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Kitchen Design

Ergonomic Kitchen Design

We often think of a new kitchen in terms of aesthetic design or functionality. But too often the ergonomics of a kitchen can be overlooked. How our bodies interact with the kitchen environment will dictate how much we use and enjoy the space.

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Dream Doors Newbury

A Brand New Dream Doors Showroom

January 2013 sees the opening of a brand new Dream Doors Showroom in Thatcham, Berkshire  RG18 4QN. Easily accessible to visitors from Newbury and Basingstoke, this new addition to our network is ideal for customers in the local RG postcode areas. Lesley Wallace and team are available Monday to Saturday offering design expertise, great service and of course, the full range of high quality Dream Doors products.

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Dream Doors Worktop

Which worktop should I choose?

The options on kitchen worktops are wide and varied, but the first piece of advice is- always choose quality. A worktop needs to fulfil a practical function as well as a visual one. Regardless of the material used, a worktop must be hard wearing in order to stand up to the demands of the modern kitchen – generally this means exposure to both heat and sharp implements – though in a family home, the demands of a worktop can often go well beyond these things.

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Kitchen image

A Fresh Start for 2013

Starting a new year with life changing resolutions is something that many of us do. We begin the year with energy and enthusiasm and the promise of improving ourselves and achieving new goals. Sadly, all too often our diet plans and exercise programs don’t last a month before we fall back in to our old ways.

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kitchen Christmas

Your Christmas Kitchen

Preparations for Christmas 2012 are very much underway. High streets are becoming busy, homes across the country are being cleaned and decorated for the holidays and in spite of the uncertain economic climate this year promises to be the biggest in UK history for online sales.

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kitchen Space

They say that space is the final frontier

They say that space is the final frontier….but what about storage? At this time of year shops are full of wonderful kitchen appliances- from coffee and milk shake makers to panini presses and wine coolers, it seems that a never ending stream of handy and delightful new gadgets are finding their way in to the shops and therefore into our homes.

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kitchen Online

Online investment increases Dream Doors franchisee sales by 50 percent

Sales made by Dream Doors franchisees are up 50% in 2012 - previously it had taken three years to achieve this level of growth. With this achievement, Dream Doors beats an industry-wide downward trend. This success is largely due to Dream Doors' online innovation.

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thank you

Thank You For Signing Up!

Thank you for signing up to our newsletter and best of luck in the draw! The [...]

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kitchen Review

500th Customer Review For Dream Doors Showroom

Dream Doors Dorchester, a franchise of the UK's largest kitchen facelift retailer, has just had its 500th customer testimonial posted on the consumer monitoring website, Launched in 2005 by Dorset locals, Andy and Shelley Stewart, Dream Doors Dorchester is one of the oldest showrooms in a brand that now boasts more than 40 franchised outlets stretching as far north as Newcastle. The Stewarts have been awarded an average of 9.6 out of ten for courtesy, reliability, tidiness and workmanship.

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kitchen view

Did You Notice?

Check the TV listings in any week and you will be astonished at the amount of cookery based shows that are on…and their popularity is growing. From Bake-Off to Masterchef, Saturday Kitchen to Come Dine, there is a world of entertainment devoted to cooking.

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Dream Doors House Sale

Home Improvement For Selling

Numerous surveys and studies support the assertion that the kitchen is the most important room in the house when you’re considering buying a property. It is therefore obvious that tired units and unmatched appliances can present a significant barrier when it comes to selling your home.

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Dream Doors Kitchen Makeover

What Does My Kitchen Mean To Me?

The Kitchen is so often the centre of a family home. A sociable environment where meals are shared and family issues are discussed. On average in the UK more waking hours are spent in the kitchen than any other room, and it is therefore perhaps the most important space in your home.

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