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With Sale Season looming, now’s the time to bag a bargain.  But when it comes to cooking up a kitchen coup, what are the benefits of buying in the sale and what do customers need to be mindful of?  Troy Tappenden, kitchen specialist, founder and MD of Dream Doors gives his perspective on how to make the most of kitchen shopping in Sale Season.  He says:


Buying a kitchen in the sale can offer multiple advantages to the savvy shopper.  Besides the obvious money-saving opportunity, there’s also the option to upgrade to a more hi-spec finish or to splash out on better quality appliances, fixtures and fittings and worktops.  Ultimately, buying a kitchen in a sale gives you more bang for your buck.  It’s also worth bearing in mind that installing a new kitchen from scratch is not a job for the fainthearted!  The work can be disruptive, messy and inconvenient, involving a wide range of workmen including carpenters, tilers, plumbers, plasterers and electricians.  Because of the number of people involved in a full kitchen renovation, budgets can easily go awry and if the estimates are to be believed almost one quarter of kitchen installations go over budget.


One way to minimise costs could be to opt for a kitchen refresh as opposed to a full refurbishment.  Updating cupboard doors, worktops and fixtures and fittings minimises the work required, and a company like Dream Doors will cost out and arrange all the elements of the job, including the workmen, in advance, so budgets are all agreed up front.


What’s more, with a kitchen makeover offered by a company like Dream Doors, the focus is on refreshing cupboards doors and worktops rather than the carcass of the kitchen which means less mess and disruption.  There are so many materials and finishes available on the market that in many cases budget will dictate what you plump for.  However, as a rule of thumb there are doors with a veneer (which is a slice of wood, or hi-gloss) which tend to be more cost effective, while more luxury-end doors are often coated with thicker surface levels making them more durable.  Hi-gloss and solid woods tend to be more expensive.  When it comes to kitchen worktops, prices can vary drastically depending on the materials selected and the finish.  If you’re looking for a hardworking and durable worktop at a reasonable price, laminate is always a good solution.  If it’s a case of style first then granite, solid woods or quartz should do the job.


Although we’re not quite in sale season just yet, there’s plenty you can do in advance so that once you’re in a position to start assessing suitable products you know exactly what you’re looking for.  At Dream Doors we ask our clients to consider fundamental questions including:


  • Why do you need a new kitchen?  Are you updating to sell?  Have your needs for the kitchen grown or reduced (have your children left home or are you planning to grow your family) or do you simply want to update your kitchen?
  • What do you like about your current kitchen?  Is there sufficient storage?  Does the layout work well?  Is there enough space for all your appliances or do you want to introduce new ones?  Does the colour scheme work for you?
  • What do you dislike about your current kitchen?  Can you easily move around, even with more than one person in the room?  Are any cupboards difficult to access?  Do the finishes on the cupboards and worktops look dated?
  • What preference do you have for the look and feel of your new kitchen?  Do you want to create a warm and inviting space?  Do you want your kitchen to be the hub of activity in your house?  What style do you want – neutral and minimalist or vibrant and exotic?
  • What are your storage needs?  Do you need extra space?  Do you have a lot of crockery, pots and pans, glassware or appliances to store?
  • Do you have any special items to store or display in your new kitchen?  Would you like to store wine bottles?  Do you have cookbooks to display?  Do you want a spice rack or an open shelf for access?  What about general rubbish or recycling?
  • Apart from cooking, will you use your kitchen for anything else?  Does it double as an informal dining area?  Do you use your kitchen for socialising?
  • What materials do you prefer?  And what’s your preferences for fixtures and fittings?



If there’s a particular company you’ve come across when doing your research whose product, ethos and prices you like, sign up to their mailing list.  That way they’ll keep you updated on seasonal and flash sales throughout the year.  To ensure you’re prepared, make a plan in advance of exactly what your needs and requirements are as well as thinking about areas where you’re prepared to compromise (in case these aren’t in the sale).  That way, once the offer is available you’ll be ready to go!


Dream Doors will be running a New Year Sale promotion throughout January & February 2015 – At participating showrooms only. Terms and Conditions apply, please see in store for details.


Download PDF Make the most of the Sale Season [269KB] 


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