Our Guide to a Better Sleep

It’s better sleep month! Time to put some energy towards one of the most important parts of the day, with a little help from us.


Sleep should be an easy thing. It’s the end of the day, your tired, you lie down and then you drift off, right? Well for some people it isn’t that simple. More than half the UK sleep only 6 hours a day with 36% being classified as possibly having chronic insomnia.


We at Dream Doors believe that a healthy night’s sleep is one of the most important things in life. Recharging your body and mind for the next day is invaluable and getting it right can be absolutely life changing.


As such we have decided to do some research and provide a handy guide to good sleep. Here we will look at statistics, causes and cures for all things sleepy.



The Causes

Dream Doors Sleep Problems


Insomnia is The No.1 cause of poor sleep, with an estimated one third of the population experiencing it. Typically, it involves unhelpful “cycles” of racing thoughts, anxiety and worry, most prominently concerning sleep itself. The condition is further worsened by unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviour, such as sleeping during the day.



Pretty straightforward. For various reasons people love to sleep in, and why not? A good lie in on a Sunday can feel great. However, making a habit out of oversleeping can have detrimental effects, likening your overabundance of sleep to a lack of it, causing health problems.



Although rare (affecting 1 in 2,500 people) narcolepsy does exist and can seriously effect someone’s quality of life. Narcolepsy is a rare neurological condition that affects the brain’s ability to regulate the normal sleep-wake cycle.



We all know what snoring is but there can come a point where it seriously affects your quality of life. Some can’t help snoring and can be heard the next room! This can cause excessive tiredness, poor concentration and relationship problems.


Sleep Apnoea

This condition is characterised by pauses in breathing or periods of shallow breathing during sleep. This effect can be the cause of problems such as obesity and heart attack. Whilst most people are unaware they have it, the condition can be discovered with observation.



Everyone has a nightmare at some point, although chronic nightmares can be detrimental to a person’s mental and physical health. They can make people fear the idea of sleeping itself and thus worsens their situation.


The Cures

Dream Doors Sleeping Help


This is the one to focus on. Exercise does wonders for the body, whether they be hidden or apparent straight away. Just a few minutes exercise during the day can provide great benefits to your system. The brain releases dopamine during rigorous exercise, giving you a feeling of contentment and making you more tired so that you will be happy and ready to sleep during the night. Keep up a routine and your sleep should fall into place too!


Power Down

In our modern age it’s hard to stay away from technology, but that’s what you have to do before sleeping. The light given off by computer and mobile screens are the same as that of daylight, meaning it is highly effective at keeping your brain awake and alert. Turn off those distractions before bed and stop the confusion!


Small naps

And we are really emphasising the small part. Having a rest during the day can help your body recharge and become more alert, although you will have to limit your nap to 20 minutes. Any longer and you risk falling into deep sleep which could have a worse effect on your body.


Block your clock

You heard us, cover your alarm clock when it gets late, worrying about the time leads you to developing anxiety about the next day, which in turn makes it even harder to sleep!



Sometimes posture can affect your ability to sleep. Parts of your body, such as your lower bank, can become strained if you sleep in an awkward position. To rectify this simply put a pillow between your legs. This will help you sleep in a more natural and comfortable position.

It’s worth noting that you should also take care in the position of your neck whilst sleeping. Make sure your pillow isn’t too fat or flat, it has to support the natural curve of your neck. Sleep on your side? Make sure your nose is lined up with the centre of your body.


Set a body clock

This step is all about routine. Found an exercise schedule? Stick to it! Go to sleep around the same time every night and aim to get up the same time every day. It’s easy to lie in but the benefits of setting a body clock are too great. Soon your body will be able to tell exactly when you want to sleep and will help you do it!


Eat right at night

Don’t eat heavy foods and big meals too late at night. This can overload your digestive system which effects how well you sleep. Opt for something light, such as cereal. Alternately, a recent study has shown that two Kiwi’s before bed can make you fall asleep an astonishing 35 percent faster!


