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Which Foods are in Season in Autumn?

Which Foods are in Season in Autumn?

To make the most of your meals in Autumn, it’s important to know what types of food are in season and which recipes are best. Rather than give in to the temptation to hibernate and order food in, it’s always better to make your own food that’s both delicious and healthy. Here are some handy tips for knowing which fruit, vegetables and meats are in season, as well as some fantastic recipe ideas you can try yourself.


Examples of vegetables in season

– potatoes, carrots, artichokes, beetroot, celery, chillies, peppers, squash, pumpkins and tomatoes.


There are plenty more vegetables in season during the Autumn, but these are the most prolific. Any meals involving these will be at their best at this time of year, even if you’re just having them as a healthy snack.


seasonal autumn food


Sweetcorn and pepper relish is a great way to use up some excess vegetables. Another great recipe is ratatouille, a healthy and delicious meal that will warm you right up on any cold day.


Examples of fruits in season

– apples, currants, blackberries, plums, figs and grapes.


Again, this is only a cross-section of Autumnal fruits. If you’re planning to make fruit salads, or you just enjoy snacking on any of these, then this is the time of year to do it.


seasonal autumn food


You could also try a cinnamon and pear cobbler or some apple and cinnamon oat cookies. There are plenty of delicious and healthy dessert recipes to try in Autumn. With Halloween right around the corner too, don’t forget to have a go making your own crumbles or pies full of these delicious delicacies.


Examples of seafoods, meats and poultry in season

– brown trout, herring, mackerel, plaice, duck, goose, grouse, hare, lamb, pheasant and venison.


Looking at this list it’s easy to see why stews and pies are a staple of Autumn meals. They all work incredibly well on their own or in a pie. Although some of them can be a little tricky to find in supermarkets, it’s definitely worth it if you can find them in season.


seasonal autumn food


Duck curry is a great meal to add a little heat to any cold and rainy day. You could also try making pan-fried mackerel with rolled oats (instead of breadcrumbs) to make the most of this great seasonal fish.

These are only a few of countless fantastic seasonal meals you can try making yourself. We hope this has been a helpful starting point for making the most of your kitchen this Autumn.

Now it’s time to stop reading and start cooking! Get the family together this Autumn and start teaching the younger generation some of the family recipes that you hold so dear. With the cold weather upon us, more and more of us will find solace indoors beside a warm fire or stove. So, make the most of it. Engage the kids with preparation work and wow them with some amazing tasty treats.