan Lent Dream Doors

Let’s go for something a little more in line with the classic idea of Lent. Going vegetarian for a bit can be easier than you think as there are many substitutes for meat available.

The advantages of giving up meat even for a short time can be great, such as: Reversing heart disease, staying slim, saving money and embracing new recipes.

Stop drinking

Drinking Lent Dream Doors

We English love our drinking. Whether its a few pints during the rugby or a glass of wine before bed, there’s booze for any situation.

That being said, England’s drinking problem is pretty horrendous, especially our obsession with binge boozing. Why not do your part to make our country sober up by abstaining for a while?

Drinking excessively can cause numerous body problems so why give it up?

Quit smoking

Smoking Lent Dream Doors

Much like drinking, smoking is huge in our country. I feel like the damage smoking does to our health is obvious at this point so it does not merit repeating.

There are although many benefits that may not be obvious at first, for example: Better breath, better lung performance, more energy, less stress as well as improved smell and taste.

This one may be hard due to nicotine’s inherent addictiveness although with some willpower it can be done. Don’t rely on these newfangled E-cigarettes either, they could be just as bad!

Turn off your tech

Tech Lent Dream Doors

Much like T.V. although here we are referring to technology that requires our active participation. This could include working on computers, using your mobile or playing a video game.

Staring at a screen all the time can be bad for your eyesight as well as messing with your natural circadian rhythms. Cutting down on these effects can make you feel more relaxed, less stressed and help you sleep.

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Fantastic Inspirations for Pancake Day!

Pancake Day Inspiration

Pancake Day is almost upon us! And what a day it is! We all look forward to eating these delicious treats with our loved ones, so why not make them as special as we can?


This day, also known as “Shrove Tuesday” is the traditional feast day before the start of lent. In the old times, on this day, a bell was rung which signalled people to confession. This bell eventually became known as the “pancake bell” and is still rung in places today!


Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was the day that everyone used up their leftover milk, eggs and fats before fasting for lent. The easiest thing to make out of these ingredients? Pancakes! And thus, the tradition was born!


Nowadays Pancake Day is more a celebration of the tasty treat then having any practical use. Flipping and sugaring have become traditions of their own and everyone looks forward to that one day where you can eat as many pancakes as you want, without feeling guilty!


Being the highly-respected kitchen makeover business that we are, we like to think we know one or two things about cooking and especially pancakes. Thus, we’ve decided to bring to you some much needed inspiration, what to add to your pancakes to make them heavenly.


We hope you enjoy and happy feasting!



Pancake Day Inspiration

Now I know we all love to be as unhealthy as possible with pancakes but fruit can be incredibly tasty too!


The usual fruit people use is the much-loved banana but why not mix it up? Blueberries and strawberries can be fine additions not to mention kiwi, grapes and lemon.


It may be unorthodox but some of the “heavier” fruits can add some much-wanted flavour. These can include: pineapples, apples, oranges, grapefruit, etc. You could even use their juice on the pancakes to create a delicious coat.


What fruit do you like? Lob it in!



Pancake Day Inspiration Protein

Why not make your feast beneficial too? Protein is incredibly important and is responsible for building and repairing many different parts of our bodies. Our hair and nails and made mostly of the stuff!


Adding a bit of protein into your pancakes can do wonders for your body. Notable sources of protein include nuts, certain types of meat and seafood etc.


Of course, these additions are highly unorthodox although they could crate that unique pancake that suits you! Who knows? Salmon and nut pancake could be the one!


Ice Cream

Pancake Day Inspiration Ice Cream

Oh yes, time to bring out the big guns. Who in their right minds doesn’t like ice cream? Whether you’re a child or an adult, ice cream is always a glorious treat.


Yes, it’s not the healthiest but it’s certainly one of the best! The way a cold bit of ice cream melts in a hot pancake is downright picturesque, so why not indulge?


There’s the typical vanilla ice crema of course but consider going all out and getting mint, chocolate, rum raisin etc.