Free your mind

Put aside all work, worries and tough decisions 2 to 3 hours before bed. Spend this time relaxing and turning down the “noise” of the day. Take out a good book, meditate, listen to quiet music, have a bath or perform some yoga, all an hour before bed. Relaxing before bed is the hardest yet, arguably, the most important thing to do in the evening.

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Our Guide to a Green Kitchen

Dream Doors Eco Friendly

Various projects and procedures to save the environment are coming into motion-and for good reason! The earth is heating up and soon many things we take for granted will be taken away from us. For example, its estimated that in around 50 years crops will yield half the results that they currently do.


To fight this oncoming dilemma, why not go the extra mile and do the little things to help? Remember to recycle, reuse and, most importantly, make your living space eco-friendly. One of the biggest contributors to waste and pollution could be the kitchen. So, we at Dream Doors, armed with our years of kitchen knowledge, have decided to come up with some handy eco tips.


Follow these and you’ll be doing your part towards a greener tomorrow! What could be better than that?



Dream Doors Dishwasher

Sure, many people say that washing by hand uses more water than the dishwasher (37% to be exact!) Although, if your smart and fill half the sink will soapy water and the other half with rinse water. In the end, you could save up to half the amount of water that would be used in the dishwasher!


Sure, this may not always work as you may have a huge amount of washing that needs to be done which would require you to change your water when it gets too dirty. If you definitely have to use your dishwasher just make sure it’s completely filled to make the most of it. Also, does your machine have an “economy” setting? Turn it on!


Make It Last

Dream Doors Utensils

It’s pretty simple, buy things that will last! Be sure to choose cookware and utensils that will stand the test of time. This means ditching the Teflon and opting for more reliable stainless steel or cast iron products instead. After all, a good cast iron skillet could last generations! Wooden spoons can rot and plastic can melt, so replace them with better alternatives.


If your dedicated then a few high-quality knives can last a lifetime, just remember to sharpen them by hand. Finally, say no to kitchen paper and use long-lasting cloth towels instead. See? We’re already making progress!


Smaller Meals- Smaller Means

Dream Doors Meal

You don’t have to fire up the full-size oven for all your meals, instead, switch to a toaster oven, microwave or slow cooker. Doing this can reduce energy by 30%. In the summer, using a microwave can cause less heat to enter the kitchen. Thus, cutting down on unwanted air conditioning bills.


When using the stove be sure to use the smallest pot or pan to do the job, matching it to the burner size. Furthermore, cooking without lids can use up to three times more energy. Some food can even cook itself, just turn the stove off when the water has come to a boil.


Keep An Eye On The Fridge

Dream Doors Fridge

Don’t browse in the fridge for a long time, the longer it’s open, the more energy you waste.


Also, be sure to check that your fridge door closes securely, you may have to test its rubber-like seals.


Do you really need that extra fridge space? Keeping a single efficient fridge is much more cost effective than running two smaller ones.


Got an old fridge running in the garage? Get rid of it, after all, would you really miss it?


Stock Up On Your Own Bags

Dream Doors Shopping

Forgot a bag when shopping? Got to pay 5p for a plastic one? Shame. But don’t just do the simple thing and throw the bag away, keep a stash of them for useful occasions. These cheap bags can have way more uses then just shopping, such as emergency bin bags.


The most efficient thing to do would be, of course, to buy some strong long-life bags and remember to take them with you shopping. Are you always forgetting? Store some in the car just in case!


Always Bulk Up

Dream Doors Bulk

Purchasing a large number of products at once means less packaging, fewer trips to the shop and even financial savings. If there’s a good deal on bulk products, take advantage!


Remember to cook in bulk too! Doing this makes more efficient use of your appliances and your time. For example, you could cook up a large batch of soup and keep a lot of it as leftovers, supper anyone? Planning your meals ahead and cooking in bulk can provide great energy savings!


A Bit Of DIY

Dream Doors DIY

Why purchase premade frozen food and meals when you could make them yourself from fresh at home? Doing this cuts out your food life cycle e.g. The energy usually spent in keeping the food refrigerated. Every little helps!


An added bonus to preparing your own meals is you know exactly where the produce came from. You could even take it a step further and grow your very own vegetables, using composted kitchen waste as fertiliser. This could save money and energy, plus it’s a neat hobby!

