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Dream Doors White

“White… is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

White remains one of the most popular colour choices when it comes to the kitchen – not only for Dream Doors clients – but also throughout the industry. In 2013, the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s annual survey found that for 67% of its respondents, white was their first choice for cabinetry. So what is it about the colour white that resonates with us so much?

Award-winning designer Mick de Giulio offers his opinion:
“White has stood the test of time because it’s clean and fresh. And those two words – clean and fresh – are classic words for describing a great kitchen. There isn’t a better way to approach design.”

The essence of white lies in its neutrality. It creates the perfect backdrop to add your own layers and colours to. After all, nothing clashes with white. The idea of having a blank canvass to build upon appeals to both buyers and renovators. It can be readily adapted, updated, and has the ability to stand the test of time. Arguably white’s greatest asset, however, is its brightness; by reflecting light, smaller kitchens can appear much more spacious.

We decided to look through some of our showrooms’ past makeovers and selected some of our favourite white transformations. Using only local, experienced tradesmen, our franchises successfully transformed these kitchens into heavenly, new spaces.

Dream Doors Cambridge – This farmhouse style kitchen offers tonnes of light with its sliding doors and the white cabinets help to emphasise the openness of the space. The exposed brick and wooden beams, alongside the modern appliances, help to create a highly individual and modern look.

Dream Doors Cambridge

Dream Doors Poole – What we particularly love about this makeover is the individuality of the kitchen. The green walls against the black tile and white cabinets create a truly memorable look. And because this kitchen is quite narrow, the colour white helps widen the space.

Dream Doors Poole

Dream Doors Lincoln – An ambiance of calm has been successfully created in this kitchen using neutral tones against the white cabinets. While incorporating a minimal, modern style, this kitchen is far from plain.

Dream Doors Lincoln

Dream Doors Worcester – Because of where this particular kitchen was situated, at certain times of the day, the small window did not allow for vast amounts of light to come pouring in. This is when white really shows its true colours – It lifts and brightens this kitchen, making it a much more appealing space to spend time in.

Dream Doors Worcester

Dream Doors Luton – This kitchen demonstrates the wonders white can do for smaller kitchens. It gives the room a sense of openness and creates the impression that the best things truly do come in small packages.

Dream Doors Luton

Dream Doors Croydon and Bromley – When making over a kitchen, it’s of course a huge benefit to have large amounts of space and light to work with. This was very much the case with this kitchen. Using white cabinets and raspberry worktops, this kitchen was transformed into a vibrant and contemporary delight.

Dream Doors Croydon

Dream Doors Woking and Guilford – This is an example of a very ‘typical’ kitchen – not in terms of it’s decor but in relation to structure and size. By choosing white cabinets and a wooden worktop, the Dream Doors team created a cosy, traditional kitchen, ideal for cooking and dining alike.

Dream Doors Woking

Dream Doors Southwest – There is a true sense of “home sweet home” in this kitchen. The wooden floors and worktops perfectly compliment the white cabinets, creating a light and airy space for all the family to enjoy.

Dream Doors Taunton

At Dream Doors, our fantastic kitchen designs and options are readily available in white. If your kitchen is dark and oppressive or small and cramped, consider updating it with white cabinets. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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