New Year- New Kitchen | Why a Dream Doors Facelift?

New Kitchen

2018 has come in full force! With so many of us making titanic resolutions and embarking on new adventures through life, it’s truly the season for new beginnings. So how about you take a look at redefining the most important room in your entire house? That’s right- how about a brand new kitchen?

It’s easy to neglect how much time we all spend in the kitchen- whether it’s to cook stunning meals for your loved ones or strike up interesting conversation, there’s no doubt that the kitchen is truly the heart of every home. So why not update it? Dream Doors gives you a unique opportunity to give your kitchen a much needed “facelift”.

What is a Dream Doors facelift you ask? Well…


kitchen faceliftDream Doors offers a very unique service. With us you are able to replace your kitchen’s doors and worktops to give your kitchen a brand new look- in any style you fancy! The sheer depth of customisation offered by Dream Doors is unmatched! Our friendly staff will happily walk you through the thousands of combinations possible until you discover your ideal kitchen look.
Here are just a few benefits of having a Dream Doors facelift:

Less Money- That’s right! Because of our simple kitchen door replacement process, you can save 1000s compared to that of a full kitchen refit.

Less Time- Do you shudder at the thought of having to spend weeks around a messy, unfinished kitchen space? Well, a typical Dream Doors facelift only takes a matter of days to complete! Giving you more time to enjoy your new kitchen look.

Less Hassle- We clean up as we go! That’s right, no more workmen leaving their daily mess behind. We at Dream Doors will leave your kitchen as clean as when we arrived, allowing you to use your kitchen while the facelift is still underway.


kitchen doorsOur incredible replacement kitchen doors are made to measure and come in over 40 different styles to choose from. Whether it be classic or contemporary, we’ll have a style to match your taste!

Does a certain style catch your eye? Why not ask your local Dream Doors to bring it over to your home? That way you can see what the style looks like within your own kitchen space- all this and more is available in your FREE no-obligation quotation.

Need a specific door replaced? Our kitchen experts are equipped with years of experience to help match your doors up with the perfect look.

No job is too little or too large for Dream Doors. Whether it’s a single door or a whole kitchen- we’ll manage the whole process for you in a courteous, professional and trustworthy manner.


new worktopsWe stock a vast range of worktop styles, making it easy to find the most beautiful, hard wearing, and stylish kitchen worktop, ideal for you. The worktop is an integral part of the kitchen. Not only does it take up a significant area in the kitchen, it also adds to the overall theme and style!

We have a huge range of worktops available! Including:

Quartz Overlay- Our Quartz overlay surfaces are a simple and convenient way of replacing your kitchen worktops. They simply slip over your pre-existing worktops, giving you a brand new look with the least amount of hassle! These worktops are stylish, durable and memorable.

new worktopsLaminate- Our Laminate worktops have become a favourite among many. Not only are they a good looking and economic alternative to solid wood worktops, they also offer a blend of style and practicability suitable for a wide range of kitchen environments.

Wood- Our solid wooden worktops are suitable for all kitchen types! Your kitchen is guaranteed to be unique as no two pieces of wood are the same. Truly, nothing can beat the warm and rustic look given off by truly great wooden worktops.

Glass- Our glass worktops are produced using Low Iron Glass. This helps give a crystal clear appearance rather than having a green edge produced by normal float glass. Any paint applied will not be distorted in colour and all glass is toughened as standard.


Did we mention our record Checkatrade scores? Changing your kitchen look is not something to be taken lightly, therefore it makes sense to get the best people for the job! Dream Doors have partnered with Checkatrade for over 15 years to help bring unbiased, independent reviews on every showroom in the entire Dream Doors network. We are happy to boast about an average score of 9.6 nationwide, with certain showrooms exceeding even that! Want to know more about your local branch? Read their Checkatrade reviews online.

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