Pancake Day Inspiration Chutney

Who said pancakes can’t be savoury too? Spreading some chutney or hummus gives the pancakes a completely different feel!


Instead of being a sweet treat the pancakes turn into a filling meal.


Simply add some extra bits, such as salad and chillies, and you’ll be laughing!


Recommended for those whom want something savoury as opposed to sweet.



Pancake Day Inspiration Yogurt

Ah yogurt. Ice cream’s watery, healthy cousin. We often have yogurts for pudding as a healthy yet delicious treat but have you considered pouring it over a pancake?


I bet you can imagine it now, the cooling liquid over the hot pancake mmm. You don’t even have to buy special yogurt, just use what you would at home!


We personally recommend some creamy Greek Yogurt although the possibilities are huge!



Pancake Day Inspiration Breakfast

Why not just add parts of an usual breakfast into your pancakes? No, we don’t mean sprinkle cornflakes into it, we’re talking about full English breakfasts!


That’s right! Bacon, sausages, even beans! They can all go incredibly well with some pancakes.


Going back to the idea of savoury pancakes instead of sweet, this type of pancake is for those who still want all the goodness a breakfast can give them whilst celebrating the day (my personal favourite).

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10 Great Romance Films for This Valentine’s Day

Sure, we all have different activities we enjoy with our partners, from bowling and jogging to reading and cooking, every couple has their hobbies. Although, sometimes the most romantic thing is to simply snuggle up on the sofa and watch a great romance.


Romances don’t often get a lot of attention in the film industry. This is especially a shame as some of the greats tend to get drowned out in favour of blockbuster action films.


Never the less great romances have been put onto the big screen with worldwide praise. It is our pleasure to bring you, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, our list of 10 Great Romance Films. (No Twilight, obviously).


We hope you and your partner enjoy.



Valentine's Day Films Titanic

Okay let’s start with one that everybody knows. Haven’t heard of Titanic? Well then, your either too young to be considering romance or have been trapped in a cave for several uninterrupted years.


Titanic stars the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio and the beautiful Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the Titanic, a cruise ship with an ill-fated voyage.


Taking a very Shakespearean approach to romance the two quickly fall in love. Conflict is also prevalent through the tale, eventually leading to tragedy.


Titanic was a break out success, being nominated for 14 Academy awards and becoming the highest grossing film of all time.


There’s no better time to watch this bittersweet tale of romance on the water.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Valentine's Day Films Eternal Sunshine

From something everybody knows to a generally unheard of cult classic. This film mixes many genres together being a romance, comedy, science fiction, drama. Who would have guessed, Kate Winslet yet again?


Featuring the enigmatic Jim Carrey this film focuses on one couple’s relationship, explored through a non-linear and mysterious narrative. The film involves aspects of a psychological thriller and attempts to present an honest look at love and heartbreak.


The story poses a simple question, what if you could erase the memories of a person from your mind?


Heralded as an incredible tour de force of creativity, this film is for the couple looking for something smart and a bit different this Valentine.


It Happened One Night

Valentine's Day Films It Happened One Night

An oldie but a Goldie. This film, first released in 1934, seemingly hasn’t aged a day since its release and still manages to entertain 80 years later.


The film is one of the very first rom-coms, incorporating elements of screwball comedy into an endearing tale. This focuses on a woman trying to escape her family accompanied by a reporter looking for a grand scoop who is posing as a kind stranger.


The tale shows a realistic blossoming romance alongside tense scenes and comedy that hasn’t aged a day.


A must see for those looking for a classic.


50 First Dates

Valentine's Day Films 50 First Dates

Okay, perhaps not as highly regarded and critically praised as the other films on this list but we all need a break to watch something light hearted and simple, right?


Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, this film focuses on a man afraid of commitment who falls in love with a woman suffering from short-term memory loss. His solution? Simply keep pretending the two are on their first date.


A cheesy comedy through and through, Sandler’s need to prove himself is endearing and makes for a feel-good experience.


Want something simple, funny and soppy? Here’s your film.



