Prepare for christmas

Dream Doors Preparing for Christmas

Welcome to our guide to tackling the holiday early. The John Lewis ad is out, which means it’s time…

Whether you want to talk about it or not there is no denying that Christmas is well on its way. It’s only natural that you want everything to go smoothly for you and your family on this incredible time of year.

We at Dream Doors want to help you make sure that there are no issues during your preparation for the holiday, we know it can be intense but with proper planning the daunting tasks will seem like a breeze.

As such we’ve devised a checklist to help you through the task. Simply check these tasks off one by one every now and then and bam, you’re ready for Santa’s arrival!

(also, don’t forget the cookies and milk!)


Make a guest plan

prepare for christmas
Yes, it’s Simple, although you would be surprised how many people leave it to the last minute and are then disappointed by a relative’s absence.

Start getting in contact with the people you want over at Christmas as soon as possible, if you have a large family you may want to reserve them before anyone else asks!

Remember to discuss the location, are you having Christmas at yours this year? Going to your close family or friends? Perhaps your even planning on going abroad? Make sure the venue is set in stone as soon as possible.

If you’re having people stay over for the night be sure to make their sleeping arrangements- don’t leave them to the last minute!


Organise the day

prepare for christmas
We cannot stress this enough, plan the day. You don’t want your guests sat around wondering what’s next, you’ve got to give them an idea of what will be happening over the event.

We’re not saying that every hour must be booked to a specific activity, or that you even should do anything apart from sitting around the T.V and feeling merry. just make sure that your family and guests know what they’re in for.

If you do want to create activities during the day separate to watching T.V, eating food and drinking your weight in mulled wine then consider a board game, a Christmas wander around town or maybe even a little dance and sing song!


Start shopping for presents now

preparing for christmas

There’s a simple reason for this. For the most part of December shops will be absolutely jam packed full of people looking for the biggest sale. Why not skip all that rigmarole by getting it done early?

Sure, many might think it too soon for present buying, although you’ll thank yourself when your sat cosy at home whilst everyone else is rushing left and right.

Consider ordering presents online, this saves you the hassle of going out and fighting for the greatest deals. Simply use websites like Amazon and eBay to order all your goods, they’re easy, reliable and offer good prices.


Choose your advent calendars

preparing for christmas

This can be a very important step; advent calendars can mean a lot to kids of a young age.

What sort will you go for? A normal plastic one with chocolate or one more stylish?

Why not go the extra mile and buy a fancy felt calendar in which you can put your own chocolates?

There are even unique advent calendars that you can buy which offer different things from chocolates, such as Lego!

If you want to give a personal touch create them yourself out of arts and crafts tools, making them something to remember for the little ones.

Help them look forward to every day of the calendar!


Update your holiday card list

prepare for christmas
Don’t have a holiday card list? Then start making one now. Be sure to include everyone, from close friends to distant family, cards are cheap so be sure to get one for everyone!

Making sure your list is up to date early means it won’t be so much of a hassle when you eventually get down to writing them. You just need to keep track of who you’re sending them to.

everyone likes Christmas cards and are bound to appreciate the kind gesture.


Decorate your home

prepare for christmas
It seems many people don’t like to decorate their homes nowadays although we encourage it. The more imaginative the better!

Sure, you could be happy with just some trailing fairy lights or a glowing snowman but why not get creative? Why not put a sled in the garden or have a blow-up Santa clinging to the side of your house?

The options for decorating are endless and great displays will be enjoyed by those who travel past, as well as the little nippers themselves.

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