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Dream Doors Junk

12 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Junk Into Quirky Kitchen Storage

Gone are the days when old crates and jam jars are simply junk. They now represent new possibilities for your decor.

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Dream Doors Outdoor Party

10 DIY Delights for Throwing the Ultimate Outdoor Party

We’ve selected ten of our favourite outdoor party tips and tricks to enjoy our garden space and kitchens this summer.

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Dream Doors Summer

10 Ways to Bring a Touch of Summer to Your Kitchen

As the weather beings to heat up, two syllables are on everyone’s lips: sum-mer. But isn't it high time we brought some of that summer lovin’ into our homes?

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Dream Doors White

Make it Light, Make it White

White remains one of the most popular colour choices when it comes to the kitchen – not only for Dream Doors clients – but also throughout the industry.

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Dream Doors Cabinet

Think Outside The (Cabinet) Box

Storage space is a precious commodity, especially when it comes to the kitchen. With more gadgets and ingredients than ever, it’s becoming seemingly impossible to find every item “a home”.

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Dream Doors Kid Proof

Kiddy Proof Your Kitchen

For young children, the kitchen is an exciting place. New smells, unusual objects, and curious sounds make it a playground of possibility, and while it might be easy to suggest a ‘keep out’ rule, this is both unrealistic and unfair.

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Dream Doors Quote

9 Design Quotes to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Renovation Project

According to historical painters, tech gurus, and interior designers alike, the concept of design is highly multifaceted. There is certainly more to it than what meets the eye.

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Dream Doors Futureproof

Is it time to Futureproof your Kitchen?

Transgenerational design is the new buzzword in interiors and furniture design. Here, kitchen makeover specialist Dream Doors gives the lowdown on what this means and how to embrace the trend.

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Dream Doors Kitchen

The Modern Day Kitchen – The Heart of the Home

The focal point of any house hunt or renovation project appears to be the kitchen. From its size to the overall ‘feel’ of the room, the kitchen has a lot to live up to.

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Dream Doors House Sale

Let Your Kitchen Sell Your Home

Buying and selling homes is big business, and as we enter key selling season there’s never been a better time to buyer-proof your home. Furthermore, research underlines how careful preparation can make all the difference, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

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Dream Doors Kitchen Care

How to Care for Your Kitchen

It’s Spring time and we often feel the urge to clear out clutter, re-organise and clean. However you approach it, the kitchen is usually the room that requires the most elbow grease, so here at Dream Doors, we've put together a brief guide on the best way to care for your kitchen.

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Dream Doors Pie Week

Dream Doors Celebrates British Pie Week

British Pie Week is from 2nd - 8th March 2015. With new research revealing that 75% of people enjoy a pie at least once a month*, British Pie Week has been growing every year with pie-eaters everywhere seeking their ultimate pie perfection. Here at Dream Doors we're celebrating the humble pie.

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