Valentine's Day Films Grease

Find me one person who doesn’t like this film, found one? Tell them they’re wrong!


Grease is an incredible musical with a classic soundtrack which never fails to get the toes tapping. Good girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and greaser Danny (John Travolta) fall in love over summer and attempt to rekindle that love in high school.


The film revolves around the two separate clicks (the T-Birds and the Pink Girls) and how the two leads try to act more like each other to further cement their feelings.


A passionate movie full of energy and vibrancy, Grease is for those who love musicals and just want a good time.



Valentine's Day Films Casablanca

We’re going right back to 40’s with this flick. Even if you haven’t seen this film you must have heard its name due to the incredible influence it left on cinema.


The film focuses on a cynical American expatriate who meets a former lover. Of course, unforeseen complications ensue the lead having to choose between fighting the good fight once more or being with the woman he loves.


Poignant, intelligent and a marvel of cinema, Casablanca delivers on all fronts. The film often delivers iconic scenes and quotes, such as the legendary “We’ll always have Paris”.


Never seen it before? Definitely worth a viewing.


The Notebook

Valentine's Day Films The Notebook

Yes, you probably saw this coming, Ryan Gosling is so dreamy blah blah…


Apart from the unnaturally handsome lead actors this film has a solid story with plenty of conflict to keep it intriguing.


Initially set in a present-day nursing home, the tale recounts an elderly man reading a tale to a fellow patient.


From here the film focuses on the tale itself. Set in the 1940’s, it depicts a poor yet passionate man who falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom she never had before. Unfortunately, they are forcibly separated due to their social difference.


A tale of endearing romance, The Notebook has the capacity to make you both laugh and cry.


Although I certainly didn’t cry…. I promise (sniff).


Love Actually

Valentine's Day Films Love Actually

We talked a little about this on Christmas, although this time we’re mentioning it because of the romance!


An incredibly light hearted and endearing tale, complete with an A-List cast and stellar dialogue.


This movie follows the lives of eight very different couples each with their own love stories in various loosely interrelated tales.


The film is both charming and uplifting, encapsulating a perfectly British tone.


Funny and sweet. Like the sound of it? Then go check it out!


500 Days of Summer

Valentine's Day Films 500 Days of Summer

A little bit of an unorthodox pick right here, but incredible nonetheless.


500 Days of summer is primarily a comedy but includes both romantic and incredibly poignant moments. Featuring the plights of a man who falls for a woman who doesn’t believe in true love, the film follows a non-linear form skipping through various days in their relationship.


True relationships like this aren’t seen often in Hollywood and the film is praised for its realistic view of romance.


Get ready for one hell of a rollercoaster because this film sure plays with your emotions.


Silver Linings Playbook

Valentine's Day Films Silver Linings Playbook

Again, a little different, but hey why go with the simple?


Silver Linings Playbook follows the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper) as he copes with a recent diagnosis of bipolar disease after beating a man whom his wife was cheating on him with. After a brief stint in a mental hospital he is determined to go out into the world and win back his wife.


Along the way, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who has issues of her own, and the two begin a mutually beneficially partnership.


Incredibly different to anything seen before, this film puts mental illness into the limelight and treats the characters and situations with respect not often seen.


Incredibly thought provoking, decent and charming, Silver Linings Playbook is for those whom want to see a romance thrive, no matter the odds against it.

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Perfect Valentine’s Day Recipes

Meals to treat your loved one

Valentines Day Recipes

It’s almost Valentine’s day! That’s right, the day to celebrate love and your significant other!


Whether you’re with a spouse or in a relationship still blooming, everyone enjoys doing something extra special on Valentine’s, and what’s more special than food? Nothing says “I love you” more than lovely homemade meals!


So, the kind folks here at Dream Doors have decided to provide you with a list- a guide if you will, for some great Valentine’s Day recipes. Want to make the day extra special this year? Then make one of these fabulous feasts!


Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon & Chives

Valentines Day Recipes Eggs Benedict

Now who says that a loving meal can’t come early? Surprise your loved one with this treat as they way up, they’re bound to go the rest of the day with a fluttering heart!