How many of these tips will you follow? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

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Kitchens Throughout the Ages

Have you ever wondered what kitchens used to look like? We certainly have! After all, culinary culture is an important part of history. So, from the primordial man crouched over his fire to the high-tech methods of today, we will look at some interesting points in kitchen history.


12th Century

Dream Doors Old Kitchen

In these times, also known as the “Middle Ages”, European communal societies would cook over an open fire in a one-room home. Alternatively, many people would gather in grand halls which featured large open fire pits in which to cook everyone’s food. The pit was viewed as everyone’s source of light, heat and safety.


16th Century

Dream Doors Old Chimney

As history made its advances, so did the kitchen space. Gatherings around the open fire were commonplace with smoke and soot becoming a constant issue. That is until the invention of the chimney, a device that helped draw smoke away and made it easier to create larger fires. The introduction of chimneys caused a huge change, the separation of the two household rooms, creating what is now known as the ‘Living Room’ and the ‘Kitchen’.


18th Century

Dream Doors Kitchen Meal

The economic trends and politics of this time had a massive influence on what we consider kitchens to be now. The age was highly affected by the French ideals of elaborate meals and formal table settings. Dining etiquette was also introduced, new food was imported and servants were employed to cook and clean luxurious kitchens. Dinner parties were known for using an extravagant amount of food with a different course every hour!


19th Century

Dream Doors Old Kitchen

This century brought on a slew of technological enhancements which greatly helped the kitchen scene, such as: electricity, plumbed water, turnspit dogs and gas. Kitchens were typically kept on the bottom floor of houses and away from the entrance. There was often good access to the backyard for laundry and deliveries. Although, the biggest change of all had to be the introduction of cast iron tools. These were strong, reliable tools which could be bent into any shape and could withstand temperature swings. The tools soon became a necessity in the household. Furthermore, just as the man of the house had his designated work area, so did the women- the kitchen. Due to this the kitchen was deemed a place unfit for guest entertainment.


20th Century (first half)

Dream Doors Old Kitchen

Due to the industrial revolution, new inventions were spurred and prices became cheap. Kitchen design became more prominent with storage options becoming more commercial and accessible. The harnessing of reliable gas sources allowed appliances to become smaller and more efficient, one such example would be the oven. Kitchen design became a real concern with ergonomic practices becoming commonplace, leading to the creation of the “Golden Triangle” theory. Soon, fitted kitchens became the norm and were viewed as luxurious commodities.


20th Century (second half)

20th Century Kitchen Dream Doors

The manufacturing advancements and housing boom of post World War 2 changed the kitchen environment permanently. New appliances were available and the kitchen was smaller and quieter than before. Culinary crafts became a buzz, birthing the concept of trophy kitchens and the idea of the luxurious kitchen.


21st Century

Modern Kitchen Dream Doors

The modern kitchen is a positively immense testing ground for new ideas and concepts. Thanks to the introduction of social media into society many people use their kitchens for various business, such as food blogs. They are also used for crating and hobbies; no longer a simple room for cooking meals. Furthermore, the massive technological leaps of modern times have given way to incredibly simple and efficient appliances with fantastic features, such as wireless technology. Truly the kitchen has never looked better, with modern kitchen design and solutions becoming a forefront in business and fashion.


What’s more, are you aware you could improve your kitchen tenfold with just a simple door swap? Well that’s exactly what we’re here for! Why not have a good look around our site?

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Sunny Day Activities

Sunny Day Checklist Dream Doors
With more bank holidays coming up and great weather on the horizon we thought it was a good time to provide a little bit of advice. Well, I suppose less “advice” and more “options”. After all, you’ve got to make the most out of these rare sunny days! So check out our list below of sunny day activities, you can even print it out to discuss your plans with the family.

Make the most of the upcoming bank holidays and do something exciting!

