Party Proof Your Kitchen in Time for Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, all eyes will soon be on the kitchen.  Whether you’re hosting Christmas lunch for dozens, an intimate dinner for two or multiple parties throughout December and January, there’s no disputing that the festive focus will place your kitchen in the spotlight.  Planning ahead is surely the key, and kitchen expert, founder and MD of Dream Doors Troy Tappenden offers his perspective on how to party proof your kitchen ready for the festive season.  He says:


At this time of year it’s all about the kitchen.  It’s the season when your kitchen needs to work harder than ever before, the room where preparing and possibly eating festive meals takes place.  It’s where drinks parties are hosted, impromptu bars created, extra food is stored, snacks are prepared, coffees are gulped in between meal preparation and family pets wolf down their own Christmas lunch in between sleeps.


Party Proof Your Kitchen


With all this additional pressure on the kitchen – let alone you! – it makes sense to begin your preparations now.  Start by having a good old fashioned clear out.  Empty out and clean all your cupboards then streamline your storage so that guests and visitors can easily lend a helping hand.  For example, place all glasses in one cupboard, plates in another and create a well-stocked store cupboard away from the main preparation area which is easily accessible to all members of the family.  If your cupboards are well ordered and clean you’ll be more than happy to have guests pitch in rather than worrying about the state of the kitchen.


What’s more, now’s the perfect time to cast a critical eye around your kitchen.  If worktops look stained or kitchen doors are broken and shabby looking, now might be a good time to think about replacing them.  While a full kitchen refurbishment is not top of anyone’s to do list in the run up to Christmas, updating cupboard doors, worktops and fixtures and fittings can quickly and easily give your kitchen a facelift. What’s more, it minimises the work required, and a company like Dream Doors will cost out and arrange all the elements of the job, including the workmen, in advance, so budgets are all agreed up front.


party proof kitchen


Once the Big Stuff is taken care of it’s time to focus on the Fun Stuff, and when it comes to entertaining there’s plenty of preparation that can be done in advance.


party proof your kitchen If you’re hosting Christmas or having a party try to pick recipes and dishes that can be prepared in advance, or perhaps frozen.  If you have the space, the kitchen can also double up as the destination point for displaying and serving food.  A buffet presented on the kitchen table or kitchen island doubles up as a marvellous centrepiece, and nibbles and puddings can be displayed on serving platters or even open shelving to maximise space.


Kitchens, with their easy-to-clean surfaces, make the ideal destination hot spot for visitors hunting for a drink.  A kitchen island doubles up as the ideal impromptu bar.  Dress it with a plastic tablecloth and gather together everything you need to create the perfect self-serve, for example, glasses or plastic cups, a filled ice bucket, straws, mixers, sliced lemon and lime and cherries on sticks.


And finally, don’t forget about your family pets.  Make sure an easily accessible cupboard is well stocked with their favourite tasty treats – a way to say thank you for all those pesky people invading his or her territory during the festive season!


Dream Doors will be running a No-VAT price promotion throughout November 2015 at selected showrooms – that’s 20% off any purchase made during this period. So if you fancy a pre-Christmas re-vamp please contact your local showroom for further details.


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