Online investment increases Dream Doors franchisee sales by 50 percent

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Sales made by Dream Doors franchisees are up 50% in 2012 – previously it had taken three years to achieve this level of growth. With this achievement, Dream Doors beats an industry-wide downward trend. This success is largely due to Dream Doors’ online innovation.

In 2010, less than 5% of franchisees’ sales came from online leads. While the website played a part, it was mostly visited by customers who had already seen an advert, visited a showroom, or received a recommendation from a friend.

As 2010 drew to a close, Dream Doors began to place more investment into online marketing. In addition to hiring a digital marketing expert, Dream Doors introduced pay-per-click campaigns and made the website more functional. This initiative had a great effect; at the end of 2011, franchisees’ sales from internet leads had multiplied to 1.3 million – five times what they had been previously.

That figure has doubled again this year, and the website is now the source of 30% of all enquiries. Some franchisees are making half their sales as a result of online leads. This digital marketing offers a great return on investment as it only takes up 10% of the Dream Doors marketing budget…

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