  • A simple stroll in the sun can do wonders for your spirits. You can choose from the park, beach or somewhere new entirely! Alone or with company, it’s bound to be good!
  • When was the last time you had a good look in your garden? A sunny day is the perfect excuse to get those green fingers going again, get to it!
  • Water! Whether it’s a plunge in the ocean, a swim in the pool or a good old water fight, there’s nothing like cool water on a hot day. Prefer a more extreme pastime? Then consider renting a jet ski or boat for the day.
  • Treat yourself to a few drinks in the sun, you’re British, you’ve earnt it!
  • Why not have a barbeque with some old chums? Good company, especially those you don’t often see, will make the sunny day even brighter!
  • Read that book you’ve always been meaning to get to, there’s no better time!
  • Do some painting! Sit outside, find a gorgeous view and then see what comes out. who knows, you could be a great artist!
  • Visit a zoo, they’re good for all ages after all! Plus, all the animals should be out on a sunny day!
  • Get ice cream- obviously.
  • Make your own ice lollies! It’s simple, all you need is a lolly mould or a shallow cup and lollipop sticks. After that, use your favourite fruit juice to make the best lolly!
  • Give photography a shot. A lot of people say you need to “learn” to take pictures although its undeniable that raw talent can be just as effective.
  • Decorate outside! You can draw on the ground using chalk or even paint some stones, plus the sunny weather means your work won’t be ruined immediately!
  • A simple picnic with a loved one can sometimes be the best option. Romantic or friendly, it doesn’t matter.
  • Rollercoasters! That’s right, it can be exhilarating to feel the wind on your face! Not your cup of tea? There’s plenty of other things to do in theme parks!
  • Take a laptop or pen and paper to the park and write something- you never know, you could end up discovering your inner writer!
  • Attend an outdoor activity class, such as yoga or jogging. Remember, exercise does wonders for the body and mind!
  • Meditate in the sun. After all, meditation is fantastic self-therapy and will make you feel on top of the world on a bright day.
  • Play some impromptu sports with your friends. Furthermore, games like rounders and cricket are perfect for hot days.
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Why we should be eating insects

Whoa, whoa! Don’t leave yet! At least hear us out first! Yes, the idea of eating insects can be considered…odd by modern western standards, although we’ve been eating them for years! Centuries even!

That’s right, insect eating (also known as Entomophagy) is common in most cultures around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, over 1,000 species of insects are known to be eaten in 80% of the world’s nations.

Insects don’t have to be some horrendous alternative akin to those that frequent bush tucker trials. In fact, there are a surprising amount of benefits to consuming insects. First we’ll have a look at some common grub- HA! GRUB!

dream doors insect

Popular insects

Dream Doors Insect

Crickets- Probably the most common insect integrated into food. These noisy critters are often crushed into “cricket flour”, which is then used in cooking. There are already many companies capitalising on this strategy, creating protein bars and baked goods from the formula. We hear they’re pretty good!

Bee Brood- These have been proven to be high in protein and carbohydrate, among other things. Bee Brood is considered a delicacy in many countries, including Mexico. Unsure what it is? Well to phrase it bluntly, it’s the larvae and pupae of numerous bee drones…would you try it?

Beetles- Boasting the highest nutrition to most other insects, beetles can be healthy and efficient, being consumed often in parts of Africa and forested regions. They can also be eaten in many diverse ways, for example Native Americans would roast and eat them like popcorn!

Health benefits

Dream Doors Health

Sure, they may look unappealing but insects can do wonders for your diet. Most insects have very high fat, protein, vitamin, fibre and mineral content which could be comparable to that of livestock. Some specific insects can even be up to 80% protein by weight!

In fact, many believe the insects to be just-if not more- nutritious than commonly consumed meats, such as beef. With many grubs being rich in essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids.

Entomophagy has also been praised as an effective way to combat obesity due to the low-fat content of some insects. But that’s not all, the trend could also help combat malnutrition in parts of Asia and Africa. Insects are literally everywhere, an easily accessible and cheap source of food- a fact that could benefit countries suffering from poor diets.

Insect enthusiast James Brink said:

“We have the ability to transform our diets from the steady stream of junk food, to which so many are accustomed, to an entirely different and decidedly broader global culinary adventure.
It is up to us to make decisions about the future of our waistlines and our planet, and the best option might be a little more creepy-crawly than we initially suspected.”

