Show Her You Care

Dream Doors Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, the shops are inundated with gifts, flowers and cards. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show her how much you care, but we believe that this shouldn’t be limited to just one day of the year; it’s something she should constantly be reminded of.

All family dynamics are different and everyone expresses affection in their own unique way. What’s important is that you let those you care about know how much they are cherished. Your mother gave you the gift of life and raised you, so make sure you show her the appreciation she deserves.

Show Her You Care

Take Her Out

We all fall into habits and routines, and sometimes there is nothing more gratifying than breaking away from that routine for a night or two. Every once in while treat your mum to an outing somewhere. If you live too far away to take her out in person, make arrangements for her and a friend to go out for an evening. You could either ask her where she would like to go or surprise her; either way it will be a lovely excuse for her to get dressed up and take a break from her normal routine. We are never too old to be spoilt; thoughtful gestures will always makes us feel special.


Give a Meaningful Gift

If we were all being honest, at least once in our lives we have either completely forgotten or only remembered Mother’s Day or her birthday last minute and bought a cliché gift in hurried desperation. These gifts are still appreciated, but will never mean as much as something that you put thought and time into choosing. If you are shopping and she sees something she falls in love with but doesn’t buy it, go back and get it! Even if its months too early, just keep it tucked away in the cupboard for a while. Not only will she be surprised that you remembered or even payed attention, but you can also guarantee that it will be a present she will treasure.



Our memories are our most valuable collections, so it’s important we share them with each other. Sit down with a cup of tea and watch some home videos, look through old photo albums or just have a chat, recollecting past adventures together. This can be surprisingly therapeutic and guarantees to bring a smile to your faces, and there is always that one memory that will have you in stiches of laughter!


show her you care

Stay In Touch

Above all else communication is the best way to show her how much you care for her. All the gifts in the world mean nothing if she never gets to see or speak to you. The most valuable gift you can give someone is time. By choosing to spend your time with somebody you are demonstrating that you valuable their company. When we think about those we love, we remember them through memories and time spent together.


Give Her a Break

Sometimes we all enjoy our own company, or just being able to escape everything for a short while, but life and its responsibilities can get in the way. Take her responsibilities off her hands for a day or two, or even just an evening so she can take a break to do something for herself. Arrange a date with her in advance so she can plan what she would like to do. Alternatively, you could always surprise her: make arrangements in advance and let others that will be affected know, then turn up one evening to give her a rest.


Surprise Her

It’s often the unexpected gestures of affection that mean the most to us. The likes of Mother’s Day and Birthdays are lovely occasions, but they are scheduled and therefore anticipated. Although there is no legal obligation, we are bound by conventions of society and traditions to give gifts and cards on these occasions. When we receive gifts or tokens of affection for no particular reason it means that much more because we know that we are in someone’s thoughts.


You could send a bouquet of flowers just because you thought she’d like them, drop round her favourite takeaway coffee and cake, buy her favourite film and treat her to a takeaway, then spend the night in together and relax. Alternatively, you could make a big gesture by spoiling her with something she’d never expect, like a kitchen makeover.  The majority of mothers spend a large amount of time in the kitchen, so why not transform this into a space they can enjoy. When you know she’s going to be away for a weekend, schedule in a kitchen makeover so when she comes home she will have a beautiful surprise. We appreciate that this is a fairly expensive gift, but that is the beauty of a Dream Doors makeover; we can transform your kitchen at minimal cost. Also, if you have siblings suggest the idea to them and spread the cost to give her an extra special treat that she’d never forget.


show her you care


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