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Your kitchen is at the heart of your home, and in order to maintain healthy lifestyles we all need to look after our hearts. Your kitchen needs lots of love, care and attention to keep it in top condition.

Love Your Kitchen



When planning your kitchen it’s important to get it right first time. It’s necessary to dedicate plenty of time when planning/designing your kitchen, to ensure you end up with a kitchen you love.


Consider how your life will impact your kitchen and plan accordingly. If you have children or are expecting children/grandchildren accommodate for this: ensure toxic and sharp items are out of reach or locked away in a cupboard. Also, if you have or are planning on getting a pet you need to pet proof your kitchen: pale coloured carpets are likely to age fast so consider laminate flooring or patterned carpet.


Remember to make the most of the space available to you. Don’t waste an area that could be useful: corner cupboards, shelves above cabinets and appliances, if there’s wasted space in the corner turn it into a cosy reading nook etc.


Pick a colour scheme and stick to it. If you have always wanted a beachside style kitchen in pale blue and white, then make sure you follow this through. It’s easy to get distracted by decorations and appliances etc. but even one item that clashes can tarnish the room’s style.


Once you have decided on a colour scheme, decide on where you would like to feature decorations and then start accessorising your kitchen. Whether it’s souvenirs or photos, adding a personal touch always makes a room feel homely. It’s often these little touches that transform a house into a home, so make sure you give it the consideration it deserves.


As the average Brit spends at least 3 years of their life in the kitchen, it’s important to consider the comfort of the room. This could be in relation to the temperature (heating and air conditioning), furniture (seating), flooring (underfloor heating, rugs etc.) or even the texture of the surfaces. The more comfortable a room is, the more time you will want to spend there.

love your kitchen



It’s one thing to create your dream kitchen, but it’s another to maintain it. Your kitchen won’t look after itself; you need to take good care of it to ensure it remains the heart of the household.


It’s easy to let life get on top of you, and we’re all guilty of letting the dishes pile up every once in a while. However unappealing it may be, it’s important to regularly clean and tidy your kitchen. If you don’t maintain a clean kitchen this could affect your mind set and attitude, impact those who live with you (lead by example) and have health implications if germs are given the opportunity to grow and contaminate.


Don’t forget to clean the areas that are easy to overlook; often these areas need the most attention. Some of the key offenders are the tap handles, soap dispenser, sink, cabinet handles, light switches, light shades, underneath appliances and high surface i.e. on top of the freezer.


Keep it fresh and replenished. Don’t let food fester: as soon as you know something has gone off dispose of it to avoid contamination or any foul odours. It is a good idea to regularly air out the kitchen by opening a window for a short while, this will freshen up the room.


Identify problems and find solutions i.e. if you find that the flooring is ageing in a particular area purchase a co-ordinating mat or rug to prevent further wear.


Don’t forget to open the curtains/blinds; natural lighting always brings a breath of fresh air to a room.


Keep your kitchen in season so you can enjoy the holidays at home. By changing/adding decorations, fragrances and seasonal foods you can reflect the seasonal time of the year. Whether it’s summer, Easter, Christmas, autumn, Halloween etc. make sure your home feels festive.

love your kitchen



However well you maintain your kitchen, eventually it will need a refresh. In many cases, a kitchen makeover is more than enough; why replace the whole kitchen when you could replace just part of it? At Dream Doors, we specialise in kitchen makeovers, transforming kitchens at minimal cost.


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