A solution?

Dream Doors Bulb

Let’s be honest, the future, by all accounts, does not look bright. The global population is expected to rise to around 9 billion by 2050, which means we need to be able to produce an incredible amount of food in the future. PLUS, with climate change estimated to reduce crop yields by 25 percent, there is an urgent need for alternative sources of food.

Edible insects are a prime candidate to fill in the incoming food shortage as they tick all the necessary boxes. In fact, experts believe they should be indoctrinated in our society as soon as possible in preparation.

Do you already eat bugs?

Believe it or not, some of your favourite foods may have contained insect parts at some point. After all, The FDA states that it is acceptable for 100 grams of chocolate to contain up to 60 “insect fragments” within six 100 gram samples. These allowances show that, for the most part, consuming insects is not harmful to our health.

Many researchers actually believe that eating insects is less harmful that eating livestock meat. Insects have a lower risk of carrying zoonotic diseases, although its still recommended that you cook them first!

Are you in or out?

In the end, the success or failure of Entomophagy is entirely up to our sensibilities and whether we can adopt the idea fully.

Be honest, you started reading this blog out of some sort of morbid curiosity, right? Perhaps you thought we were joking about the benefits of eating bugs? Our western culture has labelled insect eating as a taboo, although the truth is far from it.

So next time you have the chance to try beetles on a stick or muffins baked with cricket flour, give it a go. You never know, it could become a personal favourite!

Dream Doors Insect

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Kitchen makeovers come to the South Bedfordshire


High Quality kitchen makeovers come to the South Bedfordshire area


Dream Doors, the UK’s leading kitchen makeover company, is bringing their award-winning service to South Beds. The brand-new showroom, owned by Mark Stephen and his wife Anne, had its opening ceremony last week (7th April). The couple were accompanied by their Business Development Manager Darren Chadwick, as well as Dream Doors MD Troy Tappenden and The Mayor of Dunstable, Peter Hollick.



With over 70 showrooms across the nation, Dream Doors has become a brand to trust. With its introduction into South Beds countless clients in Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding villages now have access to the kitchen of their dreams.


Mark was previously a programme director, managing large technology programmes for big companies. Mark and Anne decided to setup a kitchen business after their own kitchen makeover experience a few years ago. He says:


“Our kitchen makeover made a huge difference to our quality of life – our kitchen became the heart of our home. What we offer is very tangible: we aim to give all our clients the same feeling we had when we supply and fit their dream kitchen”


Dream Doors South Beds


Mark and Anne joined Dream Doors, deciding their approach was a great fit with what they were looking to offer; a great, honest, national service at a fair price, delivered locally. He says:


“With Dream Doors, our customers have the best of both worlds – the backing of a proven national service, delivered by local people. The local aspect of this business is very important to us. Our customers have access to a small team of local experts and time-served tradesmen who pay personal attention to delivering the best service possible.”


Dream Doors offers a unique service, replacing anything from kitchen doors and worktops to a full new kitchen to create a brand-new look for the kitchen. This has proven to be a very popular service as it saves money, hassle and time compared to a full refit.


The major of Dunstable, Peter Hollick, was present to cut the ribbon at the ceremony, saying:


“It’s great to see this level of investment in Dunstable and to see local fitters and tradesmen providing this fantastic makeover service to local customers. I wish Mark and Anne all the best in this venture.”


With 25 kitchen fits already to their name and a fantastic Checkatrade score, the business is already thriving. Interested? Mark and Anne’s brand new showroom is based at 49 Lowther Road, Dunstable, LU6 3NL.

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Bring Your Garden To Life!

Dream Doors Garden

Springtime is the time of growth and signals the departure from the cold, barren days of winter. When better to update your garden game?

Whether its small or large, altering even a single aspect of your garden can make the world of difference.

There are a lot of options when it comes to your green space. Do you want to focus on plants? Perhaps add some furniture? Or attract some much-needed wildlife?

Mix up your lighting

Dream Doors Garden Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference, often completely changing the atmosphere of an area.

This of course also applies to the garden. Lighting can transform your plain garden into a magical space at night, making it the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Plus, having a nicely lit garden can help during those horrible winter months.

