Odd September “Days” You Never Knew Existed


skyscraper day

9/3 – Skyscraper Day

Who knew there was a day for celebrating skyscrapers? Well, what’s not to love I suppose? These marvels of modern architecture are incredible feats of human ingenuity!

From the Empire State to the Chrysler Building, you can’t help but stare in wonder! Why they need a “Day”? Who knows?

late for something

9/5 – Be Late for Something Day

Just be late for something! Pretty simple huh? Whether it’s work, your child’s piano rehearsal or your own wedding! Turn up late and feel great! (again, not so sure about this one)

P.S. Please don’t take our previous advice seriously!

fight procrastination

9/6 – Fight Procrastination Day

Just do something! What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the motivation? Perhaps you want to exercise or make a start on that novel idea? Maybe you need to do some much-needed D.I.Y?

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that will make you feel better off afterwards for achieving it!

teddy day

9/9 – National Teddy Bear Day

A great day for young children everywhere who can share their lovable squeezes with eachother!

Adults can partake too! I mean who doesn’t have an old stuffed animal imbued with memories and feelings of a young, nostalgic time? Erm…certainly not me! And it’s not like I still keep it with me…onto the next day!

ideas day

9/10 – Swap Ideas Day

If you’re a secret entrepreneur with dreams of going on Dragon’s Den then this is the day for you! Spend some time discussing concepts and possible business ventures with friends, family and colleagues, you never know what could come of it! Although, if you discover a million pound idea this way- remember you heard it here first!

fortune cookies

9/13 – Fortune Cookie Day

Now, this is a bit of a wacky one. These engaging biscuits always have a suitably general clairvoyant message inside which normally promises good health, luck or fortune to the recipient.

It’s always nice to get an assurance of pleasant things to come, so a Fortune Cookie or two is just the thing to provide an intriguing and delightful break in the day. Plus, you could always make your own funny fortunes for your friends!

eat an apple

9/17 – International Eat an Apple Day

An apple a day keeps the….well you know the saying. No matter how you cut it apples are delicious, healthy treats that should be consumed more often, you can practically feel the health benefits!

There are many different ways to eat an apple too, from picking it off the tree to an incredible apple crumble, there’s bound to be a form you’d love!

cheeseburger day

9/18 – National Cheeseburger Day

Who knew that the much-loved cheeseburger had its own day? There are many theories about the origin of the meal, although it is known to have started circulation in America during the 1920’s. So grab some friends, fire up the BBQ and get grilling, let’s hope the weather is good!

Remember to use #NationalCheeseburgerDay, after all this is an important event!


9/19 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day

A personal favourite. Pirates are a legendary group of swashbucklers which have captured many peoples hearts, both young and old. The freedom promised with the so called “pirate life” is incredibly romanticised in modern culture, why not have a day acting like one?

Be sure to get all the lingo right! Maybe you’re wondering why pirates are so great? Because they ARRRRRRRRRR!!!…….

voter registration

9/27 – National Voter Registration Day

A surprisingly important day- especially for our youth. If the recent Brexit voting fiasco has taught us anything it’s that each and every vote well and truly matters

Feel like your voice isn’t being heard? Do your part! It was estimated that 34% of registered voters didn’t vote during the big 2016 poll. How different could things be now if everyone decided to vote?

good neighbour

9/28 – National Good Neighbor Day

Be a good neighbour for the day! Even if you don’t know the family next to you go out of your way to make their day brighter, you never know, a lifelong friendship could form!

Good neighbours look out for each other, collecting post when you’re not in, checking up on your house, possibly even babysitting the kids! Who doesn’t want that sort of friendship from someone living so close to them?


9/29 – National Coffee Day

Coffee is for many an instant pick me up on a dreary day, giving them that extra burst of energy needed to tackle the day’s challenges. So why not have a day to celebrate this incredible beverage.

Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, whatever you fancy!

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