Fantastic Inspirations for Pancake Day!

Dream Doors Pancake Day

Pancake Day is almost upon us! And what a day it is! We all look forward to eating these delicious treats with our loved ones, so why not make them as special as we can?


This day, also known as “Shrove Tuesday” is the traditional feast day before the start of lent. In the old times, on this day, a bell was rung which signalled people to confession. This bell eventually became known as the “pancake bell” and is still rung in places today!


Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was the day that everyone used up their leftover milk, eggs and fats before fasting for lent. The easiest thing to make out of these ingredients? Pancakes! And thus, the tradition was born!


Nowadays Pancake Day is more a celebration of the tasty treat then having any practical use. Flipping and sugaring have become traditions of their own and everyone looks forward to that one day where you can eat as many pancakes as you want, without feeling guilty!


Being the highly-respected kitchen makeover business that we are, we like to think we know one or two things about cooking and especially pancakes. Thus, we’ve decided to bring to you some much needed inspiration, what to add to your pancakes to make them heavenly.


We hope you enjoy and happy feasting!



Pancake Day Inspiration

Now I know we all love to be as unhealthy as possible with pancakes but fruit can be incredibly tasty too!


The usual fruit people use is the much-loved banana but why not mix it up? Blueberries and strawberries can be fine additions not to mention kiwi, grapes and lemon.


It may be unorthodox but some of the “heavier” fruits can add some much-wanted flavour. These can include: pineapples, apples, oranges, grapefruit, etc. You could even use their juice on the pancakes to create a delicious coat.


What fruit do you like? Lob it in!



Pancake Day Inspiration Protein

Why not make your feast beneficial too? Protein is incredibly important and is responsible for building and repairing many different parts of our bodies. Our hair and nails and made mostly of the stuff!


Adding a bit of protein into your pancakes can do wonders for your body. Notable sources of protein include nuts, certain types of meat and seafood etc.


Of course, these additions are highly unorthodox although they could crate that unique pancake that suits you! Who knows? Salmon and nut pancake could be the one!


Ice Cream

Pancake Day Inspiration Ice Cream

Oh yes, time to bring out the big guns. Who in their right minds doesn’t like ice cream? Whether you’re a child or an adult, ice cream is always a glorious treat.


Yes, it’s not the healthiest but it’s certainly one of the best! The way a cold bit of ice cream melts in a hot pancake is downright picturesque, so why not indulge?


There’s the typical vanilla ice crema of course but consider going all out and getting mint, chocolate, rum raisin etc.



Pancake Day Inspiration Chutney

Who said pancakes can’t be savoury too? Spreading some chutney or hummus gives the pancakes a completely different feel!


Instead of being a sweet treat the pancakes turn into a filling meal.


Simply add some extra bits, such as salad and chillies, and you’ll be laughing!


Recommended for those whom want something savoury as opposed to sweet.



Pancake Day Inspiration Yogurt

Ah yogurt. Ice cream’s watery, healthy cousin. We often have yogurts for pudding as a healthy yet delicious treat but have you considered pouring it over a pancake?


I bet you can imagine it now, the cooling liquid over the hot pancake mmm. You don’t even have to buy special yogurt, just use what you would at home!


We personally recommend some creamy Greek Yogurt although the possibilities are huge!



Pancake Day Inspiration Breakfast

Why not just add parts of an usual breakfast into your pancakes? No, we don’t mean sprinkle cornflakes into it, we’re talking about full English breakfasts!


That’s right! Bacon, sausages, even beans! They can all go incredibly well with some pancakes.


Going back to the idea of savoury pancakes instead of sweet, this type of pancake is for those who still want all the goodness a breakfast can give them whilst celebrating the day (my personal favourite).

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