Make use of dead logs

Dream Doors Garden Logs

If you’re trying to attract some wildlife into certain parts of your garden, consider using a couple of old dead logs. This makes your home more inviting and can attract animals, such as frogs.

Plus, piling the logs up will give your garden an almost rustic, natural feel. If you’re someone that is always pining for adventure in the wilderness, then this is the attraction for you!

Install a water feature

Dream Doors Garden Water Feature

You don’t see these often in gardens, but they are noticeable. Adding a water feature, whether it be simple or extravagant, is a low maintenance way of attracting more wildlife and keeping your garden cool over summer. Plus, the running water can be relaxing and help you wind down on those stressful days.

There are many options here, you could opt for a fountain coming out of a statue or just a simple urn, whatever suits your needs.

Feed the birds

Dream Doors Garden Bird

Adding a bird feeder can add movement and colourful interest into your dull garden. You can buy a bird feeder or create one yourself. Simply add the feed you want to give to those hungry nippers, sit back, and enjoy. Don’t forget to provide them with water too!

The attraction can also double up as an interesting subject for anyone interested in photography. You should be able to, with enough caution, get close to the birds without disturbing them. Especially if you place the feeder right outside your window.

Contrast your plants

Dream Doors Garden

That’s right, use a myriad of different plant types to spruce up your garden. You may think all the diversity would look chaotic but in actual fact it makes the garden seem more bright, colourful and adventurous.

If you stick to a single species or style (such as a fuzzy or jagged look) then your garden can seem bland and thoughtless. Put wildly different plants next to each other and watch the effect it creates.

Remember to consider colour differences!

Start up-cycling

Dream Doors Garden Upcycle

Make the most out of all your old and unwanted materials. Re-purpose and upgrade old pieces of furniture into something completely new and unique! Get creative and customise to your hearts content, then place it in your garden.

This gives your garden a more personal feel and is guaranteed to create good memories in the process! Remember you can use anything: old pots, planters, benches, etc. Think outside the box!

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Case Study- Watch Dream Doors Bring a Kitchen to Life.

Dream Doors Case Study

Spring is now underway, which means there is no better time to look at a brand-new look for your kitchen- the heart of every home.

Dream Doors offer a unique business, replacing kitchen doors and worktops to give your cooking space a brand-new look. They are experts in altering a kitchen’s style to suit your specific tastes.

You don’t have to fork out for a full kitchen refit, simply go the Dream Doors route and obtain a brand-new kitchen look for a fraction of the price.

Not only that but their services are efficient and stress-free with the average door replacement only taking 1-2 days!

Dream Doors pride themselves on their impeccable customer service, with an average review score of 9.7 nationwide.

Not only do Dream Doors provide a kitchen door and worktop replacement service-they also provide full kitchen replacements. This was the case with Susan Udle, resident of Hampshire, whom recently gave Dream Doors the pleasure of helping her realise her dream kitchen. She had this to say:

“Their work was to a very high standard. I am very happy with the result of the kitchen. It looks completely different and seems a lot bigger, I’m ecstatic about it! I would recommend Dream Doors with no hesitation. 10/10!”

The Job

Susan originally only wanted replacement doors fitted, Dream Door’s speciality. Although, she eventually realised that, with the tools available from Dream Doors, she would prefer a complete refit. Dream Door worked to her exact requirements.

Susan wanted more space in her kitchen. As a solution to this the fitters integrated brand new appliances into the cupboards themselves, maximising the possible space and providing easily accessible devices.

Susan also requested the installation of a brand-new breakfast bar. This involved knocking down one of her walls and performing all the necessary electrical and plumbing work.

The team at Dream Doors also replaced all the tiling and flooring, this was completed to a high standard within the scheduled time.
After only two weeks the full transformation was complete and Susan could not be happier.

If you’re looking for a brand-new kitchen style at a fraction of the price, then why not get in touch with Dream Doors?

Contact your local showroom for a FREE No-Obligation Quote Today, the first step towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s Spring! Yes, the heat is back and the sun can be spotted in the sky past 4 in the afternoon!