Plus- what a breakfast! Eggs Benedict is good enough as it is but with the addition of smoked salmon as well as chives this becomes a perfect treat!


Get the Recipe HERE


Roast Chicken for Two

Valentines Day Recipes Roast Chicken

Yes, it seems simple but this meal ticks all the boxes! Succulent meat with all the trimmings! The chicken will guarantee that your bellies are full whilst the rich stuffing adds a special flavour to the meal.


Of course, there can be numerous variations for this meal, so why not experiment? Add what you know your partner will love and customize this meal to suit you!


Get the Recipe HERE


Merlot-Poached Pears with Vanilla & Cinnamon

Valentines Day Recipes Merlot Pear

Now this lovely dessert is certainly saucy! Combining the healthy with the tasty this dish is unlike anything else.


Just look how delicious the pear looks covered in red wine sauce and fragrant cinnamon and vanilla. With a colour to match the event why not choose this dish?


Get the Recipe HERE


Minute Steaks with Roquefort Butter Recipe

Valentines Day Recipes Steak

Don’t want to spend too much time cooking? Well this recipe is quick, easy and tasty to boot!


This simple dish with tangy Roquefort, chutney butter and paprika-spiced sweet potato is one to jot down! It’s so easy, why not customise it to you and your partner’s specific tastes?


Get the Recipe HERE


Slow-Cooker Red Wine Beef Stew

Valentines day Recipes Beef Stew

Really doubling down on the wine, aren’t we?


Again, this meal is incredibly easy to make, simply leave it alone for 5-6 hours! This hearty meal offers everything you need: veg, meat, a warming broth. It’s a perfect addition to Valentine’s Day!


Get the Recipe HERE


Duck Cassoulet with Citrus Cabbage Salad Recipe

Valentines Day Recipes Duck

Why not go for something a bit different? This entrée is sure to impress!


Adding some lovely variety onto some succulent duck leg is just the special meal you need on Valentine’s Day.


Your partner probably hasn’t tried anything like it! So, give it a shot!


Get the Recipe HERE

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Food and recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year, also known in modern Chinese as the “Spring Festival” is a special event celebrating the turn of the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar. In 2017, the first day of the Chinese New Year is on Saturday 28th January, bringing yet another “year of the rooster”.

Why rooster? You may ask, well its simple. The Chinese calendar uses a revolving sequence of 12 animals to represent each year, 2017 being that of the rooster which represents Honesty, energy, intelligence and confidence, among other things.

Why is this important? I mean were British after all right? Well because of the food of course! One of the best things about celebrating another culture’s festivals is partaking in the native cuisine.

Anyway, enough with the exposition. Let’s dive right into the point then shall we? Here’s some fantastic Chinese food and recipes to celebrate the Chinese New Year festival!

Beef Stir Fry

Chinese New Year Stir Fry

Oh, you think this meal is average? ordered your fair few from takeaways have you? Well you couldn’t be more delusional!

A proper homemade stir fry can be incredibly delicious and nutritional for you. Sure, it’s more effort that picking up the phone but this traditional Chinese dish is well worth the effort.

Stir-fried beef with rich black bean sauce and noodles, what’s not to love?

Recipe HERE

Pork and Prawn Dumplings

Chinese New Year Dumplings

A traditional dim sum dish, these snacks are easy to make and delicious to boot. Heck you may want to keep making them even after the celebrations!

This could be a decorative snack when guests are over or even a lovely little indulgence for yourself one evening, either way they are full of flavour that leaves you wanting more.

Recipe HERE

Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls

Chinese New Year Spring Rolls

The hard, crunchy and generally underwhelming spring rolls you get from a takeaway are nothing compared to the incredible ones that you can create yourself, in less than 40 minutes!

Stuff these little packets of goodness with fine meat and veg to create some small morsels of deliciousness! Yet again- a perfect snack food for when people are over.

Remember the sweet and spicy sauce!

