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Dream Doors Worktop

What type of worktop is right for me?

A worktop needs to fulfil a practical function as well as a visual one. Regardless of the material used, a worktop must be hard-wearing in order to stand up to the demands of the modern kitchen. Generally, this means exposure to both heat and sharp implements; although in a family home, the demands of a worktop can often go well beyond these requirements.

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Dream Doors Upcycle

Upcycling – Creating Treasures For Your Kitchen

Perhaps ironically, the trend of upcycling is at an all-time high. While we all crave the latest in technological advancements, there is a notable, and growing, interest in the business of revamping our old goods. There seems to be at least two discernible reasons for this movement: Firstly, in recent years, the importance of recycling has been made abundantly clear to us.

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Dream Doors Makeover

Why You Should Choose Dream Doors For Your 2015 Kitchen Makeover

As we settle into the New Year, many of us have nobly set about achieving our resolutions, to-do’s and aspirations. To some, the occasion serves as a simple continuation but to others it signifies a new beginning – a unique opportunity to reinvent oneself.

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Dream Doors Christmas

Give Your Kitchen A Christmas Look!

With Christmas just three weeks away, Christmas trees are being put up across the nation, with excitement and anticipation growing. With the colder evenings upon us, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy the comfort of our homes as we count down the days until Santa’s grand arrival.

If you’re busy transforming your household into a Christmas wonderland.

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Dream Doors Gadget

6 Gadgets That Will Change Your Life in the Kitchen Forever

Many of the kitchen headaches being experienced by homeowners across the UK are being alleviated with this range of quirky gadgets.

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Dream Doors Autumn

Give Your Kitchen An Autumn Look For Less

Autumn is officially upon us. As the evenings get shorter and the trees radiate beautiful red and yellow hues, many of us will be thinking about creating a matching autumn theme in our homes and kitchens.

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Dream Doors Sad

Survey Reveals Just 1% Of Homeowners Are Completely Satisfied With Their Home

In a recent survey carried out by Houzz, the independent kitchen advice specialist, it has been revealed that a meager 1% of UK homeowners are completely satisfied with their home.

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Dream Doors House Value

Four Kitchen Improvements That Add Real Value to Your Home

According to a recent survey carried out by the National Organisation of Home Builders, kitchen improvements and refurbishments are being carried out by 17% more homeowners now than in 2012. And it’s no wonder. Simple changes in the kitchen.

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Dream Doors Elderly

Are Contemporary Kitchen Designs Catering for Older Peoples’ Needs?

Research has revealed that communication is the key to meeting older peoples’ needs in the kitchen. In a unique study carried out by researchers at Loughborough University and the Open University, academics have revealed that many older people feel that their kitchen is difficult to utilise and enjoy.

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Dream Doors Family Water

Keeping The Family Entertained This Summer

With the half term break upon us and school summer holidays just around the corner, many of us will be thinking up how we can keep our families entertained this summer. So, today, we’ll share some inexpensive and fun activities that you can carry out in and around the kitchen this summer to keep the whole family entertained.

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Dream Doors Summer

5 Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Summer Look!

With the days getting warmer and brighter, summer is just around the corner. Many of us are getting ready for the summer holidays, dreaming of a quaint summer house getaway.

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Dream Doors Kitchen Gadgets

The Kitchen of the Future- 3 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve got fridges equipped with ice cube dispensers. We’ve got non-touch taps. But what does the future hold for our kitchens?

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