Last Minute Christmas Tips!

Christmas Tips

Christmas is almost here! With all the presents collated, food scavenged and guests invited, it looks like everything is sorted for the big day! Right?

Well, there could well be some things that have slipped your mind, although no need to fret! There is still plenty of time to prepare and we have lots of handy tips to keep you on track.

Remember! You don’t have to do everything by yourself! Learn to delegate roles to take some of the pressure off yourself. Give everyone in the family a role, even the kids! It could help you relax a bit and could even provide a feeling of team spirit for the day.

Happy holidays!

download battery

Download everything you need.

In modern times you’ll be surprised at how much you may need to download to keep the Christmas train running. First, make sure the kids are sorted, this means downloading any films they may want to watch on the day, perhaps even consider giving a streaming service a go, such as Netflix. This will help keep the little ones entertained and away from the unopened presents! Also be sure to download any music for the day, there are plenty of Christmas playlists to download online!

Stock batteries

Ah, the age-old dilemma of battery shortage. Sometimes you need AA, others you need AAA. Be sure to stock up on every possible type of battery needed for those gizmos and gadgets. There’s nothing worse than going to try out something new just to find out you don’t have the power! It’s not like you can quickly pop to the shops on Christmas day!

Rubbish Decorations

Prepare for Rubbish

Christmas day goes hand in hand with rubbish. From wrapping paper to uneaten food, you better make sure you’re stocked up on bin bags! Plus- the holidays means that the scheduled dates for your local recycling and rubbish collections are often altered. Be sure to keep up to date or you’ll be absolutely swamped!

Last minute decorations

It’s never too late to add some more Christmas cheer to the home! Fairy lights are always a good choice. Why not twist them along bannisters, plant pots or even the ceiling? You could gather up fallen branches and twigs, displaying them in a large vase. Alternatively, use leftover wrapping paper around the house to add even more Christmas cheer.

Make some space

Expecting guests? Be sure to make enough space for everyone! This means ensuring everybody has a set place around the dinner table as well as in the front room when the inevitable afternoon food-induced coma hits. The older guests should have the comfiest seats in the best locations, you have to respect your elders after all! Have you got anyone staying over the night? Consider buying an airbed for the occasion.


Pretty straightforward right? Well, there’s always something we miss! For instance: clean mirrors with newspaper to remove smears, dust Tv screens, keep on top of clutter and hoover every nook and crevice. Your hard work will pay off for the big day!

children proof

Child-proof the home

This tip only applies if you’re expecting little ones over. Make sure all kitchen utensils and sharp objects are put away and far out of the reach of children. Move cleaning products to high up shelves and make sure you keep your eye on the little nippers!

Do a stock take

Do you have enough food? Got hold of everyone’s favourite drinks?…Is the booze still in date? Be sure to throw out anything that’s gone bad and replace it with fresh versions. If you’re thinking of having Christmas cocktails and other mixtures be sure to do thorough research on the ingredients and put them on the late shopping list!

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