One of the best things about spring is that we all get to have a deep clean and make our houses positively shine!


Cleaning shouldn’t be fun you say? Well cleaning is proven to be fantastic exercise, plus it can be therapeutic seeing your mess disappear! Why not put on some music, who doesn’t want to recreate the iconic “I want to break free” music video?


With all that in mind we at Dream Doors have decided to give you some help this cleaning season. Have a gander at our sage advice, you certainly won’t regret it!

Spring Cleaning Dream Doors




The most important thing here is to remember to clean the outside as well as the inside. Doing this on a cloudy day insures that the cleanser doesn’t dry prematurely.


Stainless Steel

Steel is meant to be shiny, right? Simply use a specialised cleaning solution on the areas you want sparkling. Continue once every week to keep them that way!



A simple solution; swish your broom around in warm, soapy water as needed.



Create a homemade cleaner with baking soda and water, then utilise a mop or sponge to clean the surface.


Wood Floors

Mopping these floors can often ruin them, in actuality you should only mop once every 2 months, simply spot-clean the rest of the time. Remember to use furniture protectors so you don’t scratch the surface!

Spring Cleaning Floor Dream Doors


Do not use a dishwasher for these! Use something small to clean them, such as a toothbrush along with special silver foam, you want them looking their best after all.



Yes, the washer should be washed as well! Make sure you get rid of all the horrible grit that’s accumulated at the bottom and then run an empty wash using a specialised dishwasher cleaner.



It’s all about organising. Get rid of old unused clothes then sort your clothes. You can sort them by colour, style or whatever helps you.



Pillowcases and sheets should be cleaned every two weeks, meanwhile your actual pillow and duvet should be washed 3 times a year.



This may require turning off your appliance, although it isn’t necessary. Remove all the shelves and draws you can and wash them in warm soapy water. Remember to wipe down the inside, get rid of every mess!



That burning smell in your oven? That’s a sign it needs a clean. Start chipping off loose pieces, then use ammonia on heat-fused food. Baking soda and white vinegar on the bottom makes for a good cleaning solution.

Spring Cleaning Oven Dream Doors


Simply use your vacuum’s crevice tool to clean every nook and cranny then spray it over with some disinfectant spray, simple!


Washing Machine

Yet again we go to our old friend white vinegar and baking soda to save the day. Run the machine with hot water then add the cleanser. After letting it sit for 30-60 minutes restart the machine, let it drain then wipe it dry.


Painted Walls

Maintenance is key here, routinely spot clean these walls with a cloth or sponge along water. Consider using a little washing up liquid if the mark persists.



Sort all your books by size first and then subject, prioritising large imposing books on top. Mix it up by stacking some books vertically and others horizontally, this takes away the monotony of rows.



Consider having your countertops sealed again, preventing damage. Further to this you should make sure to clean up any unwanted spills as they happen.

Spring Cleaning Sink Dream Doors

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British Pie Week PSA

Dream Doors Pie Week

Many of us British love nothing more than a good pie and beer, so if this applies to you its time to celebrate! As this week is the much loved pie week!


Haven’t heard of pie week? Well don’t worry, we at Dream Doors will catch you up on everything pie related. You can…crust us.


What is it?


British pie week takes place annually on the first full week of March with this year’s event between the 6th and the 12th of March.


The theme of the week is, you guessed it, pies! We celebrate our love for the delicious pastry by consuming them at pubs, restaurants and at home! It’s a guilt free week, so go wild!


Across the nation people are hosting pie-themed parties and competitions, why not join the craze?


How did it start?


British Pie Week, much like many modern trends, was originally conceived as a marketing campaign by Jus-Rol, a UK based pastry company.


Obviously, the concept took off and has now been adopted by the entire country.


People have been rejoicing as their true desires have finally been given value, that being the love of pies!


What should I do?


Isn’t it obvious? Eat a pie! Any pie you like! Whether its meaty or sweet, just have a munch!


Watching your weight? Make some pies! It doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure its pie related!


Get all your friends to create their own delicious pies and share recipes, perhaps even throw a pie themed party.


Pie week only comes once a year so make the most of it!

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