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At some point in our lives, chances are that we have all wished we had a secret door or passageway somewhere at home. At Dream Doors we love the concept of a hidden door, especially when it comes with a practical design. Secret doors are not only a seriously cool addition to any household but also act as an additional security precaution: burglars aren’t very likely to be looking to raid rooms or cupboards that they don’t know exist!



Imagine having friends round for a dinner party and you lead them to a hidden dining room through a fireplace or behind a bookshelf; it’s guaranteed to make an impression.
However, it’s not just doors that can be hidden – secret compartments have been around for years and are extremely useful modifications, providing unique hiding spots for those bits and bobs you don’t want found; who would think to look in a book or under the keys of a keyboard.


Secret passageways and hidden doors feature in so many different famous films and novels. Remember when Harrison Ford and Sean Connery accidently discovered the fireplace was a doorway in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, or the first time we were introduced to Hogwarts and the picture frame entrance to Gryffindor house in Harry Potter. Imagine if you could recreate this element of mystery and magic in your own home: you could transform your child’s bedroom into a frosty winter wonderland and use a double doored wardrobe at the entrance, transforming their room into Narnia.


By using décor or furniture that naturally fits into the room the door/passageway will blend in. For instance you could modify a full length mirror, wardrobe, bookshelf, fireplace, staircase, flooring or cabinet to lead into another room or volt. Everybody appreciates having their own privacy every now and again and this would provide the perfect getaway. Whether you could do with a quiet office, a home cinema or a magical playroom for your children to enjoy, you can transform any space into something unique with a secret door.




Instead of using furniture you could build a door into a wall, so it blends into the texture or pattern. Whether you use tiles, bricks, stone, wood, upholstery or paint to build/decorate your wall, as long as the edge of the door blends into the material no one will suspect a thing.


We appreciate that this is not an easy project to manage on your own, but if you chose to use paint or wallpaper to camouflage a door this is an affordable and achievable option. The bolder and busier the design is, the easier it will be to disguise your door. If you are planning on taking on a DIY project to make your own secret door, it is worth bearing in mind that the door handle also needs to be as discreet as possible. The style of door you use is also important: the flatter and simpler the door, the easier it will be to blend in; depending on the style of wall it features in.


At Dream Doors we love exploring new ways to modify and refresh kitchens and we think that secret compartments and doors would make a great addition to any kitchen. The majority of us don’t have an extravagant wine cellar, but if you are one of the few that do, why not disguise the entrance in your flooring. By camouflaging a trapdoor you are not only securing your collection of fine wines but you will also feel a little like James Bond every time you lift that hatch.



Hidden doors and secret compartments have been around for years, serving multiple purposes. Secret passageways have saved lives, often acting as escape routes during times of danger.


Ancient Egyptians were adept architects, having designed and built spectacular pyramids with hidden passages and tombs, some of which still confound us. Other historic uses of secret passageways and doors include the Priest holes during the Elizabethan era, Speakeasies during the American Prohibition and the Cu Chi tunnels, used by Guerrilla fighters during the Vietnam War: providing living quarters, supply routes, communication, recovery and hideouts.


Countless lives were saved during the Holocaust in World War II due to courageous home owners and their concealed rooms. One of the most famous examples of this was Anne Frank’s hideout in Amsterdam.


One of the more disturbing historical cases was H.H. Holmes’ ‘Murder Castle’, which he designed and built for the purpose of accessing guests rooms unannounced. It is believed that Holmes committed hundreds of murders in this intricately designed Chicago Hotel.

Whether it’s for security purposes, to neaten up your home or to transform an average space into something magical, we think it’s a great idea to build in a secret door or compartment.


We hope that you have enjoyed this article from Dream Doors, and wish you the best of luck if you decide to try some DIY at home!


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