Recipe HERE

Peking Duck

Chinese New Year Peking Duck

Need something a bit more filling? Try this on for size!

Sure, it might require more effort that the other recipes on this list but this one is sure to satisfy.

Duck isn’t a common meal here, although this recipe served alongside Chinese pancakes, spring onion and hoisin sauce makes for a mouth-watering main course.

Recipe HERE

Lion’s Head Pork Meatballs

Chinese New Year Meatballs

These tender, moist and light balls of goodness can become a staple food in your house due to how easy they are to make, in big batches too!

These savoury meatballs along with rice are the best combination, and good for your health!

This recipe is bound to satisfy you. It’s easy to make, tasty and can be frozen for future consumption. Why not give it a go?

Recipe HERE

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Simple New Year’s Resolutions That You Can Achieve

New Year Resolutions

Another year has gone and you know what that means, more New Year’s resolutions which (most likely) won’t last the whole year round.

We all like to go extravagant with our resolutions. We expect ourselves to conquer our greatest fears, desires and wants to become the perfect person we want to be. Spoilers- It doesn’t work.

Giving ourselves massive tasks to accomplish just makes it more daunting when we go to do them, hence the regular high failure rate in resolutions.

So how do we solve this? It’s simple: opt for smaller, more manageable resolutions instead. We at Dream Doors have compiled a useful list of small tasks, follow these just a bit and you’re bound to feel a lot better during 2017.

Walk more

Walking Resolution

What can be more simple than this? Need to go to the shop or visit some friends? Disregard the automobile and go for the healthy option, one foot in front of the other.

Distance too far? Invest in a bike! Regular exercise does wonders for the body and mind, keeping you content throughout the year.


Plan Resolution

We’re not saying plan every hour of every day for the next year, simply make sure you know what you are doing each week as it comes.

Sit down sometime on Sunday and really think about what you need to do, what you want to do and what you could do, keeping in mind shopping and housework.

Remember, don’t yourself too much to do. We often overestimate what we can do in a day. Just schedule a single activity and stick to it, you’ve got to make room for relaxation!

Cook different things

Cooking Resolution

Quite Self-explanatory. Are you constantly cooking the same things? Or (dare I say it) always ordering takeaway? Then consider a change in your lifestyle.

Cooking healthy meals has been proven to lift spirits. Plus, broadening your palette means that you can experiment and discover new flavours you never would have tried otherwise!

Impress your guests with exotic healthy meals!

Stop pressing snooze

Snooze Resolution

Yes, most of us do it, although the benefits of breaking the habit are too good to ignore.

Staying in bed for those extra sweet little minutes simply isn’t worth it. Your body has many mechanisms which allow it to sleep and wake up naturally. Going back to sleep resets these mechanisms, resulting in a shock to your system when your woken up 5 minutes later.

Have you ever felt groggy and fuzzy in the mornings? That is known as sleep inertia, caused by snoozing.

Kick the habit, you’ll be thankful!

Read- For Pleasure!

Reading Resolution

Yes, this doesn’t apply to everyone, there are many of us that enjoy diving into a good book. Never the less many people have opted out of book reading in recent times to make room for a more passive experience, such as a film.

Reading has been proven to be good for the mind. Keeping your head active and your imagination strong.

Reading also opens a whole new medium form, giving you an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Sure, many successful novels are adapted into films and television shows but there are many stories completely unique to those certain pages.

Explore more

Explore Resolution

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and keep to the same routine, although opening your horizons can be massively rewarding.

We’re not suggesting ditch your job and go travelling for a year, you don’t even have to explore that far! Just go somewhere you haven’t been yet, maybe take some pictures. plus, this adds walking into your routine!

Move on

Move On Resolution

Surprised this is on the list? Well its important!

We don’t mean move on physically and change your location (unless you need to). Simply don’t get hung up on simple mistakes and changes, grow from it and become a better person.

We all suffer stress and loss throughout our lives, the most important thing is to learn from these experiences and march forward into the future. A New Year is the best time to face to future with a clear head.

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